MEE6 can remember users' birthdays and wish them a happy one in a specific channel, with a respect to the timezone of your server. - Edit a pre-existing message's description. Guess Play Guess the Number game to earn coins. MEE6 bot is a hidden gem for all server admins as it will help you better manage the server. !user-info . Once banned, they wont be able to send or receive any new messages on the server. Mee6 is a chatbot that allows you to automate certain tasks on your Discord server. I dont want to type the message in there myself but I want Mee6 to do it. It's used by many communities to help users automate various tasks like playing music when they enter the channel or banning trolls quickly. We aim to be the best online source for video games such as user guides, reviews, tips and tricks, new features and more. Format !rank @username Birthday Commands.2.3 3. No ads or spams, we promise. MEE6 also gives us the option to change the prefix ! To run a command, prefix the command with bday, for example, bday help or @BirthdayBot help. - Shows the birthday list starting at the third page. - View the next celebration event(s) in the server. First up is the play command that is used to play music on the server. Well, MEE6 gives you the option to change the prefix for commands. Similar to a temporary ban, you may also temporarily mute users on your server. Custom bot option. Format !youtube [search query] Note: Keep in mind that if your server has 2FA(you can check by visiting the server settings -> Moderation -> bottom of the page) you will need 2FA enabled on the Discord Account owning the Custom Bot's as well (discord disables a lot of features when it's not synchronized). Format !add name or URL 6. Using your Discord Server's credentials, login to Discord. This is a recent addition to the MEE6 bot where you can get the birthday details of users on the server. when muted, you can read messages but cannot reply. As mentioned earlier, MEE6 can be used to moderate your server and also allow you to play music. Format !mute @username They are small AI software that you can use to automate some tasks on your server. If this is your first time, then it is advised to go through all the commands to get yourself used to MEE6 Bot. Format !clear-all-infractions @username Defaults to birthday. !remove-xp !tempban @username duration the duration can be something like 4h 30m, or 4d 12h 30m 20s. Now, open the Settings and, at the bottom of the page, turn the Slash Commands off. No, Modified on: Thu, 11 Aug, 2022 at 12:18 PM. fifteen.The administrator can use!dar -xp @usernameand!remove-xp @usernameto add and remove points that basically affect the user's rank on the server. All the commands in MEE6 start with the ! There are over 100 commands that can be issued in chat through mee6 and this article will go over 12 of them that will make you more efficient as a user. After executing this command, the user will be able to reply to messages and send new messages on the server. You learned what is MEE6 Bot, what are the features of MEE6 Bot, how to add MEE6 Bot to your Discord Server, MEE6 Commands for Moderator and also MEE6 Commands for Music control. I have already installed the MEE6 bot on my server and it is definitely helpful for every server owners out there. !richest This command displays the richest player on your Discord server. Message Commands.2.5 5. !rank @user For example, you can create a command to execute a specific function on your server. [Solved] 2022 Guru of how to do, Windows 11 Tuesday Patch 22H2 apparently causing freezing issues on PCs with AMD CPUs. MEE6 Command Description !ban: You can use it to ban a user from the Discord Server !tempban: To temporarily restrict a user from the Discord Server !clear: To delete the channel's message based on specific rules !infractions: To display a user's infractions All of the MEE6 Moderator Commands are available below. Create commands that automatically give and remove roles and send messages in the current channels or in user's DM Notify your server when you or your favorite content creators begin to stream, upload, and post content. You can set up challenges for members to guess the song and artists name to earn points. How to merge PST files without duplicates? With that said, let's start with the moderation commands that most people primarily use MEE6 for. 1. Thus, here we are with a list of some of the best MEE6 commands for all Discord users. !get into add a bot to your voice channel. The #1 Discord bot! MEE6 is a popular Discord Bot that can do several tasks such as moderation, levelling roles, making announcements, play music and many others. In this article, we will explore a little bit about MEE6 Bot, some popular features of MEE6 Bot, how to add MEE6 Bot to a Discord Server, MEE6 Commands (for moderation and music) and also some troubleshooting tips. MEE6 can only read command messages with this prefix. This is where Discord Bots come handy. Then, invite your bot (yes, we are "double inviting" it) by authorising it again and you should have your problem sorted. Wait another 24 hours and turn it on again. Moderation Commands.2.2 2. !rank Format !previous Complete the subscription payment and you will be given the option to change the command prefix in MEE6/. You can change the name of the currency from the panel> Economy. - Remove a certain custom message of the given type. Frequently Asked Questions Windows Hardware Error Architecture or WHEA is a, Best answer: To delete a chart in Google Docs. !clear-all-infractions Use the mee! Format !vote-skip But if you are not a premium subscriber, you should trust the default prefix, even if it sometimes interferes with other bots. MEE6 is one such popular bot that helps you in managing your Discord Server. MEE6 has an option to create a temporary channel called Hubs. The following is a list of all the MEE6 Moderator Commands. All Meee commands can be split into two categories. !rps Play Rock, Paper, Scissors to earn coins. Custom commands allow you to manage assigned roles to different members, send automated messages, deliver the important notification, inform members about ongoing and upcoming events, etc. !tempban The date has to be in YYYY-MM-DD or MM-DD format. How to clean strawberries with baking soda? The best MEE6 commands. !birthday 36. Otherwise, enter the '!unset-user-birthday @username' command to remove any other user's birthday. 22 !imgur [search] This will post a meme trend on the keyword right now. Darktide: How To Fix Mouse Stuck on Screen? Details such as bans, warnings, mute are displayed. If you know of any such useful MEE6 command for Discord users, let us know about it in the comments section below. uptime. Step 2: You'll now notice that we have three different types of commands to chose from. premium - View information about birthday bot premium. Embeds, Search anything, Record, Timers, Statistics, Temporary channels. /message list type:Birthday page:3 - Shows the third page of birthday messages. !clear-queue Never forget to wish a happy birthday again. Discord Unblocked | How To Unblock Discord? Format !anime [search query] !anime help command to get an overview of all available commands. MEE6 gives you full control to create the discord server of your dreams. You have five chances to guess the exact number that the bot will reveal. This command can be used if a member has violated any of the server rules and guidelines. - View the birthday or member anniversary of yourself or another user. FAQ & Troubleshooting. Your email address will not be published. Custom Commands Plugin 27. If someone types! To search for an Urban slang !next-birthday Format !tempban @usernmae 12h 30m Format !tempmute @username 1hr 00m If you are a server owner of admin then you should definitely check out MEE6 Command for various purposes. 17. That includes what role you are in, what permissions you have, your warning and ban history, Discord join date, and server join date. - Add a member anniversary role for the given year. Format !kick @username !start-quiz Use this command to start a music-based quiz on your channel immediately. If you add songs to your playlist, you can play them by typing the song name in chat. MEE6 Moderation Commands MEE6 is a powerful moderation bot available for Discord. You can find all the latest developments, announcement, troubleshooting tips and also other tips and tricks to make MEE6 Bot a great companion to your Discord Server. To find the birthday of a particular user on the server. You can use MEE6 Bot to act as a moderator for your server and protect your server from spam, abusive content, excess use of emojis, etc. Here are some music commands you might like. You may use the seek command if you want to directly jump to a specific time of the song. Here are some commands you can take advantage of. (Hint simply @ the user instead of using the {Users} placeholder!). Most active members are rewarded with different roles and they can also gain access to any private channels. !tempmute Keep your community engaged with Giveaways. 35. before the command. Currently, Mritunjay working as a content writer to help players to get a gaming experience without getting confused. Just use the MEE6 command!stop-quizto stop the test. !previous Search for various animes Earlier music bots on Discord are complicated where you have to use commands to play the music. Similar to !unban, !unmute command is used to unmute someone from the server. If some members are not sticking to the server rules and guidelines, you might want to remove them to keep the server clean. How to Merge PST Files with PST Merge Tool Without, Best answer: Open the dynamic desktop in query in your spreadsheet utility. prefix of MEE6 bot for some reason. But there are many underrated features in MEE6 that you can access with commands. There are commands that can be used for moderation, management and administration of your server or Discord channels. Moderation Commands. prefix. Utilities. Format !ban @username Based on the XP points, users can be granted a level up. ping, !whois and ! It will take details from your profile and make a list to send reminders later. Unlike other bots, the option to change the prefix is a premium feature. The details will be categorized into three-time frames including the last 24hrs, 1 week, and all time. The add command is used to add more songs to the current queue. This is a MEE6 Premium command You can vote if you want to skip the next song in the list or play a music quiz with your friends. - Test a custom message of the given type. 34. Check out, - Set if a trusted role is required for a birthday message (, - Set if a trusted role is required to get the birthday role (, - Set if a trusted role is required to get a birthday ping (. Before we begin, the prefix for all MEE6 commands are! User-friendly, easy to set up & maintain! 16. next-birthday- shows the list of the next 10 birthdays on the server. The range 1-1000 shows that you can delete 1 to 1000 messages with a single command. The first group of commands is designed for moderation, management and administration of your server. Ban, Silence, and Kick may all look similar. Here are all the details that you can upon executing this command: Discord joining dateServer joining dateRolePermissionsWarningsBan history. 25 !clear [ 1 -1000] to delete X number of messages. Economy. Once the new link is generated, copy it and paste it into your browser. How do I make Mee6 send a message to another channel? Note: Be careful not to update the commands too often as discord only allows 200 slash commands updated per day. 29 !Owner of the voice to find the owner of each voice channel. Music Commands.2.4 4. All you have to do is log in to your MEE6 Dashboard and click on the Upgrade to Premium button. Meee allows you to manage your servers economy with ease. Format !infractions @username Create commands that automatically give and remove roles and send messages in the current channels or in user's DM. For example, the command to play music is play. Use this command to add a different users birthday to the server, As you might already know, MEE6 has a leveling system where it ranks and rewards a user based on their activity, milestone completion, etc. It will help you keep your server safe and clean from spammers. You can set up actions related to banning, mute, or kick the troublesome members without manual trouble. If you mention any username, it will search only messages from that person without showing results from every user, !msg playername message sends a private message to the user you mention in this command, if there are multiple usernames separated by commas it will send the same message to everyone who has that exact username, !dm playername [message] sends a direct message to the user you mention in this command, if there are multiple usernames separated by commas it will send the same message to everyone who has that exact username, !ping pings your Discord server or voice chat with Meee bot for any reason.