Flagstaff Action Shooters

Flagstaff, AZ


Flagstaff Action Shooters is an umbrella club for USPSA, IDPA, Multi-gun and now rimfire. We anticipate two groups of NRL22 shooters – members of NAZPRS looking for a rimfire alternative, action shooters looking for a rimfire alternative, and boy scouts/venture crews.

USPSA and IDPA are holding matches at Camp Savage.

Directions to Camp Savage:

From Flagstaff head north on Hwy 89 towards Page. At the turn off to Sunset Crater, turn Left off Hwy 89 onto Forest Service Road 552, at the ‘T’ intersection continue right on Forest Service Rd 552, then at first Right turn onto the 9125D Road (not marked).

Rimfire Rifle Matches Held per Year: 10-12

Primary Range Distance: 100 yards