I heard that it would also take very long with the trains after the race? Also we are travelling from Milan, will take the train so any advice would be awesome. We purchased through F1.com and picked up the tickets this morning at Gate A. Takes 8 mins. thanks for the info Jerome, I will update the post soon. Im a bit confused by that, too. Unless you have a deep pocket!!! Wrong! If we take Biassono-Lesmo station will we be fine? Honestly, I think its a bit optimistic. Darren. Reading above you seem to suggest just buying return tickets each morning is best, what I cant work out is can you buy an open return as online you have to select a return time and for obvious reason we wont know the exact time? Yes, they should be. Then you have to walk into the park for Parabolica (easy to find). Hi Chris, take the train from Milan to Monza, as per instructions on this page. You shouldnt even need to print them if you can scan the QR code on your phone, but having a printout is always a good idea. In conclusion, when I go back to Monza, I will choose to use Arcore station again without hesitation, no need to rely on shuttle buses, always get a seat on the way back, no crowd control, easy walk to the track. Does the special train on race day stop at monza by any chance? My friend and I are coming from Bergamo and have tickets to 8A. So, it looks like the train strikes on Friday are official. Many fans then got stranded for almost 2 hours, as the next (and last) train scheduled for 8.09pm was delayed almost 1 hour for technical reasons, and only left after 9pm, and arrived at Porta Garibaldi at 9.45pm. Hi Jim, hope you have a great weekend at Monza. My girl friend and myself had to go through the nonsense today at the sesto m1 station. We walked past the parking lots that were no traffic and plenty of spots. Massive, but generally moving queues. Andrew. For some reason I like the view more from this side of the track. Sorry to bother you again, but I think this information could be useful to some people. Hello, your best bet on Thursday is to take the local bus (Z221) and stay on after Monza railway station. On the rest of the weekend, I took black-line shuttle bus was. I have few questions You dont need to arrive that early on Friday and Saturday, as there is less people on these days (say 9-10am?). Hi David, firstly the trains to Biassono Lesmo only run on race day. I dont know how much of the GA room/views will be taken by these grandstands, as they werent there last time I attended the race. Driving is my only option but I would like to have the parking worked out before I come. Hi and thanks for a great informative site What is our best choice to get from the train station in Milan to our seats? Good luck with the drive and have a great weekend in Monza. You will need to confirm if this is good for trains to Monza, but if not it wont be a problem to buy in advance the correct one way or return tickets to get to Monza. I have General Admission ticket for Saturday. Cheers. I have a few questions and was wondering if you could help. Im planning for 2022. We then cycled North through the beautiful park towards the circuit. The local traffic was very bad all weekend. The city of Modena and the home of Ferrari at Maranello are also on the E45. Im heading into Monza for race day. Ill likely have a hire car which I will need to park somewhere as Im in the area for a couple of weeks. So far I find getting all infos complicated, italian websites and mobile apps do not seem to work in english. To enter the Autodromo Nazionale Monza you need four documents. Ive recommended a few spots in our Tickets guide. Thanks Jan! I was just wondering how much up to date this info is? Click Here for detailed information on arriving and departing Milan, including how to get from Milans three airports (Malpensa, Linata, Orio al Serio) to the city center. Especially after the race when you could walk from the opened race track. Let me know if you know anything about it. (Brown area, but very busy during this last years). We will visit the race on Sunday and stay in Bergamo. But if you are planning on taking routes I suggest, then there is a catch, and you should READ! Buy them at the station. Good luck and enjoy the atmosphere of Monza! Its really a bit too early. Hi Jo, sounds like a cool trip. Were in stand 6c we plan to get the train to Monsa station then the 221 bus to via Santa Maria del selve .. Then enter at gate B . Is train to Monza Station the best option? Hi Jacky, Ive checked that Trenord offer from the Monzanet website, but it seems rather user UN-friendly. Hi whats the easiest way to get to Gate G using train. But consider taking the train on race day, otherwise you will get stuck in traffic. Here are some popular domestic routes with the approximate journey time via high-speed train: Rome-Milan (3 hours), Florence-Milan (2 hours) and Venice-Milan (2 hours 25 minutes). Sorry but you need to read the post as its all spelled out there for you. Hi Sue, I think the only time you can walk around the circuit itself is after the race finishes on Sunday. Hope to hear from you soon, thanks anyway for the usefull information on this website! Another option would be a taxi to the north of Milan, to Sesto San Giovanni, followed by the 221 bus to Monza. (Maybe entrance D?) Hi there, this is guide is really helpful and really easy to understand. From Monza train station, you can take a shuttle bus to the circuit. Hi, do you need to buy the tickets for the black shuttle bus online, or can it be purchased in Monza at the bus? Monza train station is the most popular, and is approximately 5km from the circuit. 2) in Vedano al Lambro, about the same walking distance to arrive at your 26C, but less people are parking there. Whats the quickest/easiest way to get to Parabolica 23a from the central station? Which zone inside the circuit would you recommend sticking to? The Black line runs from the Monza railway station to the circuit, the Blue line serves carparks to the north and east of the circuit, and the Purple line serves carparks to the south and east. Do you have any info about the access for wheelchair users? So the train ride to Monza is actually faster, but I've heard the walk from the Monza station to the circuit is a lot longer than from the Biassono-Lesmo station. And we would definitely go again. Great info for getting to and from the track! Very useful website, thanks! It seems their english translation is a bit confusing, poor choice of words for the phrase This offer is valid until 9 and 10 september. It still took 40 minutes to go through security, and I was able to reach my seat in seconda variante for the last laps of the F3 sprint race. I have seen it is advised to buy a return ticket at the start of the day to avoid needing to queue at Monza on the way back. What is the best way to get there from San Giovanni train station as Im trying to avoid the long walk from Monza train station to the track as I know shuttles wont be running on the thursday? And do you have any tips? I am coming from Vicenza and cannot train because the trains do not run that late from Milane Centrale back to Vicenza Friday night. If you can then I think I will just buy at the station each morning. To try and find a vantage point for the race. We had no one imposing any fines what so ever, and only ran into the train conductor twice. Hi Toni, the info on Google Maps should be correct! We are in stand 5 Piscini and we have our car. Do I just print the tickets with the QR code and scan them somewhere when boarding the train/bus, or do I need to collect actual tickets at the station? Hi Paul. we have tickets on Tribuna *B, variante esternaB. Autodromo Nazionale Monza is placed within Monza Park which belongs to the cities of Monza and Milan. Also probably yes. The Z221 will also take you back to Monza station from the opposite side of the road you get off on. We have grandstand 1 tickets for Sunday, booked through F1.com that we are picking up from the track. Were staying in Varenna and only attending Sunday, so was curious if you had any specific advice for folks coming from that direction via train who are avoiding Milan altogether. Hi Ollie, I think 7pm is too early even if Linate is easier to get to than Malpensa. Sounds good! Daniel. thanks Jo. Otherwise, the Lesmo bends are all General Admission. I cant comment on the price of trains. Thank for all the info on this site. If yes, from where can I purchase the tickets? The Monza circuit is one of the oldest F1 circuits. Hi Dave, You can bring a rucksack but no bigger than 15 litres. Im not sure how we would arrange a spot to get picked up after the race either. Vedano entrance is quite close to the parabolica. I have that pic on my 500PX account. Hello. Alternatively, buy direct from the Monza circuit website. Any tips for us for easiest way to get to monza on sunday(we have tickets for all 3 days but we will spend some time in Milano) and which gate is closest to our seats? Close to the end of the race we left to beat any traffic, cycled back, picked up our car and were at the airport at 16:30. Hello! Trains will depart from Milan Porta Garibaldi to Biassono-Lesmo, without intermediate stops either outward or return. Then walked further to get the ticket scanned, this was behind the main grandstand. Thanks! Thanks a lot for your help! We must have arrived just after a train had arrived and we went to the back of the queue whilst others arriving by car or taxi later just joined the front. Any advice on how to get there? Hello. Thank You Honestly, its been a while since I was in GA at Monza. The circuit doesnt seem to have a person just an automated telephone. It is possible to travel from Como to Monza by Train for as little as $ 3.80 or as much as $ 16.73. Grandstand 6c is a good choice! Also got seats on grandstand 6c. Question we are staying in Como and will take the train from there to get to the Grand Prix. Hiring a car is a great way to see Italy, especially if youve got some extra time to explore. The 204 bus travels from Monza Corso Milano (near Monza Railway Station) and goes to Vedano al Lambro (the Vedano entrance gate) and the 221 bus goes from the same place to the Biassono entrance of the circuit. We also found the local shops inside Milano Centrale selling the combined train and bus for 8 euros each day. Taking the train to the circuit is a better idea. Approximately 20-30 minute walk after getting off the bus to get to your seats at Parabolica, but the park is nice for walking! Hi Ellen, 8b is a good grandstand choice! Please help as this is our first trip to Italy and our first F1 race. Many thanks for this website. My friend and I have general admission tickets and on Sunday morning we are thinking of taking a taxi from Milan to get to the circuit. Probably the parking tickets will be available less than 3 months before the race. The best price for this journey is $ 3.80. Last time I went for the main straight bleachers, which are excellent value for money and great for the start/finish of the race and pits action, but unfortunately they are already sold out this year. Trains depart from Milano Centrale or Milano Porto Garibaldi train stations. Next time, Im renting a car. Hi, we are driving around Italy and are staying nearby for the F1 in September and just booked tickets. I notice the train schedule has the earliest departure at 8:55 am.GP 3 is on the track at 9:00am, will I have to take the train and shuttle from Garibaldi instead for an early arrival? Yes of course you can walk, it should take around 45 minutes to an hour. Any other suggestions for entry gates, journeys to/from and planning of the race-day? I understand they have their own policies, but still feel very offended and believe its an official scam for the metro system because you will be ambushed and thats how they help their economy. If you purchased your tickets via Monzanet (like we did last year), you will more than likely be picking them up at the Mirabello entrance. Sanctuary of Santa Maria delle Grazie 1.28 km. Our GP tickets are in Ascari 13. Monza Train Station is a popular GoOpti bus station in Monza. Paddock Passses sound great, hope it works out for you entrances to the paddock are at either end of the Paddock (behind the pits) on the inside of the circuit. I was looking at the Z221 option, but when I Googled the route, it seems to split the route in Monza town centre, is this right? The train from Milan Central Railway station to the Monza Station (Stazione di Monza) takes just 15 minutes. Please advise us for how to travel by car or bus/train we leave from Holland in 10 hours by car . Has it been confirmed that the Black Line shuttle buses are definitley running this year? From there, you can walk to Gate G, which is close to Grandstand 21c. All weekend on just after the race? Hi Sue, you need the black shuttle bus from the Monza train station to get to Parabolica. Maybe also on the shuttle. you have several trains from Central Station to Monza, then the Black line bus is the option. Hi Neil, optimistically a taxi shouldnt be too expensive from Monza station to the circuit, its only a few km. Train from Bergamo and then the Black shuttle sounds like a good plan. We have seen step ladders, cool boxes full of beer & wine, chairs, BBQs AND in 2013 AN ACTUAL SOFA being brought in AND 6 children sitting on the circuit wall at Curva Grande. Is there a car service you know of/would recommend? My tip for this grandstand is to spend some time at Ostello Costa Alta, which is a kind of small hotel just behind the grandstand. The tickets from Milano Centrale or Milano Porta Garibaldi should actually include the shuttle bus tickets at the other end. This link takes you to parkforfun and they said they are not running it for Monza that it is an old link. And if you bought from some other ticket company (like F1.com), I think the entrance where you collect your tickets is Vedano, which is close to Mirabello, but the main circuit entrance with entry sign etc. Thanks. Myself and my partner will be going to Monza for the first time this year, weve booked a rental car and were planning to drive to the track each day from the western side of Milan. We have tickets for 21d laterale parabolica D . I think you have to be patient. Just to say the two links, http://www.monzanet.it/en/formula1/3125/F1%20minisito%202012_Centri%20accrediti%20en The main person we are taking is my friends Nona and she is not the strongest walker but is so excite to see Ferrari for the 1st time in her life. We will be taking the train from Milan to Monza, but Im unsure what is the best route. Thanks. Still cant figure out which approach is best. We have General Admission tickets and thought about driving by car to Monza as we need to leave Milan in the evening anyways and I heard about the struggle catching a train/bus back to the city after the race. I am coming from an international flight at 10 am race day and i need to check in at hotel, will i still have time to reach the circuit? And, is it true that you can sit on any grandstand you want on Friday? Got the train from Milan, then walked roughly 60/90 mins to the circuit. Id consider driving to Milan, finding some suitable/safe parking and then taking the train or the bus to the circuit.