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Wisconsin Sportsmans Association .22 Long Rifle Challenge League

Union Grove, WI

Join us for an Appleseed like league (not a associated with Appleseed). We will shoot from multiple positions, multiple distances, at various targets. The goal is to have fun and improve your shooting skills with a variety of shooting & prizes. Ages 12-99, Limited to the first 18 shooters.
We supply the targets, you bring the good attitudes & lots of ammo!
(about 2000 rounds total with practice rounds).

We will shoot every week for six weeks on Tuesday Evening from 4:00pm to 7:00pm. 
All shooters must exit the grounds before the gate is locked at 7:30pm. 
Members/Non-Members $85/$150 Due at registration.

Safety Meeting
Every shooter must attend the first pre-shoot safety meeting in order to shoot the league held the first week. We will review club and league rules, as well as zero-in procedures for different distances, and shooting suggestions. Each week will do a short recap safety briefing.

Use of a scope is encouraged (we will shoot out to 100 yards)
Use of a sling is encouraged (we will shoot sitting, standing and two bench positions)

Shooting Rule Specifics (See registration form for details)
Each week shooters we will shoot one stage/four legs, six weeks you shoot each stage twice
Seated, standing, and arm supported shooters may not support their bodies while shooting
-You can not lean against a fixed object, you can support yourself against your body.
-While seated, your elbows can rest on your body.
You must shoot the same rifle for all stages unless approved by league RSO due to safety.

See website for more details and registration.

Rimfire Matches per Year: One planned so far, inquire for a fall league if you are interested.

Primary Range Distance: 25/50/100yds