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Tehama Shooters Association

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Red Bluff, CA

Tehama Shooters Association is a private member supported Non-Profit 501(c)(7) shooting club with a focus on youth shooting sports. Through membership dues we are able to provide our membership with several shooting disciplines. These disciplines include; Trap & Skeet, Pistol, Rimfire and Centerfire. The Centerfire range has a short-range from 100-500 yards and a long-range of 600 yard and 1,000 yards where many benchrest shooters compete twice a month and on special events. Our youth shooters include 4H Shooting Sports and Claybusters.

Tehama Shooters Association has a monthly Service Rifle match where you can show off your skills with a military style rifle with Iron sights.
Show off your long-range precision shooting skills in one of our scheduled Long-Range Benchrest matches.

The first TTPM NRL22 match of the year was hosted February 9, 2019. For more info, please visit TehamaShooters.com

Rimfire Matches per Year: 5

Primary Range Distance: 50-100 yards