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Tehama Shooters Association

//Tehama Shooters Association

Tehama Shooters Association

Red Bluff, CA

Tehama Shooters Association is a private member supported Non-Profit 501(c)(7) shooting club with a focus on youth shooting sports. Through membership dues we are able to provide our membership with several shooting disciplines. These disciplines include; Trap & Skeet, Pistol, Rimfire and Centerfire. The Centerfire range has a short-range from 100-500 yards and a long-range of 600 yard and 1,000 yards where many benchrest shooters compete twice a month and on special events. Our youth shooters include 4H Shooting Sports and Claybusters.

Tehama Shooters Association has a monthly Service Rifle match where you can show off your skills with a military style rifle with Iron sights.
Show off your long-range precision shooting skills in one of our scheduled Long-Range Benchrest matches.

We will be hosting our first TTPM NRL22 match of the year on February 9. This will be the day before our TTPM PRS match Feb 10. We will have a link on Practiscore (TTPM NRL22) soon for sign up. Bring 100 center fire rounds of rife ammo and you’ll be good to go. There will be more information on Practiscore in the days to come.

For more info emailĀ todd@whirlpartners.comĀ 

Rimfire Matches per Year: 5

Primary Range Distance: 50-100 yards