Again these are a few trusted online retailers you can buy from. This product is available from our partner shops. Sellers from Japan are usually a safe bet for a real figure. June 10, 2022; By: Author cake delta 8 carts wholesale; alabama deer management units Series. The masochistic crusader joins the POP UP PARADE series.POP UP PARADE is a new series of figures tha.. "Yes, the Winter Shogun has arrived! If you payed less, like $30, its almost certainly a fake. Keep in mind that anyone can view public collectionsthey may also appear in recommendations and other places. My friend sent me a link to the Good Smile Company website where I could find out for sure. GoodSmile Company is the official name of the company behind the nendoroid brand. Great! The best method is to look at the nendoroid itself. Characteristics of fakes include messups in the paint job, overly shiny faces (will touch more about this point further down), parts falling off, parts broken, poorly packaged, and damaged box. Anyways, my little sister find Nendoroid cute, Im thinking of getting her one. AAA anime distribution is a major anime distributor int he US and if your nendoroid has this sticker saying its from them, there is a good chance its legit! Sounds like your nendoroid is definitely a real one, so no need to worry there. I almost bought one until looking around a bit for prices. Hi, Colors seem to be legit Good article. They only downside is her wings arent too bright. This is why its important to know how to spot a fake nendoroid! There are definitely bootleg nendoroid petits, and there are definitely fakes of the Madoka Magica nedoroid petits out there. I would really appreciate that. Well, I hope Im lucky. Any info on that? When buying petits online, follow the same rules as nendoroids: make sure youre seeing pictures of the actual product taken by the seller, not a stock photo from the GSC website. It is a rare deal, indeed! Turning off the personalized advertising setting wont stop you from seeing Etsy ads or impact Etsy's own personalization technologies, but it may make the ads you see less relevant or more repetitive. Look specifically for feedback where the buyer received a bootleg. Reference: OKL_014161_N. If you want to buy a nendoroid online, which is how most people get nendoroids these days, there are a few things to know in order to keep yourself safe: If the price a of a nendoroid is too good to be true, chances are it is just that. Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o! Hmm, honestly Ive never really encountered the sticker you mentioned. Thank you for the article. Promise Im going to get better at this so I dont have to keep asking a bunch of the simpler stuff haha. I had just received a Sonic Nendoroid for Christmasand as soon as I got it out of the box, its head came off D: I went through your guide, and Im 99% sure its real; its a high quality figure, has a sticker with SEGA on the front, has the correct base with Sega copyright, and was bought at for around $40 to $50. Other than that they are both good figures. Megumin is a 14 year-old LN 14.3.3 archwizard who is part of the Crimson Demons race - modified humans who possess dark brown hair, crimson eyes, powerful magic affinity, and chniby characteristics. Which shipping method have you used? Oh wow, thank you! This is really helpful! From the anime series "KONO SUBARASHII SEKAI NI SYUKUFUKU WO! Darkness. The guys are great and the site is I highly reccomend them as they sell NO BOOTLEG!! Ive brought a lot of figures off ebay because most of the stuff i was collecting is kind of old and discountiued lines and have never had problems with bootlegs. Therefore links to those sites are not permitted here. Can you help me find a new or even a used one for a normal price ( because i found one for 100$ and an other one for 110$ + they are used) ? I bought a Sebastian Michaelis Nendroid for around 15 bucks, and it claims it was a real Nendroid. Based on what youve described I honestly cant say for certain whether shes real or fake, Im kind of leaning towards fake but thats just a wild guess. Learn more. Returns are accepted for most items within 45 days from the delivery date. Yep, Plamoya sells legit figures. Thank you so much~. If the joint broke really easy then it might be fake. Please use this thread to post any and all questions you might have regarding counterfeit figures. Can i feel free to ask you anything about nendoroids? And i have good news i found a Kirito figure! I try to be thrifty with my money, as Im 19 and have some medical problems that prevent me from working right now. Thank you so much for this article!! However some people do complain a bit about Nippon Yasan in regards to prices, slow shipping and customer service. At least my Miku Nendoroid has a friend! This product is available for preorder at the GOODSMILE ONLINE SHOP. i know the article says to avoid ebay, but i cant seem to find any legitimate ones anywhere else. Voulez-vous acheter un Chara-ani Konosuba Megumin : Uniforme scolaire Ver. I forgot to mention this in my previous comment. Just my luck! Sorry for the errors at the end; autocorrect can be so very annoying ;^^ lol, Hi! Anyway, after reading this I was able to easily tell that all listed on eBay currently thatre $20 are indeed bootlegs. Hey. Hello. If we paid the higher price, of course we wanted the real deal. Thank you so much. One more thing to add to about buying nendoroids online. I would doubt that those are fakes, most likely legit. In 2017, they looked better, the boxes were sturdier, the logos and printed information looked almost identical, and the colors they used were closer to the original, but thankfully still not the correct shade. Thanks for the comment! (This is in addition to my previous comment) I paid $55 for her. I ordered a Miku nendoroid from Crunchyroll (supposed to be arriving in June), and I didnt really check any of the photos. Just the box alone can be a big indicator, fake nendoroids boxes can be damaged as you can maybe tell in the previous pictures (Although do note that just because a box is damaged does not mean it is a fake nendoroid). This way you can make an informed decision, when purchasing a. Worth it! I just recently bought two nendoroids (Rin and Len Kagamine) for $22.00 on ebay and they are coming from biejing. Greetings and have a nice day! here are a few images (sorry for the bad quality photos) series!Megumin from "KONO SUBARASHII SEKAI NI SYUKUFUKU WO!" Be sure to display her with the previously released Nendoroid Aqua! So going to have to stick to buying Oreimo prize figures in pairs and their figmas for now. - Megumin Nendoroid (3rd-run) $56.00 in-stock KonoSuba - Megumin Swacchao! i just saw your response to another comment there is also a sebastian one on Plamoya that is cheaper than the ebay listing and it is in stock. In my hands I have two Miku Hatsune nendoroids. I finally decided n bought my very first nendoroid recently from the shop you recommended on the post. Nendo Dream 1.08K subscribers This video will show you some common signs between an authentic nendoroid and a bootleg nendoroid. Found out thats common with prize figures though so feeling better about that now, I want to get higher quality pvc figures but theyre too expensive for me at the moment. Your best bet is to look at photos of her on the web and compare to see if all her features look right. anyone live in california that can confirm that they are legit? Or do they not care about them? I didnt realize Chinese scam artists were so crafty.. (I had just assumed that certain figures were way cheaper because they were from popular anime/more were producedof course now its clear that its more profitable to only replicate popular figures versus obscure anime). thanks in advance, thanks for the swift reply, link will now be my first ever nendoroid. sad to say most otaku shops in the Philippines is selling fake nendroids. I know some official GS distributors are on there if you catch it early (especially pre-orders), though I always have a bit of skepticism when I have to buy from somewhere other than my usual stores. While Asuna had a second release, Kirito only had one release so theres fewer of him out there, which of course severely jacks up the price. This is why it really helps to buy from a trusted online dealer, just like regular nendoroids there are a ton of bootleg nendoroid petits on places like ebay and amazon. If youre new to buying, here are a few places to buy from. And for some reason, the fakeFlans hat fits better and more firmly than realFlan. Ok cool, yeah I noticed I failed to mention they were prize figures and also just the other day noticed that most prize figures do say made in china on the back, but then noticed a fair amount of imperfections and got kinda iffy again. Would bootlegs be less likely? Nendoroid Megumin Brand: Good Smile Company Style#: G12958 Availability: Available Now Shipping From: This item will ship from the US $55.99 Due to geographical licensing restrictions this item can only be shipped to following countries: Purchasing from Japan or another country? Envo el mismo da El estilo de tu vida Todo lo que necesitas por menos Figura coleccin Hasbro Star Wars Vintage VC181 The Mandalorian Beskar Armor, 49.8 Las mejores ofertas para Figura coleccin Hasbro Star Wars Vintage: The Mandalorian (Beskar Armor) VC181 estn en Compara precios y . The info says its Japanese version. And ive also asked some photos of nendo which is stated MISB. eBay is really good about letting you know where an item is shipping from. Find out more in our Cookies & Similar Technologies Policy. I hope I can get my money back and get a real one somewhere. Nendoroid Megumin Series KONO SUBARASHII SEKAI NI SYUKUFUKU WO! 4,081,203 printable 3D Models. Doesnt sound like luck, more like you were ripped off. Its such a shame that vendors at conventions still sell bootlegs, but its something you just have to be aware of I guess. Thanks for the comment! That was pretty rude of the seller to say it was an official nendoroid, but unfortunately there are sellers out there looking to make money off fake products. Im pretty sure that the product is not a bootleg Im so glad I checked this out before purchasing, thank you very much!! No Warning sign on bottom of Box If you still arent sure you could upload photos and have me take a look at them if you want. (I also will be attending the New York comic con this fall with friends and Im also thinking, I might hold on my Nendoroid shopping from the web and get (hopefully the ones I want) there, live and so, by the same token, i could check them out with my eyes and be sure they are the official products). These are the listings for reference: GoodsmileUs also have rare nendo in-stock on their website from time to time. A Prize (Bandai Spirits) Brand new 7,703. Look for a holo sticker of authenticity. Thank you so very much! Captcha failed to load. Ive bought some pre-owned figures that have this. The person was in a hurry, so I paid by just looking at the item in the boxing thinking its good and went home. But I have to say, if you spend big buck getting a crummy one, it would really turn you off from collecting these. I had fun. Megumin Nendoroid (1 - 2 of 2 results) Price ($) Any price Under $25 $25 to $50 $50 to $100 Over $100 Custom. Also notice the black paint smudges on her shirt. Im not really a Hatsune-shii fan (I cant figure her character because shes not in anime or such ^^, is she?) Thanks for the comment! You might also notice that the faces are switched, but this just something that probably varies in fake nendoroids ^^. Orders shipping outside of the U.S. may be subject to additional fees such as import / customs fees. May be thats why they sell fake-nendo at major international festivals. What gives?. Sometimes its hard to tell looking through the plastic window of the nendoroid box to see if the nendoroid is a fake, but sometimes you can tell without even looking at the nendoroid itself. and i suggest not to buy it because it could break easily,mine broke before i even open it, Good info, sad i already bought an nendroid from but i know i will order from Amiami, no big loss imo. Please be sure to only post in the current one. Figurine l'chelle 1/7 ici au meilleur prix. I bought a Reimu and a Flandre on ebay, they are indeed fake, but they arent actually too bad. Ive heard of a few people buying from Ofuda before so theres a good chance that what they sell is legit. The JK Blazer looks great on her which shows off her gorgeous body which is normally hidden by her usual outfit. the figure looks a tad glossy in some spots. I opened up the box at home. From what you described it sounds like you have a real one. 011 49 911 88199025. While the majority of fake nendoroids exist online, there are places that sell fake nendoroids out in the real world. I really want buy a saber figure. 6,224 new 2" comes a rerelease of the Nendoroid of the wizard with delusions of grandeur and an affinity to the Explosion spell - Megumin! Thanks for the article on bootlegs!!!! Also, another great resource is GoodSmiles Bootleg Warning list. (Second Preorder). Is the price far lower then the current average? I dont think Crunchyroll is running a deal like that at the moment, although it might be worth it to browse their figure selection as they do sometimes have deals on various figures (Paid members usually get a better deal than regular users though). Be sure to add her to your collection! Megumin () is an Arch Wizard of the Crimson Magic Clan in the Fantasy World, and is the first person to join Kazuma's party. If you see a nendoroid in a box with one of its arms off, its almost certainly a bootleg. Orders via Good Smile Online Shop can be placed between the 19th January 2017 (Thu) from 12:00JST until 2nd March 2017 (Thu . (Im german, hope its spelled right), Toylet does sell legit figures, although they do tend to be on the more expensive side. So no need to worry! Forehead is exposed a little more than normal Sponsored. Thanks. Its a shame that anime conventions sell fake nendoroids, at full price no less! I though a fake nendo was supposed to have yellow-ish skin so i was about to buy it but i didnt had enough money. It was fake,, Now I finally know how to identity fakes ~. My country taxes a lot and pretty much none of these sites will send them as gift (to avoid taxes) and have expensive shippings. thanks, Im definitely adding to my bookmarks to reference when i pull out my old nendoroids to make sure theyre legit. Do fake Cu poche figures exist? Looked at the figure its not glossy and the paint job is not messy. Nendoroid Fleet Collection Kancolle Yudachi Kai Ni Non Scale Abs Made Of Pvc Pai. Yeah I would say to go with the plamoya one, youre probably better off buying from them, Hello? Many of the intricate parts and details on the figures are hand painted and therefore require a high level of skill and attention. Since I was posting the return today, I figured Id take a few pictures to detail the difference in quality between the two: I made an album here: And now now.. i cant find an original Kirito nendoroid #295 Ive serched up all of the sites you said up there and all kiritos were sold out. My name is Megumin! Soo does it mean its original? Another huge thing to look at is the paint job. Nendoroid & Mini Figures | Tokyo Otaku Mode (TOM) Shop: Figures & Merch From Japan Shop Figures & Dolls Nendoroid & Mini Figures Nendoroid & Mini Figures Sort by Newest Nendoroid. Its a good thing you checked first! Theyre actually willing to pay for shipping when I send my defective one out and for the new one they send to me. Thank you so much. Basically just concerned on if she is a bootleg or not. Thanks for the comment! Its hard to notice the stand when looking at a boxed nendoroid, but its just something extra you should know. Her hand also would slip and drop the staff thingie, which sucked. Im pretty sure thats a bootleg. I know this article was posted a while ago but I wanted to say thanks for posting this. 2 OFFICIAL SITE Her sharp red eyes, determined eyebrows, mischievous smile and that amazing pointy hat all come together so adorably in Nendoroid form! While the joints on my nendoroid are stiff as a board and dont move at all, shes got a horrible paint job and a glossy finish. I was just wondering around your blog, but I couldnt find Kousaka Kirino (shes number 142, btw) in any of your beautiful pictures. Set where you live, what language you speak, and the currency you use. Recently bought my first nendoroid with much help from your guidelines (#491 Kirishima, although I dont think the are bootleg Kirishimas yet). If you look at the above pic of Nendoroid Miku Append and Nendoroid Miku, you will notice that neither of them have a sticker.