Would 164 be too short? Please let us know if you have any other questions! begin hunting for the sweetest stashes, coolest lines, and most technical couloirs. Once Im at the base of the hill I want to ski, the skins go on like any other ski and they grip the pattern fine. Ski likes late-season hardpack. His first time to attempt snowboarding was in 2012, and soon switched over to skis for backcountry exploration near his home in Rifle, CO. From snow covered alleys to steeps and low angle meadows, he loves it all. Teamed with Dynsfit TLT8 boots and G3 ZED 9 bindings, they have been great in both applications. These new Voile UltraVector BC skis were it--they are awesome! Its relatively narrow dimensions shave weight, and help it carve those turns in even tighter locations. Voile UltraVector BC - Cripple Creek Backcountry The UltraVector BC is built on the same awesome new chassis of the UltraVector, and given the patterned base underfoot for game changing ease over flat and rolling terrain. I even liked the three pin cable bindings that I mounted with the 20 millimeter risers that I bought separately because I took the bindings off of an old pair of Karhu skis. Get the best deals on Voile Skis when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Traction Pattern "BC" scalebase has been included underfoot to allow for fewer transitions when traversing rolling terrain. You dont realize how much forward drag there is on even mohair skins until you try scaled skis. Turns out they are the first ski I reach for for backcountry, and even for patrolling at a downhill ski area. Thanks for your question, Greg. The North Face; Prana; Black Diamond; Mammut; Paddling; Biking; Accessories; Clothing. This setup does everything well and is the most fun we have ever had on skis! What about a Vipec Evo 12 binding? With waists these wide, it does help to put ski crampons on sooner rather than later when traversing in hard conditions but other than that these have been pretty flawless so far. $849.95. Topsheets scratches fairly easily and bases were not as hard as some I have tried, but liked these enough to get a slightly wider v6 in a shorter length (to easier fit in the car). Ellery, if I were you, I would go for the 171. Free shipping. For the next season, I do hope to get a pair on non-scaled Voiles like the Manti for deeper powder days. What length would you recommend I purchase for Voile Hyper Vector BC? Based on the same hybrid rocker design (tip rocker, camber underfoot) of the Drifter and Charger skis, the Vector is the trimmest ski in the Voile line (except of course for the new Wasatch Speed Project race ski). Crazy lightweight. Was looking for a good variable snow ski with scales that would allow me to safely ride anything from the back bowls to the notch chutes as well as be able to hit tucks, ammo, gulf. They are incredibly efficient, fast and energy saving in these situations. Thanks for reaching out, Ush. It can flick through trees as well as hold an edge on the diciest slopes, thanks in part to its softened flex and deeper sidecut. If your tours often include long flat approaches or rolling hills, the patterned base is a game changer. Each section meets at the outermost points of the tip and tail, and is painstakingly hand-bent to ensure a precise layup. No longer do you have to vacillate between stopping and putting your skins on or attempting, energy sapping, side-stepping/ herringbone technique to get over a short climb or flat sectionyou just kick-and-glide your way past the obstacles. If you are looking for a lightweight scaled ski that will do everything you want and need, look no further, this is the ski for you. They don't replace skins (like the website says/should be expected) but they save a lot of time on low angle slopes that are continually going up and down because you don't have to take your skins on and off! Youd be silly to shuttle them at a resort, but the more rolly a course the better decision youll have made. Even mounted with the Tecton binding the setup is impressively lightweight. I love them. The Best Backcountry Skis of 2023 Blizzard Hustle 10 Salomon MTN 96 Carbon Vlkl Rise Beyond 96 Line Vision 98 Nordica Enforcer 104 Unlimited DPS Pagoda Tour 100 RP Armada Locator 104 Black Diamond Helio Carbon 95 Season Pass Elan Ripstick Tour 104 Rossignol Escaper 97 Nano Black Crows Camox Freebird Its relatively narrow dimensions shave weight, and help it carve those turns in even tighter locations. I'm looking to pair this ski with some kind of AT boot and AT binding (probably FRITSCHI TECTON 12). I've only gotten to take these out once so far since I got them as I just got them mounted. When employed in the right areas, the Hyper Vector BC is the ski that will take you further and allow you to find the areas where you wont be competing with others for tracks. A paulownia wood core keeps the ski light enough that you still have juice left to ski your line after hours on the skin track, while woven carbon surrounding the core adds . And on the descents there is no noticeable difference in performance or speed due to the scales. pop them into tour mode and walk up to get them back on their skis), meadowskipping with your kidsany slope at the Nordic center or local woods becomes a powder day. Voile started supplying Salt Lake City with solid lightweight backcountry skis in 1991. curious if the scale will be enough for a skin track up to 30 degrees and still preform in chutes as steep as 40- 45 degrees while fully locked in. Would that binding allow for quicker transitions on rolling terrain with the scaled ski? The entire AT setup is lighter than anything I have owned in the past (and my Garmont boots are not light). Ski touring, Splitboarding, Telemark Skiing, Trail Running, Hiking; we have the gear for all your backcountry adventures! Like all the Hyper skis they are super light and because of the scales feel weightless on the way up with no drag on each step forward. This ski is not for everyone, but for those who have long, rolling approaches to work through, it is an ideal tool. Yellow Volkl vertigo g3 Jr skis for $50 in Centreville, VA | Finds Nextdoor That's all I have to say. I ski patrol at a local Cross Country ski hill and bought these to replace an old set of steel edged narrow XC light weight back country skis. It can flick through trees as well as hold an edge on the diciest slopes, thanks in part to its softened flex and deeper sidecut. Also, they are not quite stiff enough for moguls IMO, but again I am just an intermediate skier at this point, so I'm sure an advanced or expert skier could ski anything on them. Ordered these thinking they would be a fun sometimes ski for when I wanted a goofy exploratory tele ski. I ended up had to walk most of it. It has a perfect turning radius, float and flex for the skiing I do in the Cascades. They skied better than my Atomic RT 80's, and I didn't think that was possible, and they are lighter by almost 5 ounces for each ski, for a total weight saving of about 8 to 10 ounces for the pair. Seeking backcountry slopes to make turns can mean spending most of the time just getting to the goods. Men's; Women's; Kid's; . This may have been answered with Bob's question above. The Voile UltraVector BC is bred for demanding terrain and uncertain conditions, making it the ideal ski for longer backcountry forays. Earn store credit by writing reviews. Used: Voile - UltraVector BC 164cm.Ski: $750HD Mountaineer Binding: $80 If you have easy access to great snow with less-than-bc quantities of vertical then these will open up a whole new world of scoring turns that wouldn't be "worth it" to go through the skin ordeal. This kit oughta be called the Yellowstone. I have mine mounted with a pair of 22 Designs Axls, and have a second pair of Axls that I dream of putting on the normal Ultravector. Fair Lakes Homes for Sale $569,176. Voile Vector BC Skis has been discontinued by Voile and is no longer available. The basic recipe is this: "make as lightweight as possible without compromising performance.". At the resort, they are fun in the spring snow. This technology might not be ideal for short flat rollers at the resort, but they are ideal for long distances in the backcountry flats. Please let us know if you have any other questions. To clarify my earlier question, its 154 not 151. As soon as the days start getting long, my other skis start collecting dust. And with its unique traction pattern base underfoot, you can keep . The Traction Pattern bases of the Voile Hyper Vector BC allow the adventurous skier to quickly dispatch with long, flat approaches and rolling terrain with much more efficiency than using traditional climbing skins. These skis open up the backcountry like no other product and are the most fun skis ever! They skin and ski a little shorter due to the rockered profile, something i really enjoyed as well. All of our issues with our old setup has been resolved. They were ALL on variations of the Vector BC. I thought Id found my ideal ride, the V6 in winter pow and the Vector for set-up spring conditions. With the same dimensions and construction as the regular Vector, the Vector BC's a do-it-all ski with one important difference: the addition of an underfoot fishscale climbing pattern, which lets you handle moderate ascents without taking skins out of your pack. Glide fine. It is actually good when you do have to walk uphills bc theres no sliding back for sure. Also had 200lb. Ski Length . It used to be that I would go down smaller hills with my skins on and get basically zero glide, but now it is much easier to leave the skins off unless you are doing a big climb. I wish the drag from the pattern was less, but it is about what I expected given the amount of pattern. If you are looking for a stable and floaty powder ski without said excess fat, check out the amazing Vector. While it may be possible to travel near the same speed on skins, the effort saved over miles of low-friction gliding makes it possible to travel further with considerably less effort. Upper mid intermediate skier, 180# plus a 15# winter day pack, selected the hyperVector BC171 cm because of emphasis on control and they work great. I am just finishing up my third season on a set of Hypervector BCs, which replaced a pair of Vector BCs that I rode until they were no longer viable. Very maneuverable. Theyre awesome when other skis would be overkill - they are the XC hardtail of the ski world. Earn store credit by writing reviews. BC Ski Shootout: Which scaled ski is right for you? Voile's UltraVector BC Skis are designed for backcountry skiers that focus on the uphill. Find great deals and sell your items for free. Raisin'HeelBackcountryandtelemarkequipment. Voile Ultravector BC Skis 177cm With Meidjo 3.0 Bindings. It can flick through trees as well as hold an edge on the diciest slopes, thanks in part to its softened flex and deeper sidecut. The HyperVector BC is a blast on the descent, too, with 90-98 millimeter waist and rockered tip and take that gives it the ability to carve hardpack and powder alike. Thanks for reaching out, Fedor. Im wrapping up my 2nd season on these skis. Incredibly solid ski for being so light weight. I can switch from downhill to walk mode and back in about 5 seconds. I love these skis. Buy Now. Each section meets at the outermost points of the tip and tail, and is painstakingly hand-bent to ensure a precise layup. I just can't seem to pick a binding. Paulownia and carbon core keeps weight low and energy high. Climb well on a variety of snow and at a good angle. A few winters ago I through skied the entire trail in one push. $899.00. The HyperVector BCs have a lot less camber than those Karhu XCDs and ski a lot better up and down. I have yet to try out the skis in the back country. I found the scale pattern aggressive enough to tackle 99% of the climbs, allowing for great descents, the short length perfect for wiggling and giggling in tight trees, the sidecut and flex shreds tight trail, steep powder, wind buff, pretty much everything I've thrown and these things, and they always shine brightly. Both liquid wax and hot wax (with a rug to soak excess) works to keep them afloat. For the one ski to do it all in the Northeast with a mountaineering/steeps/big vert focus, Id nudge you toward something more like a Ski Tran Stelvio or Magico.2, which would, Voile Hybrid Rocker, rocker tip & tail w/ camber underneath, All-rounder for long flat or rolling terrain approaches, Scaled base underfoot reduces climbing skin usage. Primary uses are multiday hut-to-hut trips, general backcountry touring and up-hill cardio training in Colorado. Two layers of our proprietary carbon fiberglass regulate the ski's flex without an impact on bonding strength. sweatafter all, backcountry terrain can change with the slightest It may sap a little of the ski's downhill speed, but negotiating far fewer skin transitions may be worth it. It's insanely light at 6lbs per pair, and (in keeping with the Vector's tradition) the UltraVector BC includes a Traction Pattern Base. Taking a cue from Rando race Backcountry skiing can encompass a wide range of experiences.