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MATCH DIRECTOR: Christopher Tressler

Cost:$35 for non-members, $25 for members of the Flagstaff Action Shooters (no refunds, no transfers)
Date: March 18, 2018
Location: Camp Savage, Flagstaff, AZ


NRL22 brought us a .22LR precision rifle competition league, and this is the High Desert Southwest Regional Championship. There are other regionals, but this one is ours.

The schedule will be:
8:30 (approximately) – 9:30 Sight In and Dope
9:30 Mandatory shooters meeting
10:00 First shots

This match will have at least ten stages and at least 100 rounds. The courses of fire are simple, but not easy. Section 4.1 gives you more detail on this regional format, at http://nrl22.org/about/rules/.

Some key points:
All stages are 100 yards or less.
Most stages are 10 rounds each, but you should have at least two 10 round magazines (or four five round magazines).
The courses of fire are quite bolt action friendly.
Most stages are steel, or a simple paper.

To shoot it, you will need:
A .22LR rifle that is accurate out to 100 yards, and that can hold 5-10 rounds at a time
120-150 rounds of reliable ammunition
Eye and Ear Protection
A keen sense of safety and fun
$35 for non-members, $25 for members of the Flagstaff Action Shooters.

Information on the course of fire will be at on our Facebook page, for Flagstaff Action Shooters, or I can email them to you Рjust ask via tom_chesterman@hotmail.com.

Information on where we shoot is here: http://flagstaffactionshooters.org/location

General match, with the following divisions:
Open, Young Guns, Base, Ladies