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Lukas Knorr’s On Deck – Next Generation of Safe and Responsible Shooters

Raising the next generation of safe, and responsible rifle shooters. Message from Dad: I grew up in a responsible gun owning family, that taught me gun safety. I had my 1st BB gun at the age of 4 and just fell in love with shooting! Bonding To me its only manifested a stronger bond with my son just as it did with my father and I. Shooting guns with my Dad opened the door to begin the journey and memories that meant the world


The NRL22 is fortunate to have so many quality Match Directors that help us make this League great. That’s why it was difficult to select only a few of the MANY that were ready and willing to represent their region and host the regional matches. We have absolute confidence that these men are going to put on great events and my whole family is thrilled to be going to Southern California to shoot our regionals. Tyler Frehner, Director of Match Operations If


Raising the next generation of safe, and responsible rifle shooters. Message from Dad [Doug Waddoups]: From a young age William was drawn to shooting.  He passed his hunter’s safety when he was eight.  When William was nine, along with his older brother the three of us went a 22Marksman Competition with borrowed rifles.  We were both hooked immediately.  On the way home from the match we went to a gun store and William and his brother spent their lawn mowing


Raising the next generation of safe, and responsible rifle shooters. Message from Dad [Michael Thomas]: The NRL22 is a great format to introduce young and new shooters. In 2016 Race shot in the OPPS Young Guns Challenge that was held in October near Camargo, OK. Here a parent/sponsor could spot and calculate ballistics, to assist children in 3 age groups, compete on steel targets out to 700+ yards. It was a huge success and Race was hooked from

NRL22 Match Director Perspective – Neel Burnett

Featured Image by 8541 Tactical Neel Burnett I have lived in Evansville, IN my entire life. Growing up and spending the day with my granddad while both of my parents worked was the best. We would shoot 22s in the backyard all day (don’t worry it was out in the country). My granddad was a Marine in WWII and was quite the rifleman. He began to teach me to shoot and maybe even a few bad habits I cannot break to

Jackson Spalding


Raising the next generation of safe, and responsible rifle shooters. Message from Dad [Jeff Spalding]: I come from a non-traditional childhood. My Father was deeply involved in the Late 70s through Early 90s Counter Terrorism efforts, and was also a single Parent after my Mother passed away when I was 3. When he wasn’t traveling to God knows where, doing God knows what in a faraway land, He and I would shoot, and shoot, and shoot some more. From the time I


Raising the next generation of safe, and responsible rifle shooters. Message from Mom [Janae Frehner]: Tyler and I have three daughters that are anything except girly. They have been around guns their whole life. We have always shot. Whether it was targets, hunting, or competition, guns have always been a big part of our lives. We both believe educating our kids on gun safety, as well as properly storing them in a safe, is the best way to keep


Raising the Next Generation of Safe, and Responsible Rifle Shooters Message from Dad – Cody Reeves: Our family comes from a long line of men who served in the military and who were raised to hunt, so growing up around firearms is kind of a tradition in our family! I have always enjoyed shooting and early last year, I came across a Contingency X video on YouTube showcasing a Precision Rifle Series Match, and since then I

NRL Announces New .22 League


The National Rifle League announces the start of its .22 Rimfire Precision League. July 13, 2017 – Santa Ana, CA – The National Rifle League (NRL), a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to the growth and education of precision rifle shooting through a range of outdoors-related public interest activities, announced today that they will be producing a National .22 Rimfire Precision league titled the NRL 22. The NRL 22 is a division of the National Rifle League created to provide