If you want to do a full-body paint, you could go for a one-gallon paint can and purchase a spray gun for the application. You can use the epoxy primer on a variety of surfaces, including fiberglass, anodized aluminum, cold-rolled steel, hot-rolled steel, and zinc-coated steel. sprayers like a 2k clear coat spray can provide a clean and attractive look since they can quickly paint tiny, too big surfaces. It is especially important in areas of your car that interact with chemicals from the roads or are bombarded with debris. double ferrule swagelok. The major difference is that a 2K gloss clear coat needs either a catalyst, an activator, or a harder. It is also resistant to salt spray and dries and very quickly after application. Most clear coats will come with instructions on the label on how long to wait between coats. This is a two-component primer which contains a sealer and zinc phosphate. It looks really clear. A little trick spray the first coat lightly then after a 10 min flash spray the next coat a little heavier ( med wet). We always aim to offer genuine, accurate guides to help you find the best picks. The easiest coats to apply come in spray cans. It is devoid of lead and chromate and provides maximum protection against corrosion, rust, and salt spray. Most paints have a flash time between coats. The kit includes one container of epoxy primer and one container of epoxy hardener. In addition, with the Air Dry Converter the spray paint benefits from improved drying times and provides a usage time of at least 12 months, which becomes much more economical at volume levels. Our 2K spray can consists of two components: clear coat and hardener. It goes without saying that this is the first feature you should look for. Articles may contain affiliate links which enable us to share in the revenue of any purchases made. Practice general safety every time you use epoxy primers as some are made of harsh chemicals. I have used both of these products independently. It dries at top speed and will ensure you complete your priming jobs without sacrificing quality for speed. vBulletin v3.7.0, Copyright 2000-2023, Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd. You can also get it together with a VOC reducer to decrease the quantity of volatile organic compounds. If you havent got that original factory finish you were hoping for, we have a few tips to improve the clear coats look. By logging into your account, you agree to our. Brief content visible, double tap to read full content. Thanks guys. Custom Shop sells its epoxy primer/sealer separately from its hardener. The Spraymax products were introduced to the bodyshop I'm the painter for a couple of years ago and the set up some demo's. Yes please! The remedy on a new paint job, when you sand through clear to the base, is to apply another touch up coat of base over the sand through, then apply clear to the entire panel. We stand behind our solutions and customers. Using duplicolor high heat engine paint for the primer and the color/top coats and then baking the part to harden the paint worked far better. This epoxy primer can be applied on fiberglass, steel, aluminum, existing finishes, and body fillers. If you live on unsealed roads or regularly take your car off-road, the clear coat isnt likely to last as long. The primer is designed to be used on yachts and protects metals from rust and corrosion, whether they are above or below the waterline. A gallon is enough to cover up to 150 square feet. Once the 2K Spray Max aerosol can is activated with the hardener, use within 12 hours. Decals were not water transfers, but I did wet the frame to allow me to move them arround when appling. Two-part epoxy primers are mostly used on steel and concrete and industrial applications like tank exteriors, water treatment plants, marine equipment, and power plants. It dries quickly and offers protection against rust, corrosion, and deterioration. Accidentally touched the surface with my finger, leaving a finger print, but it self healed and finished smooth like it never happened. Ive worked with a lot of different clear coats but 2K in a rattle can?! This 2k urethane Clear Coat spray has a much higher U.V. it is high quality 2k clear coat like you find in a today we are going to go over the car rep 2k aerosol clearcoat. It might be useful to sand it a little bit when the paint is really dry. hey guys would one spray bottle be enough for 3 coats on a sedan rooftop with a sunroof!!? Most of its products are developed after consultations with mobile refinish technicians and significantly reduce the repair time. Picking the best epoxy primer may seem very straightforward, but it isn't. First pic was outside the the lights sweet spot, looks like 68 Turquoise but isnt. I contacted the Spraymax manufacturer and Eastwood (they sell 2k clear also) and both would not recomend using the 2k over a non 2k finish. The words Fender, Telecaster, Stratocaster and the associated headstock designs are registered trademarks of the Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. Lvl 1 45 St Georges Terrace You might check out the clear coat made by VHT it is made for wheels and calipers. Add to Cart Save for Later 90 day Warranty Included 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Since 1978 For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. It looks like WhatsApp is not installed on your phone. This product is from a small business brand. Generally speaking, most 2K options come in the form of a polyurethane clear coat as it is much more robust. Then fully cure in 12 hours at 68 degrees Fahrenheit, 35-40 minutes at 140 degrees Fahrenheit (IR drying). JavaScript is disabled. Once it cures, it becomes very hard and lasts for a long time. It is not for use on bare metal. The Drive has answers. But I attribute that to user error, not the finish itself. Please refresh and try again. I've heard a few complaints about SprayMax's 2K (not the majority, but some), and I am wondering if anyone here has used the similar 2k aerosol clear from Eastwood. You can put a 2K clear coat over a single-stage base coat. I was quoted $700 at the dealership for a deep scratch about 2" long! However, while it is a great product, it doesn't come cheap and costs more than similar primers. The appearance after the job is like brand new ones. Very interested in this as well. I purchased this to repaint the motor mounts on my 4th gen Camaro build to go along with my beautiful powdercoated tubular K-member and associated suspension parts. It looks just like Eastwood's 2K paint which splattered so bad for me I ruined my sneakers and made a mess of the fender I was painting. Almost all clear coats result in a glossy finish, but the level is measured in units from 0 to 100, with 0 being the lowest gloss level and 100 being the highest. It cures into a glossy finish. If you dont mind waiting a few days for a tough coat to settle in, you could go for glamour or high solid coats. But before you do, ensure that you dust the headlights, scuff the plastic, and polish out any scratches. Q: The problem that OP is having is with the bond between the factory primer (probably acrylic) and his "2K urethane" primer. And if you want to use it as a sealer, you have to get the Transtar 6700 Urethane Grade Reducer. Not sure never used spraymax before. I would wait several days for the lacquer to evaporate and stabilize on the surface before using it, and I would test it on a. I have done exactly what you want to do. The large spray pattern was a nice feature. The owners simply wanted better products for their own boats because even the popular products had room for improvement. Do I need to wait a week for the Duplicolor to cure? Use urethane-based clear coats as they are more adhesive to plastic. After wiping with rubbing alcohol, I layed a medium coat of this spray paint (picture 2). The blending solvent works so well that AKZO (Sikkens) paint abandoned their own blender and have us using Spraymax's. I chose the best automotive clear coats by searching for products that were easy to apply, effective at offering lasting protection, and able to blend in for a smooth, sleek appearance. Good to hear. Learn more how customers reviews work on Amazon. I don't think you'd ne. Suffice to say I have painted a lot of things with Grimmspeed's WRB paint. It looks to me as if Eastwood's has struck a deal with whoever holds the spraymax patent. I was able to do the headlights on three vehicles. I would NOT paint this immediately over Duplicolor lacquer based paint. Eastwood 2K Aerosol - YouTube Inside the luthier's shop with BigDGuitars.com. I was quoted $700 at the dealership for a deep scratch about 2" long! All you need to do to activate the product is give it a quick shake. I don't see how any 1k acrylic can be tougher than a 2k paint. Apparently some nastiness there if you breathe it. The Eastwood AeroSpray Epoxy Primer is a good choice if you're looking for a primer that is easy to apply and also durable. Sanding between layers may make the coat a bit thinner than it needs to be, and you run the risk of sanding it down to the base coat. When trying to correct any uneven areas or iron out the smoothness, work slowly. Please try again later. Primer and paint are Duplicolor and clear coat is Spraymax 2K, sooooo? Clear coats have varied drying times depending on the type. I had the same problem I had with the Eastwood Ceramic Gloss Red. It can also protect against UV rays, corrosion, and fading color over time. When the viscosity is reduced, you can use it as a sealer, a ground coat, or a precoat before applying the top coat. It is also easy to apply and leaves an even finish for a professional look. Only difference I see on spec sheet is Spray Max recommends IR drying and small square foot covering compared to y2k high gloss. Use the high-gloss clear coat for maximum shine on modern vehicles or flat clear coat spray to get maximum durability and imperfection masking. Added atop every color of body paint, automotive clear coat is a must-have to protect your cars vibrant color, its shine, and its overall appearance. AeroSpray 2K clear coat can be a topcoat on pretty much any lacquer or single-stage urethane Eastwood paint. 1010 (He annoys the shit outta me as well. You will have bad adhesion between the duplicolor and spraymax coats. With an In-house product design, development and testing and a strong track record of high-quality, innovative products. For that reason, they take longer to dry as the solvent takes time to fully evaporate. AeroSpray 2K clear coat can be a topcoat on pretty much any lacquer or single-stage urethane Eastwood paint. The epoxy primer is highly resistant to humidity and high temperatures. It might be more expensive than the rest, but this thing looks great, and when it cures it looks exactly like when it was wet. Whether you want to prime metal surfaces or prepare your car for a paint job, this primer is an excellent choice. Every time you gently buff out a scratch or give your exterior a polish, youre taking some of the clear coat away. These are ideal for sealing small dents, scratches, and other minor flaws. Here are a few shots. At ERA Paints, we pride ourselves on offering our customers the best products on the markets, and our 2K clear coat paint is no exception. Here are a few shots. Cause I see Eastwood now has a house brand 2K rattlecan. Eastwood's Urethane Premium Show Clear is another high-solids clear that is durable and has excellent gloss and depth. There are no members to list at the moment. So make sure you can use it up, once you start using it. Wear protective gloves and masks to reduce your exposure to toxic fumes. Press red button with the ball of your hand until stop is reached.After activating, shake aerosol again vigorously for 2 min. Protect new paint jobs with a coat of 2K AeroSpray clear from Eastwood. No two automotive clear coat products are the same. They help cover up dents, chips, and scratches and require more polishing to get a glossy finish. Apr 18, 2016. I have used the spraymax 2k many times. Eastwood 2k Aerosol Spray | Clear Coat Automotive Paint Aerosol Spray with Long-lasting and Durable Finish 12 Oz Can | Clear Coat Visit the Eastwood Store 516 ratings | 34 answered questions $3999 ($3.39 / Fl Oz) See more About this item 2k CLEAR COAT: Our special aerosol spray is a high-gloss clear coat spray that provides maximum shine. you need to use it all with in a day or two ,light coat first then keep building it up . Our reviews are driven by a combination of hands-on testing, expert input, wisdom of the crowd assessments from actual buyers, and our own expertise. Curious which Dupilcolor/Rustoleum you used for the color coat - used the Canadian equivalent (Tremclad) and loved the results but had the same problem with extremely easy chipping. 2K AeroSpray Clear Coats: Precision of a 2-component coating without the paint gun! For $50 to $100, youll find aerosol cans in packs, along with one-gallon cans of clear coat that can cover both repairs and a full fresh coat. You can use a thinner to reduce its viscosity. 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. What we do and how we work Formula for Innovation and Impact, and Model for Scale. Featuring a two-in-one design, this is both a touchup marker and brush so you can fill and even out minor chips or scratches on the clear coat. This 2K spray paint uses our revolutionary aerosol technology to produce a two-component clear in a single-stage application. This product makes your job easier because it functions as a primer and a sealer. Continue with Recommended Cookies. It is an incredible adhesive that does not need to be spread using a squeegee. Probably save yourself a lot of time and money No? This marker is fitted with a non-clogging tip, so the formula goes on easily, and it cures into a glossy finish. The only other paint I would recommend was Totally Auto. READ THIS REVIEW!! watthefuckever Tattoo soo 30 coates of lacquer is better than spray can DUHHHHHH! Reviewed in the United States on June 15, 2022. Out of sunlight, halogen rangetop was the best I had! I couldn't believe it. Left the car and went to sleep woke up to snow. Thats why its a smart idea to stock your garage with a quality clear coat that you can apply as often as needed, enhancing the protection and the appearance of your car no matter its age. It resists damage caused by water permeation and improves the adhesion of body fillers. Sprays like a gun with a broader spray pattern than conventional aerosols and no mess to clean up. its the other clear that you used i dont have info on. Practice applying the clear coat on card or paper before, so you get a feel for the flow rate and how the clear coat spray handles. lacquer buffs real easy. I ended up painting the tank, let it sit a week (until the chemical odor disapated), scuffed the tank, and sprayed the 2k. You can heat the coat to speed up the drying process. You have to weigh all your options before making a purchase. 1.2-mil per spray pass. Reviewed in the United States on January 30, 2014. As we had mentioned earlier, one-part epoxy primer can be applied on a wide range of materials (including plastic), while two-part primer is mostly used in industrial applications. I've used the SprayMax on 4 guitars, one didn't come out right. Re: duplicolor and spraymax 2k real advice????? Formulated with Eastwood's proprietary technology to provide a long-lasting and durable finish, while keeping its beautiful finish for years.2-Component.. NZ$59.95 Add to Cart Also, it may be a bit exhausting to use a touchup marker to cover multiple scratches on your vehicle. Outlets and voltage differ internationally and this product may require an adapter or converter for use in your destination. It is used as a final sealant prior to painting and also functions as a starter coat for steel. Take the button from the cap and attach it to the pin on the underside of the can. Professional grade clear coat, can sprays like a professional spray gun. It is more expensive than similar epoxy primers on the market. SprayMax has designed the can in such a way that it has a broader spray pattern than traditional aerosols. After it cures, it is easy to sand and leaves a smooth featheredge (an edge that thins out like a feather). Some clear coats are formulated with UV-resistant compounds to prevent UV rays from discoloring your car. In an environment of 75 degrees Fahrenheit, it only takes 15 minutes to fully dry. Here Is The Difference Between 2K Clear and 2X Clear Moore Motorsports Garage 105K subscribers Subscribe 1.5K Share 85K views 2 years ago #2kclear In this video i show the difference between. you don't say what it is that your doing, but you can also lay your color with the lacquer then spray 4-5 coats of clear lacquer if your using cans 7-8 let dry and buff. The 2K ADC paint is for customers who require 2K or 2 pack paint and materials without the health concerns associated with Isocyanates. It is the perfect product to use on bare metals because it offers excellent adhesion. For minor touches on your vehicles clear coat painting, I recommend the Rust-Oleum Scratch and Chip Repair. The mixture is easy to apply and once it cures can be easily sanded. Turn aerosol by 180 and attach button to pin on aerosol bottom. You should only sand the final coat and do it so gently that you dont have to redo the coat. The company is based in Vernon Hills, Illinois, and now manufactures protective paints and coatings for residential and commercial use. works nice and gas dosent hurt it at all . 1.2-mil per spray pass. Once every four weeks should be the absolute minimum. I shook the can for two minutes and during the use, Eastwood 2K Ceramic Aerosol Underhood Black Spray Paint, Eastwood 2K Ceramic Aerosol Chassis Black Satin Spray Paint, Eastwood's 2K AeroSpray High-Gloss & Matte Clear Questions - page 2, 2K Aerospray High Build Urethane Primer Black, 2K Aerospray High Build Urethane Primer Gray, Eastwood 2K AeroSpray Spray Paint Matte Clear Coat Aerosol Spray Paint, Eastwood 2K Aerospray Rat Rod Satin Black - Aerosol - 12.2oz, Eastwood 2K AeroSpray Spray Paint Epoxy Primer Black, loc_en_US, sid_14148Z_bv32_2K_bv32_Clears, prod, sort_[SortEntry(order=RATING, direction=DESCENDING), SortEntry(order=SUBMISSION_TIME, direction=DESCENDING)], Most Durable Paint in an Aerosol Available, Max Temperature: Paint will handle up to 250-300 degrees without delamination, but color shift may occur, so it should not be used in a high heat setting, loc_en_US, sid_14148Z_bv32_2K_bv32_Clears, prod, sort_[SortEntry(order=LAST_APPROVED_ANSWER_SUBMISSION_TIME, direction=DESCENDING)]. They were designed to clear coated over, which I did. 2022Recurrent Ventures. Overall this seems like the best finisher for restoring oxidized headlights. I would for sure buy this paint again. I just sprayed 3 coats of spray max 2k clear glamour on the scratch repair, it looks really clear, do I really have to wet sand this or can I just go straight to polishing. And don't forget to sand the material as soon as the primer cures, as it hardens very quickly. I like the color choices that Duplicolor offers and would like to use these as the base coat. There was a problem completing your request. Sticks by chemical action where their 2K Aerospray mixes an Isocyanate with the clear and sticks by mechanical adhesion. One of the things most professionals consider when buying an epoxy primer is how much preparation is needed.