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MATCH DIRECTOR: James Jeffries

Cost:$75 (no refunds, no transfers)
Date: March 18, 2018
Location: West End Gun Club, Lytle Creek, CA


Hello fellow Rimfire shooters of the southwest region. We are excited to be hosting the regional NRL22 match for the southwest region. The match will take place on Saturday March 3rd 2018. Cost for competing in the match is $75. As an incentive for you to bring your kids we are going to do $20 for all Jr class entries. You do NOT need to be an NRL member to participate but we highly encpurage it. Your fees will cover range fees to our club, a boxed lunch, match T-shirt, trophies, and whatever prize table we can put together. The $75 price will only be valid until January 27th. After that we will be raising the price to $85 in an effort to get everyone committed asap so we can begin paying our expenses. This means that you must have PAID your match fee by Jan 27th and not just registered. PLEASE CHECK SPAM FOLDERS FOR PRACTISCORE EMAILS BEFORE SENDING US AN EMAIL OR MESSAGE SAYING YOU NEVER GOT IT. There will be no refunds issued as once you have paid we will begin ordering your shirt, lunch, and ordering trophies. If you dont attend the match after you have paid we would be happy to mail you your shirt and stale lunch at an additional shipping cost. You’re SOL on any trophies though.

Range Rules
WEGC is a cold range
Keep driving speed down to 15 mph on the road to the entry gate, and 5 mph on the range. This is for everyone’s safety, enforcement may lead to violators being asked to go home without shooting the match.
All competitors and guests must sign a waiver to be on range property or to shoot

Saturday March 3rd 2018
0630- Check In, range waivers, base class rifle inspections
0700- Zero range opens
0745- Squad assignments and safety briefing
0815- Begin your first area
1230- Boxed lunch arrives
??? – completion of match, awards ceremony

We are planning 12-16 stages of fun for everyone. We don’t have a solid round count yet but i think we can all agree that 22 is cheap and shooting is fun so expect to need at least 150rds for the match portion (not including zeroing). The course of fire and round counts will be determined by how much interest is shown during the initial sign-up period.

After the match is finished and the range broken down we would like to arrange a dinner/get together at a local spot where we can all have a good time and enjoy some post match shenanigans for those that aren’t driving home right after the match is finished.