I have a RAP 6.5 CM that I upgraded to a MDT LSS Gen2XL Chassis, LuthAr Stock and Prec Armament Brake. Finally, with the new barrel and handguard in place, all that was left for the assembly phase was to find an appropriate muzzle device. We'll only use the information provided according to our privacy policy. The new design also opened up the cooling/lightening holes in the tube for a sleeker and lighter appearance. The links are no good anymore. John Archibalds comment is incorrect, the Midwest Industries handguard is for the RPR Rimfire style only, it will NOT fit the RPR Magnum style rifle. This keeps the recoil impulse inline with the shooter and causes the rifle to handle much more like an AR style rifle than a bolt action. The Ruger Precision Rifle has a host of features that make this rifle one of the most hyp . Highly accurate Ruger cold hammer . I next replaced the oversize factory bolt knob with an aftermarket unit from CTK Precision, the Ruger Precision Rifle Bolt Knob (3., ctkprecision.com, $46). Shown on the video is a short action such as the Ruger Precision Rifle 308.Factory rail prep and torque specs: 0:50Handguard torque specs: 2:30Lower receiver/chassis torque specs: 3:40Add Magazine Release Extension: 4:55Stock castle nut torque specs: 6:05Add Hammerhead bolt knob: 6:30Find us at https://www.catalystarms.com/Magazine Release Extension: https://www.catalystarms.com/shop#!/Ruger-Precision-Rifle-Magazine-Release-Extension/p/141284723/category=35709800Hammerhead Bolt Knob: https://www.catalystarms.com/shop#!/Hammerhead-Bolt-Knob/p/141605492/category=35709800Fix It Sticks tools and torque limiters: https://www.fixitsticks.com Subscribe to Pew Pew Tactical's sales and deals email. Once the factory chrome/moly steel barrel had been detached and the carbon-fiber/stainless steel substitute had been placed, it was time to determine proper headspacing of the new chamber prior to cranking the nut tight. Just for grins we also tried the ten round AW magazines. Take your Ruger Precision Rifle to new heights with a high quality Samson rail, precision-machined to fit perfectly. Finish: Black MIL-A-8625 type III class 2 anodizing. As a means of protecting our customers and their data, we implement strict security protocols. also by CTK Precision, allows the lever to be tripped by the trigger finger while maintaining a firing grip. Thread protector installed. just depends on if you are a serious shooter. They built a competent precision chassis rifle from the ground up and left out all the unnecessary bells, buzzers, and whistles that other companies might have been tempted to throw in to command a higher price point. Both the five and ten round Pmag AC worked just fine. 2.25-5 pounds; Handguard: 15" Ruger Precision Rifle Short-Action M-Lok Handguard . Finally, with the new barrel and handguard in place, all that was left for the assembly phase was to find an appropriate muzzle device. While my original barrel hadnt yet shown any signs of wearing out, it had been well used during the past four years, so a fresh replacement was probably not necessary, but it was timely nonetheless. The Samson RTR Series is a direct replacement for the Gen. 2 Ruger Precision Rifle (RPR) Handguard. This new injected molded Vertical Grip is designed for the MPA BA Chassis System. But before I started a formal accuracy evaluation, the necessary but tedious task of seasoning the barrel had to be slogged through. Once the blade is flush with the face of the trigger you apply the remaining amount of pressure required to break the trigger. Same issue as with the other reviewer. Our friends at Sawtooth Rifles have made some pretty cool dovetail rails. We found the Pmags to be snug, but we had no problems feeding from them. you a link to reset your password. I also really love the folding stock as it makes transport and storage a breeze, and it locks into either an open or closed position with authority. It functioned fine, but it really detracted from the overall feel of the rifle. Either way, new magazines are cheap. The original RPR is very much a reflection of this dual focus on affordability and practicality. The RPR utilizes an AR15 style barrel nut and several manufacturers are already offering pre-fit match barrels. The first generation Precision Rifle had a highly adjustable folding stock that could be tweaked for the length of pull, comb height, and fore and aft cheek rest position. With its entry-level price and match-grade performance, the Ruger Precision Rifle looks to "distance" itself from the typical long-range rifle. Midwest industries makes a much better one. This rail also features KeyMod or M-LOK attachment slots, QD sling swivel sockets . It is a really amazing paper weight right now. Type your email address and well send Yes, if I wanted to make a serious run at a PRS match with this gun, Id throw an Atlas bipod on the gun, swap out the stock and handguard, work up a handload, and probably top it all off with a scope that costs twice as much. The MSRP of the 6.5 Creedmoor RPR is $1599. I may earn a small part of the sale from links to any products or services on this site. Personalize your experience. Refreshing to see such an unbiased review. For how long will the Gen 3 be made? The overall improved ergonomics of the rifle due to the other upgrades, the reduced recoil and just the basic fact that I am now much more familiar with the idiosyncrasies of my rifle than I was when I tested it five years ago, all likely also played a role. Ruger Precision Rifle (3rd Gen) 6.5 Creedmoor - 24 Inch Threaded Barrel - M-LOK Handguard - 10 Round RUGER. LRI is an industry leader in direct replacement Ruger RPR accessories. Ruger Precision Rifle Gen 2, Bolt Action, 6.5mm Creedmoor, 24" Barrel, 10+1 Rounds Item # WX2- 701940 / Mfg. The rifle sports a hybrid muzzle brake and a reversible AR-style selector safety. Aero Precision Enhanced GEN 2 M-LOK AR-15 Handguards; . We had no problem installing a Proof barrel and reusing the factory barrel nut. Also new for the second generation Ruger Precision Rifle is the Hybrid Muzzle Brake. Same is true for the 6.5 Creedmoor (18005 and 18029). My RPR trigger came set at 2.5lbs almost exactly, and while you can adjust it from 2-5lbs, I never felt a need to fiddle with it, although if you are so inclined, its a fairly easy affair, and the Allen wrench you need is hidden in the bolt shroud. Check out some more awesome rifles in Best 1000 Yard Rifles Under $1000 and also Best Long Distance Scopes. Upon purchasing the RPR, I picked up a mid-grade, 6.5-20x 44 Vortex scope. The GHM9 operates with a blowback action. Second Media Corp., 111 Peter Street, Suite 600, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. 3 models Catalyst Arms Ruger Precision Rifle Hammerhead Bolt Knob (3) As Low As (Save Up to $2.00) $35.49. They would know if it is possible and if they have the rail. Select options. The part consists of a 6061 hard-coat-anodized aluminum knob head at the end of a high-strength steel extension that is threaded 5/16x24 TPI. So, on the one hand, I had no great expectations that the Helix 6 Precision barrel would best the factory one by too much, but on the other, when you put a new $1,500 barrel on your gun you cant help but hope for big things. All-black finish. 313.10 * Rifle Stocks 0 (0) During our testing we found the Hybrid Muzzle Brake to do an adequate job of reducing recoil and keeping the rifle on-target. Omitting the 12-oclock rail considerably increases scope clearance, and, in addition to M-Lok on both sides and the bottom surface, a 1.5" dovetail has been cut into the 6-oclock face to provide Arca-Swiss-mount compatibility. Im still perplexed about the perfect load. Looking forward to playing with it. Changing your barrel only requires hand tools and a headspace gauge. Were also going to look at the benefits of this style of rifle, and why it makes precision rifle shooting so much more accessible to the average shooter. The chassis of a rifle is the foundation that the action, trigger, optic, barrel and everything else is supported by. to begin with, and the Keymount, either with or without the attendant suppressor, cuts down felt recoil through this sizeable rifle dramatically; the scopes crosshairs never leave the target. The stock also comes equipped with a QD sling attachment point and a bottom picatinny rail. Im not sure spending the extra money for a heavier Ruger is beneficial. Once the factory chrome/moly steel barrel had been detached and the carbon-fiber/stainless steel substitute had been placed, it was time to determine proper headspacing of the new chamber prior to cranking the nut tight. This did not prevent me from running the bolt quickly, but it is one of the differences between an entry level rifle and a premium rifle. You now have a Gen2 with the Gen 1 handguard. factory ammo the best, and with those loads I was hitting T-box targets at 400 yards with no issues whatsoever. As the more-than-satisfied owner of a Dead Air Sandman-S suppressor who had recently removed the companys Keymount Muzzle Brake (9., deadairsilencers.com, $90) from another rifle, I felt that the newly renovated Ruger would make a perfect silencer host. When the RPR arrived, I actually ran around the shop and gathered every single .308 sized magazine we had and tried to jam them in the rifle. A very attractive option that the Ruger Precision Rifle offers, is the ability to change your barrel with a minimum of hand tools. but you really got to buy good ammo, not that $20 a box Crap. With reloads a solid < 1 MOA rifle. The Ruger Precision Rifle uses a three-lug bolt head with a sixty degree bolt throw. Changing stocks to a different AR15 style stock will not disable this feature. The Ruger Precision Rifle is an affordable, highly accurate rifle, which makes it a great starter gun for new precision shooters. Head to the range this week with American Rifleman staff as they discuss a trim little repeater from Savage Arms that comes chambered for the .22 WMR cartridge. Go to Samson's website -. But my first day i was nervous, to say the least, about buying a $1400 lemon. The 1190SA has been confirmed to fit on KRG R700 Bravo/X-Ray and 10-22 These rails cantilever past the forend to give an overall "ATTENTION" The lightweight RTR Series features an integrated full-length top rail and directly attaches to the Gen 2 RPR mounting system. You can buy a complete handguard sans the connectors. Using three top-quality 140-gr. Alright, thats all the features and crap out of the way. As the rifle grew in favorability, the manufacture released two additional calibers, the 6MM Creedmoor and the 5.56 . Get a better grip on your weapon with one of the slimmest gas handguards in existence. ARCHANGEL RUGER 10/22 PRECISION STOCKS PRO MAG Out of stock, backorder available 291.85 * Rifle Stocks 0 (0) PRO MAG RUGER 10/22 PRECISION STOCK POLYMER PLINKSTER PURPLE ARCHANGEL RUGER 10/22 PRECISION STOCKS PRO MAG Special Order Item: Please allow 5-8 weeks additional processing time. . Our ten round Accuracy International magazines worked just fine. The rifle isheavy. Swapped out buttstock for MBA-1 then MBA-3 (same as authors). The chassis system and the overall design means that just about everything is either adjustable or replaceable. In the spirit of the everymans precision rifle, I put a cheapo Caldwell bipod on the gun, topped it with a very affordable Vortex Diamondback 6-2450 scope, and went to the range with a few different factory ammo options. It then took a whack on the mag while pressing the mag catch to get it to drop. $1150 for me with tax, and I put a Vortex Razor HD Gen II 4.5-2756 scope, $2499, on it, and for under $3700 I was ready to head to the range. In .308 it's 18008 and 18028. (Per speaking with Ruger they said they were uncertain if they would continue making the Gen 1 version in favor of the Gen 2 Enhanced version). Fits my RPR rimfire perfect. The .308 version comes with a 20 barrel. I could be wrong as I just got mine a couple weeks ago. Latter-day RPRs come from Ruger with a muzzle brake installed, but my first-gen rifle shipped only with a thread protector in place. Competition rifles greatly benefit from a good muzzle brake. I even dragged it through the woods and over the mountains of North Georgia on a deer hunt just for shiggles and gits, and I didnt have a single issue. Handguard Ruger Precision Rifle Short-Action; Twist 1:10" RH; Grooves 5; Weight 9.8 lb. , $220) onto my personal gun, I have done essentially the same thing. Handguards. It essentially requires re-cleaning with copper-solvent-soaked patches and bronze brushes after every three shots for the first 50 or so rounds of ammunition fired through the tube. Ruger does not address the rail in the Ruger store. Samson Manufacturing is the premier manufacturer of firearms parts and accessories, helping customers find solutions to their needs. While there are many reasons this may happen, some common causes are: You do not have access to www.sportsmansguide.com. Go to Ruger.com and look under their rifles listing. It wont be a SUV Only issue. Other than that, the stock is fantastic in my opinion, and a good mix of adjustability and affordability. Not only is the three-chamber Keymount an effective muzzle brake in its own right, but its presence allows for one-handed installation of my canand, in my opinion, the quickest way to upgrade any firearm is to suppress it. Upgrade your PC Carbine in just over a minute by adding a Catalyst Arms Hardpoint rail extension for the Ruger PC Carbine. Precision Rifle Grip:Penguin Specializing in the AR-15, HK, Kalashnikov and other MSR enhancements, Samson offers free-floating handguards, optic and magnifier mounts, fixed and folding rifle sights and more. The barrel is inline with the buttstock tube and the bolt travels back inside the stock. Reply . Caliber: 308 Win. The finish of the bolt raceway inside the receiver is rough. . They are not drop-free so you will need to forcibly extract them for magazine changes. Some useful accessories are also covered. I dont know who exactly has been behind the upsurge in quality new products from Ruger over the past several years, but theyve been putting out some really affordable, well-designed products of late. With a 50mm objective and a full rail Handguard I use 1.49 " badger rings with room to spare. Weight: 4.5 pounds. Slip on the handguard with the complete picatinney rail and put the screws back in. That is a nice group at 100 yards. Below are a few products Ive encountered that, after testing them on my own rifle, I feel offer enhanced functionality. You cant have everything at this price point. Once the optimum measurement had been reached, one that would not allow the action to close on the No-Go gauge but that permitted hassle-free bolt throw with the Go gauge chambered, the barrel nut was tightened and locked in place, and I moved my attention on to the fore-end. The handguard still offers Keymod interfaces on the sides and bottom of the tube. This handguard for $250 is REQUIRED if you want to reliably mount a bipod on your Gen1 Ruger Precision. The 1.72-inch inner diameter allows enough clearance for low profile gas blocks and a variety of muzzle devices and . Find various MOA scope mounts for shooting long range, magazines in steel and polymer in a variety of capacities, high capacity drums, enlarged bolt knobs, extended magazine catches, stock bumpers, magazine pouches, anti-cant levels, bore guides, chamber checkers, & more. The company made its humble start in 1963in Gussago, Italywhen Giuseppe Pietta made a commitment to produce guns as authentic and true-to-original as possible. Select what level shooter you are! I have mainly shot handguns since getting into firearms 10 years ago I thought it was time to expand my horizons. After a few clicks, bulls @ 50. Extended trigger-reach AR-style grip. Thats what. I'm brand new to precision shooting, and hadn't shot a rifle in close to 25 years. Hornady Match 6.5 Creedmoor 120gn ELD Match - 20 Rounds. While the procedure of removing the RPRs barrel is quite simple in principlethat of loosening the barrel nut using an AR-15 armorers wrenchit was a beast in practice, as Ruger had really tightened that thing on there. The overall design of the Ruger Precision Rifle is much like a chassis equipped rifle or a tube gun. Ruger Precision MSR stock features a bottom Picatinny rail and soft rubber buttpad Left-folding stock hinge is attached to an AR-style buffer tube and accepts any AR-style stock Adjustable for length of pull and comb height Specifications: Caliber: .308 Winchester Capacity: 10 Action: Bolt Stock: Folding, Adjustable, Length of Pull, and Comb Height A CODA Evolution handguard feels great in your hands and provides TOTAL control of your weapon. It can be a little on the heavy side, but there is a good reason its such a popular rifle. Pulling 8 rounds apart later the only thing that matched was the head stamp. For optimal performance of its barrel, Helix 6 Precision has developed a recommended break-in procedure that burnishes the throat/leade area of the chamber before copper and carbon fouling have the opportunity to deposit themselves there. Add to cart for sale price $109.99 $144.49 . The lightweight RTR-15 features an integrated full-length top rail and directly attaches to the Gen 2 RPR mounting system. In precision rifle competition, the bolt is usually used as the final safety. The new for this year, Gen 3 version now features an improved 10 round polymer magazine for smoother . And I had, of course, read all the press about the Gen I and Gen II RPRs so I knew the rifle did alright, but I was still wildly unprepared for how the gun would do at the range. While the procedure of removing the RPRs barrel is quite simple in principlethat of loosening the barrel nut using an AR-15 armorers wrenchit was a beast in practice, as Ruger had really tightened that thing on there. Im currently waiting not so patiently on rifle and scope to come in. variance, only 5 flingers! I found that configuring the knob so that its widest dimension ran parallel to the barrel was a very ergonomic setup for me, making an already-easy-to-run bolt even faster and more natural. You also get a pretty excellent muzzle device on the end of the barrel, Rugers hybrid muzzle brake, which does an admirable job of taming the already light recoil of the heavy rifle. Ambidextrous manual safety. Whatever the cause, I couldnt be more thrilled with the end result. Main issue is cant keep it black all I wants to do is turn gray no matter how much oil is applied it continually turns gray this is either a hard-coded anodization problem or Im going to need to paint it Im not real happy with it. Mar 25, 2019. Both stocks are capable of tool-less length-of-pull and comb-height adjustment, but I find the dual thumbwheels of the Magpul (with an audible and tactile click accompanying each setting detent) to be easier to use for smaller, more precise adjustments than are the two cam levers employed by the Precision MSR. Attributes. I am considering purchase on one of these after handling a G2 this week I appreciate the efforts. We have generally seen a burn-in period on these type of barrels before you reach peak-accuracy. More airflow around a precision rifle barrel is always a good thing. B&T also offers models of its GHM9 that are designed to take Glockmagazines, so consumers can use the mags from these popular handguns to feed this pistol-caliber carbine. Now Im sure to load up on accessories I dont need, but it helps pass the time. Type your new password and hit button below to confirm it. Precision Rifle Grip:Emperor Grip D.i.y scope mounting, no bore sighting, Sightmark 8.5 x 25 (cheep scope off another gun). Especially with results like that from their RAP barrels. This isn't my first Ruger rifle but it certainly has won my respect. The RPR also comes with a threaded barrel and a threaded bolt handle so you can swap in whatever muzzle device you want, along with a fancy bolt handle if the stock one isnt to your taste, or youre like me and just enjoy personalizing your firearms. First, the old KeyMod handguard has been replaced with a new lower-profile M-Lok handguard that gives you just a little more . Since the RPR ships with Magpul Pmag LR20 magazines, I was fairly certain those would work fine. Velocity with the 140 ELD ran around 2677 fps with a 18.9 fps standard deviation. The password should contain at least 8 characters with at least one number or special character. RUGER PRECISION .308 GEN 2 RIFLE - 20 Features: Medium-contour ( .75 at the muzzle) barrel features a Ruger Precision Rifle Hybrid Muzzle Brake to effectively reduce recoil while minimizing noise and blast to the sides of the shooter (thread protector included). This feat is accomplished by a unique magazine release paddle which not only engages the spine of the magazine (for AICS type) but also moves an AR type side mounted magazine catch. New for the Gen 2: Precision Rifle short-action handguard omits the top rail for more scope clearance; Precision Rifle muzzle brake; Redesigned billet aluminum bolt shroud; Barrel: Highly accurate 20" Ruger cold hammer-forged 4140 chrome-moly steel barrel with 5R Rifling at minimum bore and groove dimensions, minimum headspace and . Properties in your browser or network settings have been modified and appear abnormal. I swapped the fluted 6.5 Creedmoor barrel for non-fluted as I shoot suppressed and use a 10" suppressor. And of course, if you dont like the stock, you can swap it out for any buffer tube-compatible stock. The RPRs bolt shroud is affixed to the rear of its bolt, guiding the tail of the assembly as it travels within the rifles vacant receiver extension during manipulation; depending on the time of the guns manufacture, the part is either polymer (pre-May 2016) or aluminum (post-May 2016). 1 Like. Is there enough time for me to buy it in say, 6 months? Chose Savage as - lighter, like chassis better (it is MDT\Drake), not a fan of how RPR buttstock adjusts. This also allows a new shooter who may feel more comfortable buying a .308 to be able to quickly upgrade to a race gun cartridge when he feels ready. The first time I took the rifle out to sight it in, I fully expected to be out there for an hour or two (because its taken me that long in the past to dial-in my handgun optics and my AR dot). I am a Ruger fanatic; Multiple M77s, RPRF .17 HMR, 556 MPR SR40 all outstanding shooters. I reached out to Forster Products for both a Go and No-Go gauge (. I thought meh, maybe its just a bad day and im the lemon. Ruger quickly abandoned this fore-end in favor of an M-Lok-compatible model with no Pic rail, and by substituting in the Catalyst Arms Fast Track (. The original handguard had a full-length top side picatinny rail. My rifle liked Hornadys ELD-M factory ammo the best, and with those loads I was hitting T-box targets at 400 yards with no issues whatsoever. At this time they can be found on the open market for $1200 on up. Twice, 40.2 & 40.3 gr 2,167. The new RPR has an M-Lok forend as opposed to the Keymod version on the original. Magpul PMAGs Item Number: 704842 Coincident with these upgrades Ruger also bumped the price by about $200 to $1,599 MSRP. The site owner may have set restrictions that prevent you from accessing the site. Some of the alterations are quick and inexpensive to pull off, some require real elbow grease and cost nearly as much as the rifle itself. Ive lugged this gun through the woods on backcountry hunts this past fall (although at almost 15lbs with optic and bipod, it was more of a workout than I wanted) and Ive beaten it up at PRS club matches, and let friends abuse it at the range as well, and the stock still locks into position as solidly as it did the day I took it out of the box. Zeroing at 100, I shot a .97 MOA 5-shot group. You also have a rail section on the toe of the stock where you can add a monopod, or if youre like me and plan to use a sandbag or squeeze bag, you can just throw a grippy rail cover on and call it a day (or leave well enough alone and leave it as is). Other than that though, either the rifle will be comfortable, or you can quickly adjust/swap parts to make it comfortable for yourself. No "zipper" noise at all. The .308 is absolutely a beast!! Anarchy Outdoors offers Bolt Shroud Replacements in a number of configurations, but the one that most caught my eye was the variant constructed of fluted and polished high-grade titanium (2., anarchyoutdoors.com, $80). Mostly shoot 300WM now, shoots 5.5-6 inches at 600 yards at Talladega CMP range (low winds). Got to admit though, I will be adding the Ruger Precision to my collection before Colorado goes completely nuts on gun ownership since the Communist Democrats have taken the state over.