.22 Challenge League

Union Grove, WI

Wisconsin Sportsman’s Association .22 Long Rifle Challenge League

May 14th-June 18th, 2019

Join us for an Appleseed like league (not associated with Appleseed). We will shoot from multiple positions, multiple distances, at various targets. The goal is to have fun and improve your shooting skills with a variety of shooting & prizes. Ages 12+, Limited to the first 18 shooters. Instruction at first meeting and as requested by the shooter. We supply the targets, you bring your good attitudes & lots of ammo! (About 600 rounds total with practice).

We will shoot every week for six weeks on Tuesday Evening from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Members/Non-Members $85/$120 Due at registration, make-up shoots are available.

Use of scope is encouraged (we will shoot out to 100 yards). Use of a sling is encouraged (we will shoot sitting, standing and two bench positions). Match your .22 ammo to your rifle, this will aid with accuracy.
Shooting Rule Specifics (See registration form for details)
Each week shooters we will shoot one distance/four different stages. During the six weeks, you shoot each distance twice 25/50/100yds.
The four stages are a bench with a front rest, bench arm support only (think prone but on a bench rest), seated, and standing (sling is helpful).
-You can not lean against a fixed object, you can support yourself against your body.
-While shooting the seated position, your elbows can rest on your body
(We shoot while seated on a bench, not the ground. Easier for us older folks).

Email Larry@Onesnorkeler.com for more details and registration: Limited to 18 Shooters, Parents/Children welcome

Rimfire Matches per Year: 3

Primary Range Distance: 25 – 100 yards