North Central Washington Gun Club

East Wenatchee, WA

The North Central Washington Gun Club will be holding a PRS style 22LR match at the range December 30th. This will be a NRL22 points match. The match fee is $20, registration will open at 8:00am shooters meeting at 8:45 with the match starting at 9:00. From 8:00 to 8:45 registered shooters may check zero and gather dope for 25-100 yard targets. The match will consist of 10 stages 5 NRL22 stages and 5 stages of my own design, hopefully it will be all wrapped up by 3:00 pm. The NRL22 Course of Fire can be found at in the downloads section.

To register for the match email me at

What you will need:

· An accurate rifle chambered in 22LR or 17 HMR (only 22lr rifles will be eligible for NRL22 points)

· A scope capable engaging targets from 25-200 yards either by dialing dope or using hold overs

· 150 rounds of ammunition

· Eye and ear protection chamber flags will be provided at the match

· Accurate dope from 25-300 yards

· Bipod

Things that will help you out a lot:

· Rear bag

· 5-10 round detachable magazines

· A sling for positional shooting

If you don’t have all the gear you need you can contact me. I have some gear that people can use. If you are not a member of the NRL22 you can still come out and shoot the match, but I would encourage everyone to join. NRL22 Membership is free for kids and $50 for adults, not only will you be able to compare your self to shooters shooting the same COF all over the country but you will be eligible for NRL22 prizes. The NRL22 has a very impressive list of sponsors and give some exultant prizes away every month.

Number of rimfire matches per year: 6-12

Primary range distance: 300yds