In fact, demand for this flavour-packed hard seltzer has grown from a regional Oklahoma, U.S. launch in May 2021 of this year to. Nov. 3, 2021, 09:55 AM. Their version is a refreshing twist on the melon seltzer formula because its taste isn't dominated by watermelon. Sonics Hard Seltzer Is Hot. Whether Sonic hard seltzer can sell well in, say, New England, where the drive-ins brick-and-mortar presence is comparatively sparse, is an open question; Bichsel speculates that the going would get tougher for the licensed FMB further afield of its true-blue footprint. 1.5 oz Vodka. ARKANSAS, USA SONIC Drive-in is jumping on the hard seltzer craze and you can now enjoy the restaurant's famous flavored drinks in alcohol form . Support: you for adventuring with us! I wonder how they measure up to the competition. Mossman says Sonic hard seltzer is firewalled from the rest of the business to make sure COOP services the license as best it can and to give the former licensing executive an opportunity to keep his brewerys partnership momentum going. Take advantage of this one-of-a-kind seltzer experience! It was announced that the fast-food chain has expanded its eight hard seltzer drinks to other . SONIC Hard Seltzer can be enjoyed on its own or as a core ingredient in a delicious cocktail for added effervescent flavor and fun. But times have changed, and these days, for a regional craft brewery, its as good a place as any to stack your chips. That speedy attention inspired its current identity and the name that most know it by. Sonic has taken a bold leap into the melon-flavored hard seltzer market, offering a refreshing take on the genre. The water flavor packets are amazing! Don't Miss Out! As the past 18 months of alco-llaborations demonstrate, pretty much any brand with a functioning marketing department can develop a crossover alcoholic beverage brand on a lark. grown-up refresher with 5% ABV. Every craft brewer and their mother was spinning up a hard seltzer brand at the time, given the then-surging popularity of category leaders like White Claw and Truly. That doesn't mean it tastes bad, but it does mean it's putting on airs and pretending to be more special than it actually is. But in a multibillion-dollar hard seltzer market, regional and nearly national longtail brands can stack tremendous cash without leading the category. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Youd be hard-pressed to find one, what with sweet slushes, Ocean Waters, shakes, and gooey mozzarella sticks, all from roller-skating waiters. We interviewed our tech expert, Jaime Vazquez, to learn more about accessible smart home devices. Luxembourg B 251465, Modern Slavery Statement But given the turmoil in the restaurant industry over the course of the past couple years, big hospitality brands with household names are thirstier than ever for opportunities to monetize their intellectual property and diversify their revenue streams. Count us as firmly Team Cherry Limeade. We sure appreciate you sharing your experience, Amy! This seltzer might also please fans of black cherry soda. Now, on Christmas Eve 2020, it was coming to fruition. It's the closest most of us will ever get to an old-timey soda fountain. On the front end of that seltzer craze, we decided that we would get into seltzer but with a very local-centric seltzer in Oklahoma, to stay focused on our home market, he recalls, crediting Spiked Snowmelt, a hard seltzer that Colorados Upslope Brewing Company introduced in May 2019, as a bellwether for the OKC brewerys own foray into FMBs. Sonic Hard Seltzer will be available at select retailers across Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and West Virginia To find a local retailer where SONIC Hard Seltzers are sold, click here. Truly Hard Seltzer, a leader and innovator in the hard seltzer category, will officially open its first brick-and-mortar location, Truly LA, in Downtown Los Angeles on Wednesday, May 25. OKLAHOMA CITY, Feb. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- SONIC Hard Seltzer, a rising fan-favorite, announced the continued expansion of its eight hard seltzer offerings into new . Tags: Thanks so much for sharing your honest thoughts with us, Jessica! Prior to July 18, Sonic Hard Seltzer was available in a total of 31 states including Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Iowa, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, North Carolina, New Mexico, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, and Wyoming. All these flavors come in at only 100 calories each . The brand manager at Sonic called me and said, Were a go, recalls Mossman in a recent interview. Nothing was the same after the summer of White Claw. The aesthetic change takes place alongside news that the brand will be expanding its distribution footprint into several new markets. Just don't come to this seltzer expecting to be blown away by the essence of exotic guava, or you'll leave disappointed. 1/2 oz Orange Liqueur. When you put those three pieces in place, it does make these rocket launches easier to withstand, says COOPs president, referring to rolling out high-profile licensed beverages. And, of course, the branding and packaging require close collaboration with the chain: Directly prior to his interview with VinePair, Mossman was going back and forth with Springer about font usage and intellectual property parameters. Back in OKC, Mossman is banking on it. They come in two variety packs, Tropical and Citrus. Were actively negotiating with several parties to bring more licensed brands to market because we really feel like convergence between non-alc[oholic] and alcoholic beverages will continue to be a trend that grows moving forward here., Thats not to say its easy. This actually looks like a partnership, adds Bichsel. Americas SONIC Happy Hour, redefined. If theres a perfect fast-food brand capable of crossing over into hard seltzer, Sonic might just be it. A licensing deal between Oklahomas iconic fast-food franchisor and one of its longest-running craft breweries was ready for John Hancocks. All these flavors come in at only 100 calories each while containing no added sugar or gluten, making them healthier alternatives than many other items on Sonics restaurant drink menu (excluding alcohol). Overall, it's a solid seltzer, but it's about middle-of-the-pack compared to its siblings. After earning an enthusiastic reception in its Oklahoma test market, SONIC Hard Seltzer began its coast-to-coast rollout in January, with the goal of becoming available nationwide by the end of 2022. But Sonic was thinking bigger, and COOP came calling at the right time. ST. LOUIS SONIC fans in St. Louis will soon be able to buy SONIC Hard Seltzer at select retailers. This new offering makes a splash in the growing beverage category by re-creating fan-favorite beverage flavors in a new format. Your email address will not be published. According to Sonic's website, each flavor has 100 calories, one gram of added sugar, and one gram of carbs. | 2400 Dallas Parkway, Suite 500 Plano, TX 75093 | Phone: College Football Season Ticket Pricing Analysis, Athletics, LEARFIELD Ink Multi-Year Contract Extension with iHeartMedia Minneapolis, Jacksons Expands Official Trading Card Promotion with Boise State Athletics, Harris Teeter and LEARFIELD to Assist in Fighting Hunger at the Feb. 25 Mens Basketball Game, LEARFIELD and SIDEARM Sports Executive Jeff Rubin to receive Keith Jackson Eternal Flame Award; Basketball analyst Debbie Antonelli selected Jake Wade Award winner. Quickly, a leader emerged among the four flavors: cherry limeade. The hint of sweetness leaves your tongue pretty quickly, making way for an acidic, cucumbery aftertaste that's a little bit like Pepino Limon Gatorade. 2023 LEARFIELD. Those storylines, and other market factors, are creating new opportunities for brewers willing to try their hands at developing businesses beyond their own portfolios and brands. The Citrus pack includes four flavors Lemonade, Limeade, Lemon Berry, and Cherry Limeade; while the Tropical boasts Mango Guava, Melon Medley, Orange Pineapple, and Ocean Water. Over a half century later, Sonic Drive-In has expanded to a total of 3,549 locations across the United States. We expected the plain Limeade seltzer to be kind of boring, but it was actually one of the tastier options. True Sonic fans know that the chain's drink menu is at least as important as the food. Although this seltzer drinks well on its own merits, it doesnt stand out among highly-rated siblings within the same range. In fact, demand for this flavour-packed hard seltzer has grown from a regional Oklahoma, U.S. launch in May 2021 of this year to now including availability in retail stores in Arizona, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Texas. SONIC Drive-In has licensed its iconic name to COOP Ale Works to create a family of hard beverage products that includes SONIC Hard Seltzer, SONIC Hard Southern Sweet Tea and SONIC Hard Slush. Some people go to Sonic just for this combination of blue coconut syrup and Sprite that smells vaguely like sunscreen (in a good way). Sonic hard seltzers comes in a wide variety of flavors! The closest positive comparison we can make to this is the San Pellegrino citrus sodas, but that's honestly a real stretch. All Rights Reserved. We moved very fast, remembers Mossman. Maybe Sonic had this demographic in mind when they formulated the Lemonade flavor, because we don't know who else this could possibly be for. To be frank, it tastes exactly like Mango White Claw. Sonic may be more known for its drive-in burger joints but now the restaurant is focusing on moving its hard seltzer products into new markets with a new slim can format. Make sure to check this post about Sonic Shark Week Slush! Beverages. (Well, MOST of them. Sonic's Mango Guava seltzer tastes like pure mango. This is why many opt out of adding lemon to their favorite beverage or even cooking with it due to its lack of sweetness; this singular characteristic deters most. The restaurant wowed diners with then-innovative curbside service, which let visitors order burgers without leaving their cars, and led to the catchphrase, Service at the Speed of Sound (i.e. Join our large community of insiders - it's totally free! This is, after all, the brand that lets you put literal candy inside your drinks and slushes, so it would only fit for their seltzer to shoot for that kind of sugary experience. While some of the calories in SONIC Hard Seltzer do come from those sugars and other carbohydrates, most of them come from the alcohol content itself. The market is expected to grow at a 4% annual rate in 2019 and at a 2.5% annual rate in 2020. Recipe. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on H2S Email (Opens in new window), Click to share on SMS (Opens in new window). This week, the sitting US Lego has announced some new sets for Disneys 100th anniversary including 18 adorable collectable minifigures. You asked and we delivered: SONIC Hard Seltzer is now available across nearly half the country! Well, not actually like mango, but like the ersatz mango we've come to expect from hard seltzer flavorists. We trust youll agree Team Cherry limeade is the way forward! From the jump, COOP has carved Sonic hard seltzers out of its owned-and-operated brand portfolio, for reasons well discuss in a moment. You need relationships with chain retailers, strong distribution, and licensed brands that the American drinking public would actually reach for instead of owned-and-operated brewery brands. Despite this substantial disparity, some individuals claim enjoyment from sucking on wedges for fun possibly catering towards Sonics Lemonade demographic crowdsourcing? No other fast-food place serves anything like it, and the company has copyrighted the drink's name. This story is a part of VP Pro, our free content platform and newsletter for the drinks industry, covering wine, beer, and liquor and beyond. For more information, visit and follow the Conference on Facebook (, Twitter (@Big12Conference), Instagram ( and YouTube ( Watermelon is definitely hanging out in the background, but it's not dominating your palate as you drink this. Ocean Water is perhaps the most distinctive item on Sonic's massive slush menu. We got some in Oklahoma. Beverage Cans Sonic Hard Seltzer has crafted a unique beverage experience with its two themed 12-packs: Citrus and Tropical. Hed been thinking about the line as a bolt-on to COOPs traditional beer portfolio, an effervescent ancillary revenue stream that would run in tandem with the core business. All your favorite SONIC flavors are now available as hard beverage! Whether the money printer will go brrrr for Sonic hard seltzer longterm remains to be seen. The first you know about. Best Christmas present ever, he says, delight evident in his voice. It's more reminiscent of actual ocean water than anything you'd get from Sonic. Save your money, these are not tasty, they are very artificial tasting. The lime essence in this can is full-flavored, with a citrusy pop and distinctive hints of lime oil. To find SONIC Hard Seltzer near you, visit learn more at @sonichardseltzer on Instagram. Hottest Dominos Coupons | Any Pizza w/ Up to 5 Toppings Only $9.99 + More, Larabar Mini Bars 20-Count Box Only $7.49 Shipped on Amazon (Reg. Sleek cans. If somebody put a gun to your head right now and told you to describe the flavor of guava, would you know what to say? Sonic continues to capitalize on this success by encouraging customers to join either Team Ocean Water or Team Cherry Limeade in promotional materials for their Hard Seltzer brand. . SONIC Hard Seltzer is not available for purchase at SONIC Drive-In locations. It is over-saturated with an extreme sourness that can be unpalatable for some, leaving only plain sparkling water without any sweetness or fruit flavor. SONIC Hard Seltzer is available in two variety packs, Tropical and Citrus. -. (According to. The fully immersive seltzer taproom will offer drinkers . Offering less tartness than other options, it evoked subtle similarities to soda beverages like 7UP. Lemon Berry's fatal flaw is that it's just, well, boring. Along with serving up never-before-seen Truly concoctions, we work with . About COOP Beverage Works With 100 calories and 1 gram of sugar per can, SONIC Hard Seltzer is a gluten-free seltzer with a 5% ABV. At home, at the lake, on your neighbors patio its happy hour somewhere! That's not a knock on it whatsoever; SunnyD is delicious, and drinking something that kind of has that flavor but also gives you a mild buzz is wonderful. SONIC Hard Seltzer became one of the top 10 fastest-selling seltzer brands in the country within its first three months and is on track for significant growth across the U.S., according to the press release. SONIC Hard Seltzer is sold in two variety packs inspired by the fruity flavors of SONIC's iconic frozen slushes - Tropical (with Ocean Water, Melon Medley, Mango Guava, and Orange Pineapple) and Citrus (with Cherry Limeade, Original Limeade, Classic Lemonade, and Lemon Berry). Though it certainly wont surprise you with its bold guava notes, fans of these drinks will likely find much to savor here as well! Pick up a pack and host your own happy hour any time you want! The only things that set these seltzers apart from the competition are the Sonic branding and some unique flavor options. The firms eagerness stunned the brewery president. This is payable on March 28, 2023 to sh Ardagh Metal Packaging S.A. (NYSE: AMBP) Chief Executive Officer Oliver Graham will participate in a fireside chat at the Bank of America Securities 2023 Global Agriculture and Materials Con We are giving back in the communities where our employees live and work by investing in education in line with Sustainable Development Goal 4 Quality Education. Though no artificial sweeteners were listed on the label, its taste exhibited slight saccharine qualities that made for an overall pleasing flavor profile full of citrusy lime essence and oil notes. Oh darn! COOP Ale Works COOP Ale Works is a craft brewery based in Oklahoma City, OK, dedicated to brewing full-flavored beers with the greatest attention to quality. Cookie Policy | Privacy Statement | Terms&Conditions. SONIC Drive-InSONIC, founded in 1953, is the largest drive-in restaurant brand in the United States with more than 3,500 restaurants in 46 states. Product With this drink on your side, youll never have to worry about running short of sweet refreshments! The Melon Medley seltzer tastes more like Japanese Melon Ramune soda than it does, say, a Watermelon Truly. SONIC Hard Seltzer is not available for purchase at SONIC Drive-In locations. I searched high and low for these and my husband finally found them and got me the red citrus pack. Guava is one of those fancy-sounding names that manufacturers can just throw onto products because they know that not that many people will call their bluff. Whether its their famous pellet ice, chopped fruit additions, or extra flavor syrups Sonic brings us as close to that classic soda fountain experience we all long for. Its hard to win ongoing shelf placement for a non-gimmick brand extension, and to keep selling it after the initial buzz wears off is harder still. Were building an enterprise separately, built around Sonic and any additional innovations that well bring on, he says. There's no sweetness or fruit flavor, real or fake, to counteract the unrelenting acidity. 21 New States Welcome SONIC Hard Seltzer. On the heels of our continued expansion into 39 states and being recognized as one of the top 10 fastest selling seltzer brands, were excited to deepen our product integration responsibly within the Conference and with its fans of legal drinking age.. Sour fake orange dominates this seltzer, with pineapple playing a supporting role. Many of us may have noticed the difference in flavor between limes and lemons; At the same time, one delivers a refreshing, citrusy taste that excites our senses, and the other only serves an overpowering sourness. Its extreme sweetness and sourness are sure to make an impression, though some may find the flavor too intense if you prefer natural fruit flavors in your beverage options, this one isnt for you. No cherry taste to the cherry limeade, so disappointing.