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On today’s episode, Ruth speaks with Francis Colon, both a competitor and scientist who works for Applied Ballistics.

Francis Colon works with Applied Ballistics, including conducting lab-based experiments, field events and special projects. He shoots competitively in the PRS series, with multiple wins at both National and Regional level events. He has a passion for merging the art of precision rifle with the science of accuracy and is a wealth of knowledge from both the competitor and scientist perspectives of ballistics.

The NRL22 Presented by Bushnell is a division of the National Rifle League which is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the growth and education of precision rifle shooting. The NRL22 was created to provide a way for competitors who are looking to get into the sport of precision rifle the opportunity to do so with 22lr or air rifles without having to invest a lot of money in gear or travel. The NRL22 program is designed so that any facility with a 100 yard range can participate in local competitions to qualify for a National Championship.

Hear from Francis how he gets into the competition mindset, what Applied Ballistics has learned about rimfire, and more, on the NRL22 Podcast!

0:19 Francis Colon Introduction
2:15 How Applied Ballistics got started and works to get data to measure bullet trajectories
5:40 Long terms plans to look into rimfire – Science of Accuracy Academy
12:00 Find the “flow state”
14:34 How to think about precision when shooting
19:25 Appropriate expectations and follow the learning curve
21:31 Know your rifle, know your equipment, know your system
23:38 Most common mistakes when new to using ballistics apps
26:27 Resources and best practices
27:33 Measuring for Air Rifles and gathering data
29:40 Q&A Garret Albridge – what is your stage preparation, what is your process?
45:40 Q&A Jason McBride – What is the future of our sport?

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Release date:
4 November 2022

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