It was a runaway success, and the two have since amassed a McBride Sisters Collection that includes a Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Gris from Marlborough, as well as a sparkling ros from Hawkes Bay, New Zealand; and a California Central Coast Chardonnay and red blend. We need to dispel any otherism around Black Americans or women in the wine industry, as too often it is assumed that they do not take wine seriously enough or do not have the same capabilities as others to have a notable palate in the industry, Andra says, explaining that while the wine industry has made strides in recent years, it still has a long way to go to be more reflective of the world. Anne Schamberg is a freelance writer who lives in Waukesha. The crest reflects our Sisterly bond and is designed with our shared father, represented as a proud peacock (he was known to be quite cocky) over the initials "MS" for McBride Sisters. Through their core values: sustainability, empowerment, innovation, and community, the McBride sisters were able to curate a unique wine experience for their customers for more than 13 years. We just went around all of it and created demand," explained Robin. One of their icebreaker questions was: What was it like where you grew up? August 7, 2021 by Kiri Tannenbaum Director of Culinary Relations. "Andra gets on the phone and we're both pretty stunned and shocked because nobody thought that this was going to be happening at this moment because, according to the letter, she is in New Zealand, she's not in Alabama," said Robin. We were in our early twenties and thirties the industry had never seen wine company owners like us before. In March, they launched a new initiative that funds scholarships for women in agricultural programs at Southern University, a historically Black college in Louisiana. The MS stands for McBride Sisters with an S curled like the locks of our hair, with the two lionesses surrounding it representing our strong, supportive mothers, while the peacock depicts our bold and proud father. The story of their journey starts with a man, their shared biological father, Kelly McBride. "My sister and I are on a mission to transform the industry, lead by example and cultivate community," Robin McBride says. Photo: Courtesy of McBride Sisters Collection. 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The perfect tummy control bodysuit, a popcorn gadget, more bestsellers starting at $8. The origin story behind the McBride Sisters Wine. Big sister Robin McBride grows up in Monterey, California unaware that thousands of miles away, she had a little sister, Andra McBride. The sisters met in New York's LaGuardia Airport one day after Robin received the letter. [5] The Black Girl Magic 2020 California ros was awarded "Best for TV Binges" by the editors of Cosmopolitan magazine in the Second Annual Cosmo Wine Awards. Q: What lead you to the wine business? I literally just found out about her a few minutes before I called And she had a lot to share with me.". Enjoy Responsibly. Whats yourfavorite thing aboutros right now? Figuring out which bottle of wine to buy is always difficult, so you might as well pick one that comes with a good story. The largest Black-owned wine company in the United States, McBride Sisters can now be found everywhere from Trader Joes to Target, but the journey to building the thriving family business is even more impressive given that Robin and Andra didnt even know about one another for the first half of their lives. Fluker: What do you envision for McBride Sisters wine for the next 3-5 years? What inspired each of youto go into wine? Their. With the idea for the McBride Sisters Collection officially planted, Robin and Andra scraped together initial seed money of $1,800 just to cover licensing paperwork. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA Enterprise and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. Their father wasn't around for most of their lives, but before he died of stomach cancer in 1996, he asked his family to try and connect the two girls. Subscribe to RR1 Live+ for exclusive virtual events all year long (at least 1 per month), conversations with Robb Report editors, special perks, and more. [9] They are members of the Association of African American Vintners (AAAV), which was founded in 2002. On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. Even celebrities can disappoint their parents. McBride Sisters: The most important thing to us is to stay connected to wine lovers, to see how and where they are enjoying wine, what that experience is like, what if anything is missing and make it better for them. These values show up not only in the wines they make but in all facets of their company. We still don't see a lot of women, a lot of people of color," Andra said. " The story of the McBride sisters is nothing like anything you've ever heard of before in the wine industry. The two lionesses represent each of our mothers, supporting us from each side, the strongest women we know. We were confident that we were destined to do something together in wine, and within a few short years, we created our first wine company as importers which led us to bottle our first wines in 2010. This is a BETA experience. McBride Sisters Wine Company is a Black-owned female-led wine company in the United States.12 The company was founded in 2005 by African American. We've decided to honor our mothers in the packaging for the SHE CAN line. Two wines hail from New Zealand, the Sauvignon Blanc, and Sparkling Brut Ros, and two wines from Californias Central Coast, the crisp Chardonnay, and Red Blend, not to mention their Black Girl Magic California Riesling limited exclusive collection. First published on July 2, 2015 / 7:24 AM. Andra McBride was a 16 year old living in foster care in New Zealand when she got a phone call from her biological dad in Alabama. Subscribe now and save. Today, more than 13 years from their entrepreneurial start in the wine industry, the sisters have worked to bring wine lovers the best of both worlds with their third collection, The McBride Sisters Collection. Robin and Andra are a testament to what it means to stay ready, stay resilient, and remain open to new experiences, big and small. [3][1] The brand uses grapes from both California and New Zealand,[4] and is focused on providing quality bottled and canned wines that are affordable and "celebrate inclusivity". Robin was raised by her mother, Karen, more than 6,500 miles away in Monterey, California. Ninety percent of the wine produced in the U.S. is made in California, but only 10 percent of the state's wineries are led by a female winemaker. It was several years later, in 1999, when Robin, 26 at the time, opened a letter from her fathers sister asking her to call. Growing up, it was just me and my mom and no extended family. McBride Sisters: Black Girl Magic was really inspired by amazing women and created to celebrate them. We (Robin and Andra) consider ourselves to be a pride. Birth City: Sharon. Following a lengthy search by his family, Robin and Andra met for first time in 1999 at LaGuardia Airport in New York. Her trip after the familys second split was to her mothers native New Zealand, where she grew up in Marlborough wine country and was captured too. The family had been sending letters to every Robin McBride in the phone book until finally one made it to their intended recipient in Monterey, California. Barbecue, grilled fish, meats, and veggies, burgers, French fries, fish tacos, fruits, cheeses, grilled cheese, and coastal cuisines like Mediterranean dishes and Spanish tapas. Our Newest Wines from the Most Southern Winegrowing Region in the World - Aotearoa New Zealand! And so the realization hit that that was the first time that I'd seen my sister, who happened to look a lot like me at that time," Robin said. Both of use like barbecue and we make a barbecue sauce with our wine. He died not long after that, but his dying wish was for his older daughter to be located. [17] As of December 2020, McBride Sisters wines were sold at select Target retail stores,[4] and was also marketed nationally at Walmart and Kroger, in addition to being sold direct through the company web site.[14]. They launched the She Can Fund in 2019 and have invested more than $3 million to date in women particularly Black women and other women of color in the food and wine industry. Robin: I think we just jumped in and we were naive about the lack of diversity and we just wanted to produce good wines. Their story is proof that a bond can form over a bottle of wine; a truth that comes to life with every McBride Sisters . Of the nearly 4,000 wineries in California, only 10% have a woman as thelead winemaker, according to research by professors LucIa and John Gilbert of Santa Clara University and their research website Often times, brands miss the mark because they arent reaching their target consumers correctly by meeting them where they are, or they arent participating in conversations and topics they are passionate about.. Best Known For: Country singer Martina . Q: How would you describe your wine-making style? Robin: I think Rose is great. Changing the Game for Dance Creatives : A Q&A with the Talented Taja Riley. [1] Robin grew up in Monterey, California. We didnt know what each other looked like. "Losing our father, he was one of 12, meeting family and a lot of people that I'd never seen before but looked a lot like me. Seeking to buck that trend, the sisters have assembled a team that's 80 percent women, including their head winemaker and vineyard director. Absolutely! SevenFifty Daily, an online magazine covering the business and culture of alcohol, surveyed 3,100 industry professionals in 2019 and found that of the respondents, 60% were men and 84% were white. Robin McBride: It was 1999 and I was 25 and Andrea was 16. As the two got to know one another, they discovered a shared passion for making wine, something they each developed growing up in the major wine regions of New Zealand and central California. And the Black Girl Magic collection, Robin and Andreas personal ode to their culture and story, is inspired by the magic and resilience of Black women, to be enjoyed by all. The sisters shared a biological father, Kelly McBride, whom they had had little contact with while growing up. [1], Robin and Andrea McBride started their business as a boutique import firm with a limited selection of New Zealand wines. Fluker: As the first African-American sisters to own a wine company, share your journey with establishing your mission statement for McBride Sisters wine? "I remember being just so excited. IE 11 is not supported. It was life changing. Andra McBride and her sister, Robin McBride, are the founders and owners of the largest Black-owned wine company in the United States, The McBride Sisters Wine Company, which topped $5 million . I spoke to the sisters about their love for wine, their experiences being African-American women vintners and their vision for McBride Sisters Wine. Andra McBride told TODAY that the unconventional journey to her sister, Robin, makes the company they formed together all the more special. They affectionally named the wine with the peacock on the label Cocky Motherf*cker in honor of their father. It was amazing. In an industry dominated by men, they are young minority women. [6] In October 2020, Wine Spectator reported that McBride Sisters had $5.43 million in annual sales. 2015 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved. McBride Sisters: We are focused on making wines that are both accessible and that express each of the places we grew up in. The name they gave their McBride Sisters Collection 2019 Reserve Chardonnay ($40)The Great Escapethrows a smidgeon of shade on big, fat, over-oaked versions of the grape. Now we want to make the kind of wine we fell in love with.. And so obviously for us coming in as opposite really of everything that, to that point had been successful in the wine world, which was an older white man we definitely were looked at as not just not belonging, but really incapable of being successful.". Robin McBride and Andra McBride John are known for their story, two sisters raised half a world . What is 'North To Home' all about. For Andra and Robin, the company's success feels like the culmination of their journey as sisters. Now more than ever, social media has become an important vehicle for reaching young and diverse consumers, Andra says. StyleCaster is a part of Penske Media Corporation. There is always something more to experience and learn about wine so were constantly trying to educate ourselves and perfect our skills! She notes that the two of them have very similar palates. Q: Do you both like the same kinds of wines? Since 2005, The McBride Sisters' mission has been clear - to transform the industry, lead by example, and cultivate community, one delicious glass of wine at a time. Design is a wonderful way to express a message through illustration, and were glad we had the creative opportunity to pay tribute to three extra special women. Raised among the vines of Monterey, California and Marlborough, New Zealand, one could say that the McBride Sisters path to winemaking was destiny at work. [15], The SHE CAN wine collection also sponsors a professional development fund, which awards scholarships to women. Enjoy Responsibly. Explore the prestigious Santa Lucia Highlands, where we hand selected rows of vines for this exclusive McBride Sisters Collection Reserve Pinot Noir "Cocky Motherf*cker" 2019. She said they faced pushback and a "lack of recognition.". And as it turned out, they shared more than an avant-garde father in L.A. That search was carried out by his siblings using a method they heard about on an Oprah Winfrey Show featuring a private detective. Before he died in 1996, he asked his family to find and connect his two daughters. What has been the most challenging and rewarding parts of owning your own wine distribution company? Birth State: Kansas. To expand their reach with their consumers, the sisters launched a private Facebook group called McBride Certified: Wine 101 with Robin and Andra, a class and community that features an eight-module course explaining the basics of wine and serves as a hub for the McBrides most devoted fans. Once united, an affinity for wine and wine making were among the things the sisters discovered they had in common. She was. While Andra knew about Robin, Robin didnt know she had a younger sister, much less one across the world in New Zealand, and the two eventually connected in 1999. Now theres more women and women of color (in the business), we want to keep pushing that agenda and make that wine available. But also compelling is that for a good part of their lives the sisters lived thousands of miles apart, on two different continents, not knowing about each other. This piece originally aired July 2, 2015. This venture launched their first production, Wines a sustainable wine company from New Zealand. "And now we do.". In meeting, the bond between Robin and Andra was instant, and intensified when they realized theyd both grown up as often the only mixed-race children in small, mostly white agricultural communities known for producing wine. That chain of command was the main challenge, according to Robin. Consider adding The McBride Sisters Wines to your wine cellar and support a Black owned business at the same time! Its about getting the necessary attention from consumers and wine distributors alike to showcase how important representation is in the wine industry and how important accessibility is to wine education for all., Young wine drinkers and wine lovers of color are often overlooked by major wine brands, who have historically positioned wine, whether through events, marketing and messaging, to an older, white consumer. There was a lot of basic access to information that we didn't have that we felt like shouldn't have been one of the things that could have made or broken our company," so they're teaching it. **. "So I didn't know I was going to be talking to my sister as soon as I make the initial phone call. Andra said the aforementioned phone call was the first time she'd spoken to her dad in six years. The Sisters brought their wines together under the same label with two lionesses and a peacock. [6] In 2010, they founded EcoLove, a brand focused on sustainable wines, sourced from vineyards throughout New Zealand. These wines, priced between about $12 and $17 a bottle, became available at Kroger-owned stores this fall. By subscribing to this BDG newsletter, you agree to our. Where Will Wine Take You? Email her at Get the Robb Report newsletter for similar stories delivered straight to your inbox. We are everywhere our consumers are, it's important for us to never be detached from that experience. Expect a Gamay and a Pinot Noir from New Zealands Central Otago region to join the Reserve tier soon. I cover dynamic women of color and their careers.