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Cost:$40 (no refunds, no transfers)
Date: March 10, 2018
Location: Garth Killpack Shooting Range, Springville, UT


OK! Here is the ROCKY MOUNTAIN NRL22 REGIONAL MATCH EVENT! We have a food truck! (Good Grindz) Competitors will have lunch included in their match fee, spectators are extra, but are welcome.

8:30am-Gate open/registration & zero.
9:45-10am – Safety brief & COF walk through.
10am – Match begins
12pm – Finish current stage & eat lunch at food truck.
1pm – Continue course of Fire.
4pm – Scores & prizes.

-10 stages. Bring AT LEAST 150 rounds.
-Shooters can zero before the match.
-Prepare to shoot 25-300 yards. We’ll have most targets inside 100 but one at 200 and one at 300 I’ll be posting the course of fire 2/12/18.
-Paper targets will be available for download as well.
-Bring any NRL approved bags, bipods and slings.

This is the Rocky Mountain Regional NRL 22 match, held in Springville, UT. 50 minutes south of Salt Lake City. We will have 10-12 stages of shooting out to 25-300 yards! We hope to have a large turnout. I’m going to allow the first 80 shooters a spot! $40

$40 match fee includes lunch with Good Grindz food truck.

Please invite friends. I’m going to make this really fun for new shooters and challenging for seasoned shooters.

Venmo @Jim-Cannon $40 or Pay Pal to paypal.me/JimCannon/40 hold your spot.

Hotel options:

Holiday Inn Express

Wyndam Hotels

Any questions please call or text Jim Cannon at (801) 735.9224