Fouled Bore Precision

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Ninnekah, OK

We are a respectful, honest, and patient facility. We pride ourselves on the ability to teach and help others in the Oklahoma shooting community better themselves in every aspect. We are lifelong learners and subject matter experts in the arts of Carbine, Pistol, and Long Range Precision Rifle shooting. We strive to help shooters take their expertise to the next level whether it be for hunting purposes, competition, or personal protection. Our goal is to provide quality training to responsible U.S. Citizens, Military, and Law Enforcement for a fair price with exceptional results. We also cater to the everyday shooter that just wants to come out and put rounds on steel. So come join the Fouled Bore Precision family and take your knowledge to the next level.

Number of rimfire matches per year: 12

Primary range distance: 25-200yds

September NRL22 Match:

  • 8 stages
  • 80 rounds
  • $20 entry fee