SoCal Precision Rifle Team

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SoCal Precision Rifle Team is a group of guys with a simple common goal….to increase our shooting skills and have as much fun as possible. We strongly believe that who you shoot with is the best part about our sport. Surround yourself with good people with the same common goal and you will increase your skill level.

Precision Bolt Rifle / Semi auto enthusiasts, Come on out on the 3rd Sunday of each month for the monthly match.
Bring 65+ rounds and all your usual gear. We will shoot from different positions & props, with some traditional props as well as others. Some stages are you and the rifle, and others may be a gear race. You never know.

Sign ups start @ 7:45 & we will go hot by 8 following the safety briefing don’t be late! Please no velocities higher than 3,150 to minimize damage to PBR steel.
Caliber limit .223/5.56 min to 30 cal max (no 6.5 SAUM, .338 Lapua or similar). Shooting anything that damages the steel excessively will result in you leaving the match even if not listed here.
Please RSVP to get an accurate count of number of shooters planning to shoot. Post on our forum and we will post the registration as an update to this announcement later on with a link to PractiScore. Meet up by the PBR conex & wait there for the briefing. Watch your speed coming through the main range & be sure to check in with the range master let him know you are there for PBR. We welcome new shooters to attend & participate HOWEVER, you MUST have a solid 100yd zero prior to coming out …. We can’t take the time to do this while the match time is ticking. See you all Sunday morning!

Matches Held Per Year: 10