Its great for them because, as noted in the article, theres a serious skills shortage and they cant get and keep enough boatyard staff to meet demand. A growing shortage of do-it-yourself boatyards is impacting the sport's growth. Great staff. Half the fun of boating has always been hanging around a (DIY) boatyard working on ones boat and, when needed, helping others work on theirs or just hanging around. Larry rebuilt the motor and got it running after removing all the b. We offer full service for any of your boating needs. I agree 100 percent with this post. FAX 772-597-2451. Sad to say, boating no longer enjoyable, affordable! We no longer offer do it yourself sanding and painting. Finding a nice place to work, with friendly folks to share a break with, is a luxury indeed. The yards exorbitant labor rates for various jobs are boldly posted on the office wall, along with a policy that forbids any do-it-yourself repair work. with steel con, Wilson Custom Marine provides surface drive propellers, custom propellers, consignment propellers and propeller repairs to Florida and beyond. The results were surprising. The choice is to either adapt or get out of boating which is not something any of us want to do. The boatyard/marina business is not glamorous. Just give us a call if you have any questions or concerns. One bit of boatyard wisdom worth remembering: Being told that yours is the biggest vessel ever hauled by the facility should not be confused with words of encouragement.. However, fitting in more work can be a problem, especially during the spring rush. When I lived in Miami, I used to haul my boat at Bojeans Boatyard, one of the last do-it-yourself boatyards on the Miami River. Currently I am at Harbortown Marina in Merritt Island, Fl. We dont know what the future will bring for those of us using this small affordable boatyard. Further, in New York, one needs a pesticide license to paint bottoms which marinas use as an excuse to prevent owners from painting the bottoms even in DYI yards, even if the owner has the license. No mandatory ship-store purchase, ever! This is where the DIYer can make or break a relationship with a boatyard and the art of spending refit dollars efficiently is truly tested. Hopefully we can protect what we have here. Also, the excuse they use about environmental and safety is mostly bullshit. No one is going to pay $45/per day for their boat to sit in the yard waiting for a contractor to show up, while not being allowed to do the work. Im not against taking care of our planet by any means, Ive chosen to sail after all, but compared to the assault on our oceans by the military, shipping, agriculture, and waste industries any sins of ours are beyond irrelevant. Theres a three-fold approach to cost-effective boating: Buy a sound but older boat, keep it on a mooring rather than in a costly marina, and find a boatyard thats user friendly to the "do-it-yourselfer." Across the country, this third step is becoming less of an option. We know the theory behind using an anchor swivel: The swivel releases any twists in the chain when an anchored boat swings through 360 degrees or more. A much better bet. Unfortunately, escalating costs are causing many to seek additional profit centers, and hiring a staff to handle mechanical, electrical, and paint work requires significant labor sales in order to offset the costs. The chandlery is will stocked and speciality items can be ordered and delivered in one to two days. 121 Riverbend Drive, La Belle, Florida 33935, We specialize in multi-hull haul out located in a. You're free to "do-it-yourself", supply your own contractor, or speak to one of the many qualified contractors who base their operations right on our property. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); You have entered an incorrect email address! The DIY yard we currently use has been good, they leave me alone to do whatever I needed to do. Parking, 256 Riberia St Im a power boater that enjoys PS and decided not to up size to 40 something foot liveaboard boat due to the rising costs. A skilled operator will know how to handle various hull shapes and what rigging must be undone to fit a vessel into the confines of a Travelifts web. A friendly, affordable do-it-yourself boat yard on the St. Johns River in Green Cove Springs, Florida. They have little use for DIY and I had some words with the manager when I was there. In fact, how a boat owner and their boatyard of choice treat a furled headsail says a lot about all involved. But if there arent any folks like us to buy the used boats then what happens to the market? Another way to kill boating and the jobs that go with it, even for the unskilled workers we are overcharged for. Cracker Boy Boat Works on Taylor Creek. These licensed fabricators do acrylic enclosures, coaming bolsters, bedding ensembles, foam mattresses, drapes, cushions, upholstery, and so much more. The contractors who work on the yard are knowledgeable and helpful, even if you just want advice. They have a do it yourself on the hard, but you can not live on your boat while you work on it. Our up-front price menu is simple and transparent, with no hidden fees or "unexpected expenses". Our goal is to give our customers Peace of Mind on the water. (904) 284-1811 ask for Dave or Crystal. During Hurricane Isabel in 2003, tidal rise presented the biggest concern there, but it was the vessels in the marina rather than those blocked up on land that suffered most. And if you are still shopping for a yard, former boatyard manager and past Practical Sailor technical editor Ralph Naranjo offers some smart advice on choosing a reliable yard in his report The Do It Yourself Boatyard. And if you dont have the time, and dont mind paying, Ralph offers some direction on choosing a full service yard in his report The Do it For Me Boatyard.. We provide numerous high-quality marine services in Southeastern Florida. All Ground Floor Solid-Walled Units A/C & Non-A/C Spaces with easy access No Deposit Rent Month-To-Month Super Clean Video Surveillance Computerized Gate Access Locks, Box, I met Larry when I got my first boat. About Our Marina. We also have a 45 Slip marina with power, water and wi-fi available. . Volatile winter storms can pack the punch of a tropical storm, so whether afloat or on dry land, a vessel needs to be able to endure the onslaught. We provide monthly boat washing services and discounts are provided for details with this package. You can add Salt Creek Marina in St. Petersburg, FL to the list of remaining (for now) DIY yards. Gelcoat and paint repairs . In Northern California, the Bay Area, a DIY Boat Yard in the Northbay is Napa Valley Marina on the Napa River. Since you are high and dry take advantage of this time to have some additional work done. Russ, Powered by vBulletin Version 3.8.8 Beta 1. My experience in Italy , Croatia . Such pricing was pioneered by Hinckley, Morris Yachts, Swan, and other high-end builders, but now its trickled down to more mainstream sailboats at the same time marina slip fees, boatyard labor rates, insurance prices, and the cost of a quart of varnish have gone through the roof. Also, there are lots of contractors who do poor work. Measures such as using dustless sanders, oil and solvent recycling and re-circulating pressure wash systems to recycle wastewater help to preserve the states natural resources for future generations. Hurricane Cove is both a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) and full service boatyard, so whether you want to perform any vessel repairs yourself, bring your own licensed contractors onsite, or have us perform the work Hurricane Cove is the right place for you. They take a break, From Business: one stop shop for all your boating needs, From Business: Coastal Marine's 35 year reputation for outstanding service is second to none. Hurricane Cove is both a "Do-It-Yourself" (DIY) and full service boatyard, so whether you want to perform any vessel repairs yourself, bring your own licensed contractors onsite, or have us . Check if its on our list of Reader Recommended DIY Boatyards, and if its not, leave us a comment. We offer a number of services including bottom painting, hull painting, detailing, fiberglass & gelcoat repairs, engine repairs, and many more. We can accommodate boats up to 100 in length (depending on the beam and weight). There are not nearly enough contractors for the work people already want, wait times are typically several weeks before anyone can show up at your boat. Complete underwater gear service available. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Very historical and great if theyre still going. We are near Tacoma, WA and have no yard at present to work in. Back a few years, had to buy from marina yes, but allowed to do own work! Just stroll through any boat show and hear how easily six-digit boat prices roll off the tongues of todays production-boat dealers. The trend toward establishing boatyards on the least desirable parcels of land has caught on, and many are packed like a sardine and smell worse thanks to adjacent sewage-treatment facilities. Stuart, FL 34994 43. 268 were here. I have never sailed too far from home, so I kind of assumed other coastal States were broadly similar, but the article and the comments paint a pretty bleak picture. By noting in advance the skills of the craftsmen in the boatyard, you know whether or not appropriate expertise is available. 3) Give them grief. Great staff, do it yourself boat yard that also has plenty of options if you want someone to do the work for you. We can directly change that by THANKING them! 29 52.49 YP, the YP logo and all other YP marks contained herein are trademarks of YP LLC and/or YP affiliated companies. W. 81 18.56 Give us a call we pro, CubeSmart Self Storage of Port Saint Lucie, FL offers affordable self storage with premium amenities. It was Sunday, so the yard owner wasnt around, so no one to hear a complaint. Call us today to schedule your haulout! St. Lucie Blvd Stuart, Florida 34997 Thing is, we can fuss and fume, sit around drinking and lament these loses or we can start doing something about it. YP - The Real Yellow PagesSM - helps you find the right local businesses to meet your specific needs. Snorkeling the coral reefs with hundreds of species of colorful fish is popular, as is sea kayaking to observe the abundant bird life. We have not kept up to date, Oyster Cove info is current, but have used all of these yards at various times. Great work, honest. All it takes is a volatile summer thunderstorm to lay waste to a vessel hauled with a furling headsail tied off to an upper shroud. Also keep in mind that pestering a pro is-in a boatyard context-being a very bad neighbor, and just like asking where the grab-bag of scrap teak is kept, overbearing persistence hurts all do-it-yourselfers in the long run. Operations include routine bottom painting and running gear maintenance; repairs to fiberglass and wood; replacement and overhaul of mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and hydraulic systems: and refinishing of painted and varnished surfaces. Clean, helpful. We now offer full service on all your vessels needs. Additional Services We can accommodate boats up to 100 in length (depending on the beam and weight). Pail or Paul, for Sydney try Noakes in The Harbour, very professional they DID allow owners to work on their yachts but you must have 3rd part insurance and pass a simple safety induction test. To make a reservation or for additional information please contact our office. I can follow the rules, and work safely, as I have my entire life, as well, or most times, better than the yard. Nice family and worth it for the transporter alone. The only downside, they are very busy and it might be difficult to contact them via phone or email. At a micro level maybe not, at the macro level you bet! Do you have a favorite DIY boatyard that you can depend on? I would strongly recommend IndianTown Marina. . Low-lying facilities exposed to the most volatile wind direction can spell trouble, as can a yard thats notorious for catching rain water runoff that turns a hard pan surface into soupy muck-destabilizing the jack-stands that support the blocked up boats. Conveniently located on South Florida's intracoastal waterway, minutes from open ocean. As a result, the chance of a boat owner finding an affordable do-it-yourself boatyard is becoming less likely with each passing year. Also critical is the cable angle, a factor that can lead to sling slippage, and in extreme cases, a vessel being dropped. They can handle all of your yacht painting needs. Sailfish Marina Boat Yard - A Full Service Yard : 50 Ton Marine travel lift. Tampa Bay Sailor Christopher Chow repairs a custom paint job he carried out on using Alexseal polyurethane paint on his Nelson Marek designed Morgan 36-5. Cranes up the ante for concern, and their operation requires extreme care, especially if they are used to transport a vessel once it is hoisted from the water. And if you do decide to tackle one a cosmetic makeover, including topside paint, deck paint and bottom paint on your own, our new four-volume ebook series Painting Your Boat from Bottom to Top also offers professional guidance on a keel-to-cockpit paint job, including product tests for prop coatings, varnishes, and pro tips on bringing back gelcoat. Boat Maintenance & Repair (772) 342-2042. We offer daily, monthly and annual slip rentals . They offer a comprehensive list of services that includes yacht management, mechanical and electrical repairs, fiberglass fabrication, MarineDeck 2000 installation, air conditioning descaling, and marine appliance repairs, among others. Location: Live in Boise, boat is in the Rio Dulce. $25 per day for lay time including haul and launch days. The yard also has numbers of people who can assist you in various stages of your project. We will likely sell the boat when we find we are limited to having the yard do all the maintenance. My favorite DIY boneyard is Saint Marys boat services near Saint Marys, Georgia. Already the quality of service has gone down the drain. The brain drain from the marine service industry is very real, and its impact is growing as boat systems become more sophisticated. While we can lament this loss, one can hardly blame the owners for selling out. We offer simple, honest marine services at the most affordable prices possible.. period. I do object to paying full rates for an apprentice to apply antifouling. Harbortown offers a marina and boat yard destination due west of the Ft. Pierce Inlet adjacent to the Intercoastal Waterway at Marker R"184", conveniently located north of downtown Ft. Pierce. Ive got a neighbor who parks his RV on a corner by my house making it a difficult and somewhat dangerous corner. We live on the barrier island directly east of Riverside Marina, separated by the ICW/Indian River. The entire group has been there forever. Besides DIY, staff can do rigging, painting, repair, and hauling/launching/retrieval. Low cost, . In many cases, there are *already* exceptions to regulations, either standing exceptions, accelerated/simplified processes, or waivers. . Do-It-Yourself Boat Yard Dania Beach, FL Rolly Marine Center Refits Extensions Repowers Fort Lauderdale, FL Roscioli Yachting Center A state-of- the art, multi-million dollar, full service yachting facility Fort Lauderdale, FL Royale Palm Marina Dedicated to the highest quality maintenance, boat repair and painting services Dania, FL Check out Glades boat yard, south west of Okeechobee on inland waterway. Marina Road Boat Yard is a full service and do-it-yourself boat yard located in Ft. Lauderdale's. What CAN we do? I hired someone to sand the bottom paint but I was able to paint it and saved a lot of money. The chandelry staff who manage to yard are very good about finding ways to help you get your job done while staying within the rules. Its not unreasonable to expect the yards staff to have a well-maintained Travelift, Brownell trailer, railway, or crane to haul your boat. Preferred listings, or those with featured website buttons, indicate YP advertisers who directly provide information about their businesses to help consumers make more informed buying decisions. C 2 Shore is a family-owned business that has been providing on-board marine upholstery and canvas services to the boating community of South Florida since 1981. Darlene and Joyce have set the bar for excellence. Please support our sponsors and let them know you heard about their products on Cruisers Forums. * Do-It-Yourself Work Area: 2152 Boat Yard Road, Moore Haven, FL 33471 * Inland Storage, fresh water, no tides. We repair, paint and detail boats and service and repair boat engines. That said we are very happy to have access to Roy Wilsons Boat Yard in the Jarrett Bay complex on the ICW near Beaufort NC. Finding DIY space is a major obstacle. The other options are Lemon Tree Passage or Oyster Cove both Port Stephens or Marks Point at Lake Macquarrie. -->
. Best way is to be a member of a club, that has repair facilities, although most also restrict DIY. Our Services Include: Moreover, this company has a fleet of service trucks and mobile machine shops available for all of your advanced welding needs. Post a review EVERY time they screw you over and stay mum the few times they dont. We will store, wash and transport your bo, Veteran Yacht Services LLC is a veteran-owned & operated company. Stuart, FL 34994 From Business: Space Station Storage LLC offers full Self Storage, Storage for Household and Commercial, Big Storage-Auto-Boat-RV, Moving Storage, and Boxes. The Palm Beaches #1 Do-it-Yourself Boatyard Seminole Marine in the West Palm Beach area of South Florida offers both a 75 metric ton and a 100 metric ton Travelift. Our expertise ranges from outboard engine repairs to marine electronic installs.Red2Green Marine Service, From Business: American Custom Yachts is a yacht-builder and marine service facility based on the St. Lucie Canal in Stuart, Fla. How Well Do Anchor Swivels Reduce Chain Twist? If they want to play this game, lets see the industry survive on only the rich owners after they push the rest of us out. Rules and Rates: Rates are $11/ft to haul, block and launch (minimum $300). Cash for Cars and Trucks. a no frills DIY yard. The operator should be skilled and by reflex should be able to get the slings properly positioned and your boat safely blocked. When I no longer have access to a DIY yard, we will sell the boat. From towers to, From Business: Red2Green Marine Service is a complete service center. Some of the best pros dont have a single shoulder patch. This is sad indeed, it REALLY frustrates me as Im currently confined to a lake so my options are extremely limited. YP, the YP logo and all other YP marks contained herein are trademarks of YP LLC and/or YP affiliated companies. This is about a couple of miles west of Cape Marina on the barge canal between the Cape Canaveral Locks and the Indian River. Location: In boat fixing' season I'm in a Maryland boat yard too close to Washington, DC except when I escape to home on the beach in Florida! This was easier than removing a headstay and inner forestay, and allowed for better sling spacing. When you HAVE to buy their parts/service never just accept it. Menu Inside & Out Cleaning and Maintenance Team is conveniently located in Port St. Lucie, Florida. Practical Sailor's new ebook series "Painting Your Boat from Bottom to Top," covers the details of a do-it . Hurricane Cove Marina & Boatyard is open to the public. Ocean Alloys and Seaworthy Services are two allied companies with a mission to provide complete yacht service with integrity. I need to pay an annual membership fee to be able to use the yard, and even for members, the haulout rates are astronomical. St. Augustine, FL N. The ranks of entry-level sailors, starting out in smaller boats, are thinning, and if both the industry and the consumer arent careful, mid-sized keelboat sailing will once again become an activity relegated to those of means. Frayed lifting slings, deteriorated pilings, and rusty machinery may still work, but more often than not, they are signs of the overall quality of workmanship that a boatyard has to offer. How much can we achieve? I have been working and maintaining my 45 sailboat at Bock Marine, less than a mile up the ICW from Jarrett Bay. Pail or Paul, for Sydney try Noakes in The Harbour, very professional they DID allow owners to work on their yachts but you must have 3rd part insurance and pass a simple safety induction test. There is a subtle but significant difference between these three-legged stands. You can do your own work, buy your own material and hire a contractor without a kickback. Pleasant atmosphere. Greece , no problem , most yards will allow you to work on your boat. Complying with new environmental regulations adds significantly to overhead. Welcome to Jensen Beach Boat Rentals, where you can find the boat of your dreams at a price you can afford. Every skipper should go through a what-if scenario when considering a specific place to haul. *All contractors must be cleared by office, and must have a certificate of liability insurance on file. DIY Boatyard No subcontractor fees! Very experienced staff can help you with any kind of project or allow you to work on your own. It is ~20 minutes from the St. Lucie Inlet with no bridges. Something to keep in mind when you seek out a work break in the AC. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. With sailboats, sling placement is crucial, and the geometry of the hull shape in conjunction with the cable lead adjustability on the lift will determine how equal the sling loading will be. We have many * subcontractors already approved by the yard. Full Detailing(compound and wax), weekly-monthly boat wash plans, teak restoration, brightwork. This may be naive, optimistic at best (its probably optimistic to think this will be read at all), but to those of us so inclined weve got to try. When supporting a sailboat with tripod like jack-stands, the idea is to extend an imaginary right-angle line from the hull skin to the ground at every pad point, and make the jack-stands centerline axis coincide with this line. Despite good intentions and prearrangements, most refits, even modest ones, lead to new discoveries and more work. Business Documents & Records-Storage & Management. Default; Distance; Rating; Name (A - Z) Sponsored Links. The DIYer who hires the yard to handle repairs and installations beyond his own skill and ability and develops a friendly relationship with the crew becomes a goodwill ambassador for all self-reliant sailors. That said, the yard guys do great work, and will help with a project with the loan of a wrench (or a magnet, if you drop it in the bilge). Eddie, the consummate lift operator, with decades of experience, knows both the capacity of his lift and the challenges of any given vessel. The details change, but the scenario is the same: I need a haulout soon, but the only boatyard around is a plush affair with a swimming pool, sauna, and waterfront restaurant. Mike, Dale, and the crew have always taken good care of us, through 6 boats over 40 years. Located on the St. Johns River just south of Jacksonville. Those seeking lowest-cost options need to be especially aware of how their boat will be hauled and handled. Industrial & Marine - Shearwater Boat Yard Industrial & Marine Shearwater brings exceptional service to the Parts Counter or to Your Boat. Located inland on the Okeechobee Waterway, we are a well protected hurricane hole. Seldom does one find less to fix than originally planned. At first I was annoyed, I almost said something, but then I thought his freedom to do that is equivalent to my freedom to do what I want. Hurricane Cove Marina & Boatyard is a 150 slip marina, boatyard, and yacht repair facility located on the historic Miami River. In New Jersey, we take things like this very seriously.