Keep watching for new updates. Misty is also pregnant after many failed attempts at pregnancy Yeah! Address: 1460 Rio Tierra Ct, Placerville, California 95667. I have kicked them off, but know that if someone contacts you about a kitten, that call will only come from the number listed on our website. They produce different colored coats and patterns, even smoke colored patterns. I will be taking pictures of Shadow and Auroras kittens today. I might try and put some on the website, but I just took some shots with my phone when I was playing with the babies yesterday. Many other cats have been bred and are likely pregnant, but none are official yet. What are the pros and cons of getting a Maine Coon cat? Faith is due near the beginning of February. Maine Coon is a sweet-tempered and gentle breed. CaliCats breeders raise their Maine Coon kittens within a homelike environment. Polydactyls are $200 more than regular pawed kittens. Because we had smaller litters this spring than normal, our current waiting list did not go down as quickly as we had hoped, so we will be taking a total of 20 new names, mostly on the polydactyl and normal foot list. We strive to pair the right kitten with the right family making life long friends with our clients. Please call on Saturday, June 11 at 10:00 am and leave a message. She is on antibiotics and we will breed her again in a few months and monitor her progesterone level throughout the pregnancy. Cherokee West breeders only have Maine Coons who are free of genetic disorders and are tested for HCM, hip dysplasia, FeLV, FIV, and FVRCP. We concentrate on breeding champions with a sweet temperament so they are easy to handle at shows or in your home. We hope to have kittens from her in less than 6 months. Search filters. Good in Home With. Misty is back in heat again, so the last breeding did not take. Willow had an ultrasound on Monday and she is pregnant. This is a familyowned cattery that has been in business since 2003. He will be reaching out to you, especially if you are on the top part of the waiting list. Maine Coon Cat Breeders in California With Kittens and Cats for Sale. Calypso is taking care of her 4, plus 2 of Jennys since she gives more milk. There are some great and Top Maine Coon Breeders In San Diego, California that might be able to help. It would be a great idea to buy at least one cat tree, and a lot of toys for your new little furry friend, so it can be occupied and entertained at all times (especially when youre not home). Prestigious Purr - Cats That Act Like Dogs, We are a TICA and CFA registered cattery based out of San Diego, California. At Cherokee West Maines they care for each and every one of their Maine Coons and they will only sell to people who will do the same, and who will keep them as loving pets. Sofya is back in heat now and honeymooning with Marshall. We have bred Clementine with Caspian and Poppy to Marshall! There are new photos of Misty and Gypsys kittens on their litter pages. Today is the day our waiting list opens up! 530 391-. All of our current kittens have been placed except for our 2 high smoke girls, Leilani and Nadia. Large. Belle and Jenny are due in April and Anastasia was just recently bred to Marshall. Update*** both girls have gone to wonderful homes. If you do not get a hold of me, please leave a message and I will return calls in the order in which they are received. The lists will be updated by the end of next week. A big thank you to all who called yesterday. ***We have confirmed that Anastasia is pregnant! Some Breeders could even offer Maine Coon Kittens for $3000 or even higher. Please dont call or text. Beginning at 10:00 am on Saturday, September 15, I will be taking reservations for kittens from late fall to early spring.. November 20, 2022 November 7, . She really comes alive whenever we go to the kitchen and open the fridge! Jenny and Juniper are both very large and we are expecting big litters from each of them, barring any catastrophes. She is a very confident, brave brown classic girl. We are on delivery watch for 2 of our girls and have them in our bathroom till they have their kittens. We are hoping for a nice large litter. Yes. He went over to the cat tree where she was curled up all cozy and noticed she wasnt breathing. She had 4 beautiful babies and they are already waddling around a bit. With us, you and your whisker will be PURRfectly healthy, happy, and PAWsitive. I am a founder of Newlogica Cattery, Temecula, CA, and specialize in Maine Coon kittens. Tom should be contacting some of you people on the waiting list regarding available kittens. Calypso kittens and Belles one boy were split up evenly between both moms. Clementine has 4 new red boys and a tortie girl and Faith has 3 black smokes with white feet and 1 black boy. We should know in about a month which of these trysts resulted in pregnancies! Maine Coon kittens raised by this particular California breeder usually take part in many CFA and TICA shows. ***Remember, our waiting list opens up tomorrow at 10 a.m. Contents hide. A Maine Coon is large, longhaired, fluffy, with furry tail, and furry ears with hairs on their tips. Calypso is probably pregnant, though, and we hope to breed Gypsy and Sofya soon as well. Sofya gave birth to her litter on Sunday. Tom would prefer a text, but a call or email is fine as well. You can see their pages under Upcoming Litters. Always have in mind that you need a certified, ethical, and registered breeder. She needs a home with NO other pets. So, please call and leave a message at that time and Tom will get back to you in the order that your message appears on his phone. Clementine is definitely pregnant and due near the middle of August. We are looking forward to their kittens and hope to get a black smoke poly. The other is a blue classic with white bib and feet too. One girl is a beautiful dark red classic with a white bib and feet. We are waiting for Violet and Opal to go into heat. In the next few months, we will be going through a quiet time with kittens after Jenny, Cappuccino and Clementines kittens go to their new homes. Our waiting list is closed till May or June. $550. More information will follow as to the openings we will have. However, Thursday, May 19th at 6:15, Marshall passed away in his sleep. Simba has found a new home with a wonderful family living in Auburn. Their Maine Coons are super large and well taken care of. At Bounding Maines cattery Maine Coon kittens are microchipped and tested for genetic disorders and conditions, they provide the new owners with the health guarantees of kittens and DNA testing data of the parents. Everyone is growing well and gorgeous! The jury is still out on Violet, but Juniper and Mystique have recently been bred. If she miscarries again, she will be spayed and rehomed. Looking forward to hearing from all you prospective kitten owners. Just a reminder, please dont call before 10 am or you will be called last. About. Sadly, our silver boy, Phoenix, did not get to come to us from Switzerland because he had a neurological reaction to his second Leukemia shot and had to be euthanized in Switzerland. They are adorable babies! 1. Pictures will be posted soon. We think they are both boys, but arent 100% sure on the polydactyl. If you don't see any you like and want on our wait list please also text us and we will send you our form. Faith should be delivering her kittens in the next week. We will be breeding Willow to Caspian, Cappuccino to Marshall and Clementine to Caspian in the next month or so. Our little Ridgely from Switzerland is set to arrive on February 13 and we are so excited to finally have our silver mackerel polydactyl male. They get along with children and other pets while also enjoying attention. We hope 2019 is a blessing to all! We have also bred Cappuccino (Caspian), but it is too early to tell yet. We will also need a good name. Calypsos kittens are getting ready to go home soon. We have also confirmed that Faith (Marshall), Violet (Caspian) and Aurora (Marshall) are pregnant, but arent sure about Juniper (Marshall), although Tom is leaning towards a yes vote! Meet Mom Cat 23899 (Stacy) . Please leave a message. She has a red and white boy, a cameo boy with an almost white face, 3 dark tortie girls and one calico with white feet. Sofya looks to have a smaller litter, but we did see kitten movement in her abdomen as she was lying down, so there are kittens in there! (texting is best for us to stay organized and maintain a correspondence thread to refer back to when needed) We went up to Oregon last week to pick up a new little girl from some friends and fellow breeders, John and Patty Cruikshank. I will accept only phone calls, so dont text or email. Keep watching the website, Facebook and Instagram for photos and videos of our kittens and cats, both here and in their new homes. Juniper and Violet each had separate injuries which led to abscesses and have spent most of the week at the vets office. Maine Coon Kitten List (not polydactyl or black smoke), Spumoni-black tortie polydactyl with white. We are hoping to breed Anastasia soon. Please call at or after 10 and leave a message. She is showing lots of nesting behavior and we are giving her till tomorrow to have her baby, otherwise, at the vets recommendation, we will have a c-section. Our waiting lists will be opening up at 10 am on Saturday, December 4th by phone only. However, Jenny is very dominant and is not getting along with their other cat at all. We courier all through out the United States as well! near Sacramento, California. I have thoroughly researched each and every one of them and, based on this, I can provide you with brief details on all of them, along with their contact info. 2 are blue and 2 are brown. Cherokee West Maine Coons Northern California At Cherokee West Maines they care for each and every one of their Maine Coons and they will only sell to people who will do the same, and who will keep them as loving pets. It breeds its cats to compete in championships and similar events, though it also prizes those of its cats with sweeter personalities. Our cats are tested for HCM, FeLV, and FIV. Our Story Born in Southern California I have been a breeder since 1981. Jenny, Cappuccino, Misty and Calypso have also been bred, but we dont know if they are pregnant yet. Alena! She has a red poly male, a brown w/ white poly male, a regular red male and a brown and white female. I do want you to be aware that the lists for polydactyl and black smoke kittens will be very limited or closed entirely depending upon how many we get in the near future. Poppy, Clementine, Aurora, Violet, Faith and Gypsy will be bred in the next month or so, depending upon when they go into heat. Its reservation day starting promptly at 9:00 a.m. We will let you know the end results later today or tomorrow! We make it happen through our educated and up-to-date information. It was too chaotic for me to try to figure out who contacted me first when comparing emails, texts and calls, so Im simplifying it this time by going to calls only. There are 4 polys in the bunch. Calypso and Jenny have been bred, but pregnancies have not been confirmed. Poppy finally had her kittens early this morning. We have been so busy that we havent updated since the birth of our last three litters! All Cats Cats for Sale Cats for Rehome Cats for Surrender. Maine Coon Kittens For Sale In California. Its an exciting day! The light & splendor of our southern California sunsets ignite our desire to share our Maine Coon cats' beauty. Confirm a Maine Coon breeder is registered with a trusted club. We dont just believe every cat deserves the best. Juniper had her kittens and they were very large. Edelweiss is still holding onto her kittens, but they should be here by the end of the week. We wont be breeding them for about a month, giving them time to heal. We had a lot of calls, especially in the first 5 minutes! Poppy and Cappuccino each had 4 kittens apiece on the 26th. On the morning of March 5, Violet met me at the door meowing loudly. On day 21, we will be bringing her to the vet for an ultrasound and a progesterone level check. CFA registered under the name, Muffhymscattery. Donate Adopt Maine Coon Cats in California Filter 1 2 3 4 Stella Maine Coon mix My name is Stella. We have 3 kittens with Faith and Remington: 2 boys and 1 girl. He will add as many of you as he can on the list. Calypsos last kitten, Willow, went home today. We have 3 young kittens from our own stock as well as one from Russia and 1 from Oregon. They are both beautiful girls and quite talkative and friendly! We have 2 pregnant queens (hopefully). The Cat House on the Kings is California's largest no-cage, no-kill, lifetime cat sanctuary and adoption center. Pros: sweet and kind temperament, extremely beautiful appearance, doglike behavior, great with kids and other pets, longhaired but no shedding issues, never aggressive. using our website, Facebook and Instagram to sell kittens that do not belong to them. We cant wait to see her babies. Calypso, Gracie and Mango are full unless we find out that we have extra kittens after theyre born! He will add as many of you as he can on the list. We courier all throughout the United States as well! . They are both black smokes and one is a polydactyl. Jenny turned out not to be pregnant. Glendale, CA 91203. Most of all, they enjoy being a part of the household. We have 2 kittens with Periwinkle and Ridgely. Maine Coon cats are considered to be one of the breeds with the sweetest temperaments, and yet they are also one of the largest cat breeds; which is why they are often called the gentle giants. Clementine and Marshall, Faith and Remington, and Jenny and Caspian are all confirmed pregnant. See pictures and videos below. Zephyr and Jennie have both been bred and should deliver near the end of October. In the meantime, we are actively seeking other silver girls to add to our cattery. We courier all through out the United States as well! E-mail: [emailprotected] (or contact via website form). This is the first time we have been away from home alone in a LONG time and we had a great time. On October 2, Anastasia had a beautiful litter of 3 boys and 2 girls. We have updated the waiting list. We did lose one of Violets black girls, but there is no apparent reason that we could tell. As I already mentioned, all of these breeders are TICA and CFA registered, and all are considered ethical and certified for breeding. Jenny had 4 boys today. The price would depend on many factors, such as the kitten's lineage, its parents, its health, and the breeder's reputation. Theo our largest male is 25 pounds and still growing!!! Simba is available and you can find more information about him on our available adult cat page. Location: Northern California Phone: (707) 338-1261 Email: Maine Coon Breeders in California We hope this list of Maine Coon breeders in California will help you bring home a new companion. Faith and Juniper are pregnant. Website. The list for black smokes is closed. Chamomile did not get pregnant as hoped and had a false pregnancy, so we wont be having any kittens from her for several more months. Oroville, CA. Mystique apparently did not get pregnant, so we will try again on her next heat cycle. We will be taking about 5 female and 3 males for polydactyls, 3 black smoke females, and 10 new names on the regular Maine Coon list. Sofya went in to the vet on Monday for a C-section since she was overdue. I have new photos of Gypsy and Poppys kittens on their pages. Past and current owners can get on any waiting list without having to wait till we open it to the public. Belle and Caspian are due mid September with what looks like a small litter. All kittens are vaccinated for FVRCP at 6, 10 and 16 weeks, Tomorrow, I will be taking photos of Poppys kittens and our 2 brand new litters. Thank you so much, and keep your eyes pealed for new kitten photos! At that point, I will send you a short form that you can fill out and send back along with a $400 non refundable deposit to secure your place in line. It will likely be next May before it opens up again, but that depends upon how many kittens we have in the spring. out of some of the largest lines in the WORLD! We cant tell if Sofya and Opal are pregnant yet, but both have recently been bred. He was just a 6 month old kitten! We are family based cat breeders since 1992. Zephyr has been brought into the house in preparation of her delivering her kittens later in the week. Contact Us to Reserve! Please leave a message at 10 and Tom will get back to you as soon as possible today. Between the two of them, there are 4 new babies. Maine Coons are large inquisitive cats who love to be with their human family. Please check out our links to the left for more breed information, frequently asked questions, and testimonials from past happy families and repeat customers! She is very loving and gentle. Kittens are $2500.00. They are very busy and playful! They are getting litter box trained and are such cute little fuzzballs! Maine Coon Breeder Information: Address: 5716 Vahan Court Lancaster, California Phone Number: 844-662-6263 Email: Website: Noble Mains Cattery & Shop 3. Our kittens are raised in our house along . Photo day! Cappuccino had her kitten and gave us one blue classic girl. Others Dogs Cats Children. They test the parents for various conditions, and ensure the best treatment of kittens, having them around cats, dogs, and people of all ages. It is looking like Cappuccino and Ivy are pregnant and due in December. Four days later, Zephyr had a litter of 2 boys and 2 girls and on October 8, Jenny had a litter of 2 boys and 2 girls! So when they get to their forever home, they are used to different types of social interactions. Calypso gave us a new litter on Friday and there are lots of little polydactyls in the bunch! Clementine is a red classic with white and Chamomile is a silver patch with white. Faith had 4 kittens on June 18. Their kittens are socializing with other cats and dogs, and also children, from the moment they start walking. Right now, he is living in the lap of luxury, being loved by Mariam and her daughter, who has become best friends with him. I will be getting new photos of Jennys 4, Zephyrs 2 and Mangos 10 and will. Clementine, Anastasia and Chamomile are all pregnant. If the cat is under a year old, you will find their photos under New Additions. Email Pictures will follow shortly. Our silver polydactyl boy from Switzerland, Phoenix, is due to arrive at the Sacramento airport at the end of September. Photos and descriptions will follow. Pictures are on Facebook and will be on our website soon. LMCooNcat is registered with CFA at the end of 2019 and with TICA at the end of 2021, we only breed Maine Coons, Our breeding cats come from serious breeders in Japan, Poland, Russia and Italy. We have the possibility of silver kittens coming in the near future with Zephyr, Cappuccino, Aurora, Faith and Shadow. 10,674 Maine Coon Cats adopted on Rescue Me! What is the average cost of a Maine Coon? Also, the waiting lists are updated, but there might be some small changes as a few peoples paperwork straggle in. Tom is in the process of placing them now. Check in with us to get the real story. Find Your Dream Kitten Search Results: Only 12 Kittens Available X Male Available Learn More Sunflower Maine Coon Kitten X Male Available Learn More Kurumi Maine Coon Kitten X Female We also picked up a beautiful new girl this week who is Edelweisss half sister. All of Poppy and Clementines kittens have gone to their new homes and yet, we still have a kitchen full of busy kittens running around at our feet! I bet you they do. Echocardiograms are the only way to actually see what the heart health is like. One eye is blue and the other is yellow. MaineCoon January 23, 2020, 9:38 am Hi, Done. 10 Weeks. You will find the photos in 2 categories. After Violet had delivered all of her polydactyl kittens, Aurora started having her kittens and Violet helped her, a little. They also provide regular testing and screening to rule out HCM or hip dysplasia. Address. CONTACT US Email: (951) 255-7202 Secretnyi Agent NEBRASKA She will be warming up quickly though and is a gorgeous black color with striking white/silver undertones. List Of TOP 9 Maine Coon Breeders In California: 1. Find Out More. She LOVES her treats! Please call only. Thank you. Tel Number. We are also getting a little silver polydactyl male from Switzerland in October. It is taking us a little longer than usual because our daughter is getting married this coming Saturday and we are very busy. Gold Rush is a small cattery and is doing its best to produce the finest Maine Coon cats. We offer an easy and very personal . We are at our current maximum of 6 kittens on each list. Faith is due with her first litter in a little over a week and Cappuccino is due a week or so later. Everyone is eating well and growing beautifully! This Saturday, we are headed up to Grants Pass, Oregon to pick up our 2 new babies from our dear friends, Patty and John Cruikshank with Nacoonzi cattery in Estacada, OR. If you want one of our amazing kittens or want to join our Gold list, please text my daughter Kyra at 480-395-1170. These breeders take great care of their health, all their Maine Coons are tested for FeLV, FIV, HCM, and they give the buyers their medical and genetic health guarantees. Maine Coon Kittens. If something sounds fishy, it probably is. MAINE COONS THE GUY We are just 90 minutes north of Sacramento in the foothills of Northern California Registered Cattery VOTED NUMBER ONE BEST MAINE COON BREEDER IN CALIFORNIA FOR 2021 AND 2022 (BY ILYBEST) VOTED NUMBER FOUR BEST MAINE COON BREEDER IN CALIFORNIA FOR 2021 (BY HOWLAY) We have named her Clarice. However, Belle and Calypso are expecting and Mango has been bred to Caspian. This is a homebased cattery where they test all their cats and provide future owners with their medical documentation. Read more San Bernardino County, San Bernardino, CA Details / Contact 1 of 32 Maine Coon mix 1 Top 10+ Best Maine Coon Breeders With Kittens for Sale In Arizona. He will add as many of you as he can on the list. Mango gave us 10 kittens last Saturday, and we are happy to report that all 10 are still growing and doing well! At that point, I will send you a short form that you can fill out and send back along with a $300 deposit to secure your place in line. Clementine had 6 babies on August 8. Moms name is Lucy and you can see a photo of the babies under Current litters: Lucy and Drake. They like to stay in touch with the adoptive parents of all of their Maine Coons. We have transitioned from American lineage Maine Coons to European Lines. ydactyl with a very mild, sweet personality. Reservations for our planned litters will be opening up on Tuesday, June 5 at 9:00 a.m. Anastasia, Belle and Jenny-late fall litters. Maine Coon Kittens Los Angeles Area CA | Mainely-Ours Kittens Mainely Ours Kittens Our kitten's can go to their new homes when they are 12 to 14 weeks old.