He worked on the French editions of Call of Cthulhu (v6 and v7) and Delta Green, as well as on other games like Paranoia and Les Lames du Cardinal. The conjuration of Mguleloc may be caused by faulty spellcasting or incorrect spell texts, which when wrought allow this nasty creature loopholes into our reality. It taketh the vine and the soil and through these shall form its flesh. A strange sensation in the ears, although there is no sound, and a dull headache that grows in intensity. Perhaps it is the spawn of an Outer God or some lesser cousin of the nightmare known as Tsathoggua. Are there any followers? Note that all avatars have POW 500, 100 magic points, and any spells desired by the Keeper (see Avatar: Human Form). Sudden thunder and lightning, signifying something bad just happened, with the individual cursed with misfortune for the next 24 hours (a penalty die imposed on all skill, characteristic, Luck, and Sanity rolls), plus, during this period, others regard the individual concerned with some level of repulsion (an undefinable quality that simply repels others). - N NCTOSA & NCTOLHU Cult (Lesser Old Ones) Other than those within the Cult of Cthulhu, there appears to be little to no human-centered cults associated with Nctosa or Nctolhu. If reduced to zero hit points, Aforgomon vanishes. If you order this product at Chaosium.com, we will automatically send the order to Lulu. Accounts of the 45 CHAPTER 2 m a l form of locomotion was commonplace until it was forced to remain underground. Much like Tsathoggua, Ithaqua appears bound to some degree, able to temporarily travel, but not truly free. Once selected, the human becomes the entitys companion, mesmerized to spend all their time near to Chaugnar Faugn. Thoughts of deep and dark things lurking in the depths may plague the dreams of those somehow touched by Ghizguth. Obviously the art isn't the primary reason most buy books like these, but awesome, original artwork is a big part of the . Groth-Golka, demon bird-god Sanity Loss: 1D8/1D20 Sanity points. Claws and Bite: ignores all mundane armor and delivers 4D6 damage. ) 222 Yidhra (?) Just for a moment, I saw its head: a pointed snout with two deep-set beady eyes and a great maw of huge teeth that could swallow a man whole. For inclusion in this list, a supplement must be designed to be used with either the Chaosium BRP Call of Cthulhu rules or the d20 Call of Cthulhu rules produced by Wizards of the Coast under license from Chaosium. Prophecy foretells that Great Cthulhu shall break free of its Elder bonds when Rlyeh rises again, heralding the time when the stars are right and humanity shall become like the Old Ones. They foretell of a time to come when the old rites shall return and they will wake their god from its sleep. He lives in Langley, BC, Canada, with his wife. This set ranks among the best of the best in Call Of Cthulu. TSATHOGGUA (Great Old One) Before us was the formless mass of its body on which lolled the awful toad-like head. Should a collector come into possession of such a bottle, the choice as to whether to open and taste the wine or save their investment may prove a tough dilemma, as it is said the wine can cure all ills and grant immortality. Victims may tear themselves free by making a Hard STR roll, but suffer 1D4+1 damage in the process as their flesh and hair are ripped away. With over 250 entries to inspire countless adventures. Presents a cruel and majestic persona, haughty and full-voiced. Some are instantly reabsorbed, while others act as guardians or extensions of the gods will. Contact with Eihort is possible anywhere and at any time due to the nature of its labyrinth existing outside of human space-time. Each blast inflicts an automatic 20 points of damage to a random target (Luck roll may determine target). A cavalcade of monsters and god-like alien intelligences beyond human understanding, all vividly detailed and portrayed. Empower Stone: places magical energy and wisdom into a stone (usually a black pillar, obelisk, or similar), allowing its servants to benefit by placing their hands upon the stone when the moon is waning (i.e. Powers Working the Solution: attempting to solve the enigmatic equation requires an INT of 90 or higher (those with lower INT cannot begin to fathom the mathematical problem, although certain spells or artifacts may temporarily grant an INT boostthe Keeper should determine whether such help allows a character to work toward the solution. It is said that one cult, known as the Hands of Fate, are the true followers of this Old One. While the sores do not physically hinder anyone, they are unsightly and may bestow a penalty die when that character interacts socially with others. Great Old Ones once infested worlds, the Earth included, and their taint still dwells, infecting new and lesser lifeforms (like humanity). Chaugnar Faugn is always accompanied by 1D6 of its spawn (see Chaugnar Faugn, Brother of), who will deal with most nuisances before the deity needs to become involved. Here, she was coiled and ready to pounce, her teeth bared, her eyes narrow, and her 40 DEITIES OF THE MYTHOS Given the evidence, it seems that Bast has earmarked the cat and human races for something. Portents concerning future events may describe unavoidable things or that which may be changed by some form of action. Ahtu copyright 2020 David Drake. If summoned, they may manifest below the summoner, rising up through holes and cracks in the ground or floor to then recombine. Other names: Sar-oogha, the Sleeper of Nkai, the Toad God, Zhothaqquah. Division and Change: Yidhras genetic makeup allows it to reform and shape itself in unlimited ways based on the earthly life it has consumed over time. The Conspiracies of Yeal remarks that this entity is brother to Mnomquah, the entity said to dwell on the moon in Earths Dreamlands, and that Groth-Golka may have once also been resident of that celestial orb. Time: empowering travel through time, presumably limited to a single or (at most) a handful of journeys; again, with some probably unexpected and adverse side effects. Those unwittingly entering such sites may be accosted by the cult and, possibly, murdered for walking on holy ground. WAILING WRITHER, THE A towering mass of black flesh, constantly swirling and spraying watery-black slime from hundreds of drooling and shrieking mouths. After this point, the splinter must find a new host if it is to continue its work, and can do so if the potential host fails a Hard POW roll. Dagon appeared somewhat humanoid, possessed of a bulbous body from which arms and legs emerged as well as numerous tentacular growths. Fighting (humanoid) Energy discharge 90% (45/18), damage 2D6 90% (45/18), damage varies (1D6+2 to 2D6+1) Armor 3-point metal exoskeleton in humanoid form; 120-point metal frame/housing in machine form. Monster Summons: can summon various Mythos monsters, expending 1 magic point per 5 POW points the monster possesses, although may summon a shantak, a hunting horror, or a servitor of the Outer Gods at the cost of a single magic point. Such living cult members appear to crave Glaakis embrace, longing for the un-life it offers. According to some sources, Kassogtha shares some relationship with Great Cthulhu, with more than one tome speaking of these deities creating or unifying to form or breed the entities commonly known as Nctosa and Nctolhu. bullets). Cases of kidnapping may lead to human trafficking conspiracies and the flow of captured people to Asia and the heart of a dark network designed to bring food to a god. Please see Chaosium's press release below. Smash (mnvr): uses its immense bulk to crush foes anywhere along its length (12D6 damage). It reforms in 1D100 days. In contrast, the shan, whos home planet was said to have been destroyed by the entity, fear Ghroth; what lengths the surviving shan on Earth will go to should Ghroth return to our solar system is uncertain, but one can assume they will either attempt to flee the planet or use humanity to ensure their own survival. Whether children is an accurate term is in doubt, as they could equally be splinters or fragments of Cthulhu allowed to develop into adulthood. Volks states that Cthylla is kept imprisoned in Rlyeh, not by Elder wards but rather by Cthulhus will, due to her value in ensuring that deitys immortality. The Manuscript suggests that Saaitii was from without and came to this planet to take form, and thereby chose a form inspired by hogs (albeit a twisted and horrifying version of one). Cult Armor None. Thus, its Tsathoggua-like manifestation may simply be a disguise of sorts, hiding the reality of its true horror. Sometimes, it walks by using two or all four of its tentacle-limbs and can be mistaken for a large person or animal, if seen from a distance. Those within 100 yards/ meters may be drawn in as well should they fail a DEX roll (those behind structures may be safe). Others speak of Mhithrha being a mask of Daoloth (or vice versa) as these entities appear to share similar aspects and spheres of power; however, such thinking tends to go against the grain of accepted wisdom. If a victim survives the injury, they may recover and never become an undead servant. Fighting 50% (25/10), damage 3D6 Ensnare (mnvr) 50% (25/10), held then crushed, damage 6D6 Envelope (mnvr) Thahash Yko Sanity Loss: 1D4/2D10 Sanity points. A pure thought-form of anger that builds and festers until it must be released to destroy. Whatever its origin, Han is believed to undertake important tasks for Yig, whether that is conveying messages, reclaiming sacred artifacts, or metering out differing forms of retribution. An external player, such as another Old One, a meddling wizard, or some cosmic circumstance may be needed as a catalyst to spark a subgrouping of Hastalk into such life. Powers Summons: Qyth-az may manifest on Earth only when the sky is clear and Orions Beltis visible. Whether a secret cabal of sailors exists is unknown, although in theory, the possibility remains. Finally, thanks to all the authors, designers, and creators, who from Lovecraft onward have shared their dreams and nightmares with us, as without them there would be no Cthulhu. It remains uncertain as to the veracity of this claim, but the thought is troubling as such bones have an unpleasant way of returning to life, revivifying and re-growing flesh anew. They dazzle the eyes as great shafts of light or as towering pillars of flame, each cast in many hues and colors beyond our ken. They remain alive despite their corrupting frame and, according to some accounts, cannot be killed. If the attack roll results in an Extreme success, the target is flung so hard as to be cast beyond the atmosphere and into space (unless special provisions have been made or certain spells are available, death is the automatic result). Named by some as the Nemesis Star, it roams the void of space, apparently free 87 CHAPTER 2 m a l have passed Earth in prehistory and alleged to have caused the CretaceousTertiary (K-T) extinction event that saw three-quarters of the planets life die some 66 million years ago. If swallowed, the victim suffers 6D6 damage on each following round while being digested. Sacrificial Summons: blood sacrifice made specifically to Saaitii has a 30 percent change of summoning the deity within 1D10 hours. Need to take some time to catch up and find the discords. Check out our free conversion guide here. If reduced to zero hit points, the Feaster falls to the ground and bursts, sending viscera flying everywhere. Cult Other names: the Forgotten One, Golgoro, Keeper of Black Stone. A few have commented that the entities did not originate in either of these constellations, which were merely staging posts, with Zhar and Lloigor heralding from a dimension named Jun-darr, said now to be inaccessible. Of course, some clever investigators may find a way to harm a Mythos deity and such wounds will be felt and reacted toconsider it like being stung by a waspthe entity will seek to be rid of such nuisances. Direct encounters with Saaitii are possible, should the entity be summoned, somehow unearthed deep in the ground while it sleeps, or called to temporarily run free and feed. It dwells beyond normal space-time at the center of all things, where its amorphous body, said to be larger than a star, writhes unceasingly to the monotonous piping of harsh flutes and the beating of vile drums played by a coterie of lesser gods and others who dance mindlessly around this entity. Magical escape may be possible. The association may also spring from the entitys seeming embodiment of fecundity, which for some characterizes its powers or blessings as witchlike, or may simply be a product of the gods worshippers, who have included solitary magical practitioners and covens of witches and warlocks. 11. As necessary, it may use its freezing touch (see above) to inflict damage and subdue. While no other significant organized cult appears to function, small groups may be found, possibly originating from individuals who have learned of or directly encountered the entity within dream. Apparently unchained or restrained by Elder magic, this entity appears free to travel where it will, and, as stated, has manifested on Earth numerous times leaving behind signs of its passing on the landscape and people. If reduced to zero hit points, Saaitii collapses, its body splitting open to release foul liquids, while its will returns to its dimensional lair. In addition, the cult is believed to perform human sacrifice by throwing captives into mighty flaming pyres. TYPICAL PHYSICAL MANIFESTATION: TULZSCHA Magic POW: 75 Magic Points: 15 Spells: Animate Flesh Thing, Augury (variant), Bestow Glimpse of Truth, Call Forth the Worm, Contact Ghoul, Contact Human (variant), Deaths Breath (variant), Embrace of Yog-Sothoth, Touch of Decay; others as the Keeper desires. Remember, Yidhra knows humanity well, with only Nyarlathotep its equal in understanding and manipulating humans. In return, such cultists believe they will be received and welcomed by Mhithrha and the Lords of Tindalos, and then transformedtheir flesh rewritten to become as the Tindalosians. At the end of this period, the person should attempt an INT or Mathematics roll, both at Extreme difficulty: if successful, they have solved the puzzle; if not, they must begin anew, although the period of time is now halved. Powers Howl: a blood-curdling howl that inflicts an automatic 1 point of Sanity loss upon any who hear it. Earthly Forms Some Old Ones and Mythos beings may appear to take forms similar to earthly animals or humans. The Martian Aihais worship of Vulthoom is considered to be dead, although it is possible that pocket remnants of the Aihais remain hidden deep inside Mars, and presumably, these would still be devoted to their ancient deity. Many believe that Abhoth has some form of connection to Tsathoggua, but whether the relationship is familiar or antagonistic is uncertain. Aura Apart from the nightmare visions this avatars arrival causes, its presence is also signaled by an icy wind that seems to blow from the stars themselves. Jerome McCluskys Amidst the Greenwood Folk (York, 1872) describes the authors alleged encounters with woodland beings over the course of numerous years. Speculation rises as to who caused this migration and imprisonment, with some citing the mi-go, while others speak of the Spawn of Yuggoth, an older and more powerful race of beings, who cast down this god. We Attack! Ancient secrets, whispered lore, and collected facts concerning the alien and otherworldly horrors of the Cthulhu Mythos. Perhaps this is simply due to an apparent geographical closeness but may hint at a deeper connection between these Old Ones. Create Servant: initiation as a servant of Glaaki requires the novice (who may or may not be willing) to stand on the shore of a body of water in which the entity can manifest. Encounters Knowledge of Vorvadoss is limited on Earth, so discovering this entitys name, let alone the means to communicate or summon it will prove difficult for most. Whatever the reasons, worshippers appear to play out this cosmic feuding on a human level, with differing cults at each others throats and using deity-gifted magic to settle scores and thrown a wrench into each others dealings. Some scholars have posited that Idh-yaa is akin to or the same as Shub-Niggurath, a mother deity figure from which many entities originate, with some claiming it is a female aspect of Azathoth, although such talk is derided by most. Or, if unable to journey to Earth, Zarrian voices and minds might somehow be heard on this planet and influence a few humans, schooling them in the worship of Zathog and preparing them to undertake tasks to further Zathogs influence here. Being eaten alive is painful as the digestive acids burn flesh and dissolve clothing and so forth (a Luck roll may be required to determine if items are lost or damaged). If the task is self-harming or would harm a person close to the enthralled mind, the victim may attempt a Hard POW roll to resist that action, although they remain under the deitys control. Spells, such as Cast Out Devil, may force Nyarlathotep out of the host without destroying the body, but the persons mind is likely gone forever permanently insane, at the very least. Eihort, master of the labyrinth Sanity Loss: 1D6/1D20 Sanity points. The publisher asks that any correspondence concerning Sir Hansens whereabouts should also be directed to Waddeston and Flitick. Over 550 spells of dire consequences, secrets, and unfathomable powe, Mythos Galizien ist dem multikulturellen Erbe des historischen Kronlandes der sterreich-Ungarischen Monarchie gewidme, Die Diskussion um den Satanismus ist mehr von Spekulationen und Vorurteilen geprgt als von sachlichen Informationen. While those who have angered or hindered Cyegha or its cults may come face to face with the nagae. Cult Human cults appear to be quite rare and, where they do exist, they tend to be focused on breaking through the veils of perception to gain wisdom and understanding. An opposing line of thought suggests Daoloth is somehow linked to Tindalos and may be an alternative manifestation of Mhithrha, the Arch-Lord of Tindalos. Psychic Sending: the thoughts of Chaugnar Faugn may bleed out into human subconsciousness, causing dreams wherein the might and splendor of the deity are paramount. Possible Blessings Cat Whispers: able to communicate with cats, using feline helpers as spies, or may call upon a gathering of cats to cause confusion/obstruction to others. A cavalcade of monsters and god-like alien intelligences beyond human understanding, all vividly detailed and portrayed. A truly monstrous being that folklore tells to be imprisoned in a labyrinth below Englands Severn Valley. Malleus_Monstrorum_Volume_II_-_Deities_of_the_Mythos_v1.22.pdf (product code 23169, ISBN-13 978-1-56882-317-1, 266 pp., 25.87 MB) Malleus_Monstrorum_Minion_Master_Sheet_v2.pdf (481.86 KB) Malleus_Monstrorum_Monster_Master_Sheet_v2.pdf (473.38 KB) Despite having their own product codes and ISBNs, the two volumes are not sold separately. Fighting n/a Aura A distinct otherworldliness seems to be a feature of contact with Chorazin, making many believe they are being targeted by aliens or even spirits. Fire Starter: able to start a fire by willpower (costing 5 magic points). Sight of the Dead: those most favored might be allowed to see through the eyes of those doomedthe many petrified but living humans and creatures damned to live within a rigid body. What is certain is that where the Yellow King treads, corruption blooms. THE ENTRIES ENTRY FORMAT The format of the entries in this volume is slightly different from standard monster profiles, and is changed from previously published versions. PROFILE: THE DWELLER IN DARKNESS Sanity Loss: 1D10/1D100 Sanity points when encountering the Dweller in Darkness. Powers At the Keepers discretion, the following powers may be used by any of Nyarlathoteps avatars. Play with the new version! In such cases, one or more Lesser Other Gods may be called or simply appear uninvited to receive sacrifices, herald the arrival of a greater power, or engage in cult rituals, such as initiations, orgies, and death rites. Being imprisoned, they argue, angers the deity, who seeks to create distractions by causing mayhem for those who wander into its prison cell of the Northern wilds. Aura Mystery, glamour, and sensuality are often key elements in the appearances of Lilith, each designed to ensnare the unwary and foolish. The effect can be resisted with a POW roll, and otherwise negated or ended if the idol is destroyed. Minecraft Skin. Until the Old One departs, earthly life is effectively blind. None know its true size as only portions are seen where it interacts with our reality. If reduced to zero hit points, Bugg-Shash reduces quickly into a festering pool of slime. Hinkley Martins, a professor at Miskatonic University, speculated in his paper, Evidence of the Creation of Life as Seen in the Necronomicon and Other Texts, that these two beings were, in fact, differing facets of the same mythic entity, with each form assimilated into differing cultures in prehistory. 107 CHAPTER 2 m a l HASTUR: KING IN YELLOW, THE nightmares can expand and retract, sometimes possessing and claiming other lands and cities on other worlds. Note that the Green Man may elect to dodge attacks. Grab (mnvr): its two tentacles may grab an opponent each per round. Possible Blessings Mind Contact: those unfortunates who obtain a glimpse of Nctosa and Nctolhu (usually via binoculars or telescope) may find they become mentally linked to these twins of horror, and forced to do their bidding. They might win the day, but never the war. As long as the victim has INT remaining, they can try to escape (see above). Some relate this war to a theft of knowledge, the Old Ones wishing to be as the Elder Gods and supplant them in the cosmic order; however, I believe many of these tales to be apocryphal. All rights reserved. What stops this being from destroying everything? On the heels of his widely successful trilogy of works honoring H. P. Lovecraft, Donald Tyson now unveils a true grimoire of ritual magic inspired by the Cthulhu Mythos. TYPICAL PHYSICAL MANIFESTATION: SEBEK STR 265 CON 325 SIZ 95 (125*) DEX 125 Telekinesis: can manipulate matter within 60 yards/meters at a cost of 5 magic points to create a telekinetic force equivalent to STR 10 (further multiples of 5 magic points increase the STR by 10 points). While a human is possessed, their flesh begins to decay, their skin and soft tissue rotting away to just a skeleton within 1D6 weeks. Mundane weapons (incl. Armor 18-point tough scales and hide. The Parchments of Pnom add in some additional detail, stating that when first arriving on Earth, Tsathoggua lurched its way into the depths of Mount Voormithadreth in Hyperborea and was at first worshipped by the voormis. OUTER GODS Depending on ones view, the universe is ruled by beings known as Outer Gods. Whether this was inspired by the pre-existence of the Egyptian Sobek or (more likely) simply pulled from the minds of the first humans it encountered is uncertain. Cthulhu Mythos skill points: assume 5- or 10-point increments at a time. From the evidence pieced together from various sorcerous sources, all of which warn plainly not to call down this entity, Mguleloc cannot be bargained with nor placated. Don't be a pirate. Cargo Cult: Glozel Est Authentique!. Buy the PDF now from Chaosium.com, and you get the full price of the PDF off the cost of the 2 volume . This would appear to chime true, as accounts of its visitations on this planet are rare, although in recent years this may be changing. In so doing, they open their minds to the touch of the King in Yellow, allowing corruption to take rook and enabling them (wittingly or unwittingly) to become vehicles to spread the corruption to others. But, like their god, they must consume to live, feeding off animals or humans to avoid shriveling away and becoming a living but inanimate husk. Combat Attacks per round: 2 (melee) or 1 (hold and drain) May use its hand and feet to crush, kick, punch, and so on, or its lamprey-like face tentacle to bite. It would appear that the scream normally registers above the usual range of human hearing (31 to 19 kHz), although it is capable of being heard by many animals, such as dogs, bats, and cats. Malleus Monstrorum: Cthul. 181 CHAPTER 2 m a l unknown calamity caused the citadel and the ice on which it stood to break free and drift upon the oceans of this planet and those of others. Yet another interpretation suggests that beyond the Ultimate Gate lies the realm of the Ancient Ones, thought by some to be entities that were once akin to the Outer Gods but who have transcended into something else. Akin to the other Elder Gods, this entitys agenda seems to keep the Outer Gods and Old Ones in check. While the connection is undetermined, this race of ghostly beings may worship the Old One, with some likely to accompany the deity on its traveling iceberg, acting as servitors and agents. Used with permission. Lilith is believed to share some connection to Nyarlathotep, although this link is thought to veer close to antagonism and enmity. The longer the lump grows, the larger it becomes (with around eight to ten months, the lump is equivalent in size to a human pregnancy at full-term). (Great Old One) The air stank with the smell of corrosion, acid, and death. The relatively small community lives in close-set dull-red roofed houses on a patchwork of narrow streets. Thus, modern-day examples of the cult are likely to be communities that have withdrawn from civilization, shun technology, and who live a baser lifestyle. While the flesh rots, the mind is assaulted by visions of Hastur, the Lake of Hali, and so on, causing the automatic loss of 1D4 points of Sanity per day. This two-volume collection is packed with ideas, concepts, and insights to immerse your scenarios and campaigns deep in the heart of the Cthulhu Mythos. With over 110 entries concerning Great Old Ones, Outer Gods, Elder Gods, Avatars, and Unique Beings, this tome supplies a plethora of ideas to immerse your campaigns and scenarios deep in the heart of Cthulhu Mythos lore. Fortunately, it appears the god is content to wallow in the devotion of its followers rather than seeking to bring destruction on a grand scale. These rolls illustrate the internal struggle taking place within the targets mind. Those within the presence of Mordiggian may be mesmerized or blinded by its changing forms if they fail a combined INT and POW roll. Others, who give themselves over to this Outer God, appear to understand that the entity possesses a desire for permanence in this realm of existence: its power made flesh through the begetting of children. Such offspring have not fared well, with some developing more toward the human, while others come to resemble more of Yog-Sothoth.