NRL22 Young Guns – Adam Law

Photography by APD Photography and Media Raising the next generation of safe, and responsible rifle shooters. Message from Parent: When Keith took Adam out to the shooting range for the first time to shoot a 22 rifle, Adam was 12 and still a little scared due to an incident that happened to him when he was 5 years old. Keith was the perfect person to teach Adam the proper way to handle and hold a firearm. Adam now understands

NRL22 Announces New Air Rifle Class for the 2019 / 2020 Season

New Air Rifle class announced for the 2019 / 2020 National Rifle League 22 Season Yorba Linda, CA – NRL22, a division of the National Rifle League (NRL), a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to the growth and education of precision rifle shooting through a range of outdoor-related activities, is pleased to announce a new Air Rifle class for the 2019 / 2020 Competition Season. The goal of NRL 22 is to make Precision Rifle competitions more available to every community. The organization

NRL22 Young Guns – Akenhead Sisters

Raising the next generation of safe, and responsible rifle shooters. Message from Parent: We have an air gun trap in our shop where we would hold target Tuesdays with friends. They had exposure to the fundamentals and the responsibility that goes with it from good shooters (they probably didn’t  even realize it was happening). When they got big enough/old enough to move into a rimfire gun they joined a 4-H shooting club (We have a great 4-H shooting

2018 Rimfire Holiday Gift Guide | Most Wonderful Guide of the Year

GIFTS THAT DON’T SUCK. They know you’re worth it, so occasionally you have to ask for what you really want. This holiday season get gifts that won’t disappoint… Victor Company USA Designed for the Ruger® 10/22® semi-automatic rifle, the TITAN 1022 is the precision solution for your 10/22®. Featuring the “Anchor Lock System”, the Titan secures the 10/22® receiver to aircraft-grade hardened aluminum bedding in the front and rear of the action for maximum accuracy. TITAN 1022: THE

NRL22 Match Director Spotlight – Wade Newton

Wade Newton / Lubbock, TX / 41 Lead Farm I’m Wade Newton, 42 years old, father of three, and happily married for 17 years. I’ve lived in Lubbock, TX since day one. I’ve always loved the outdoors and spent a lot of time fishing, but didn’t get seriously into shooting until the drought a few years ago. I currently am the operations manager at the 41 Lead Farm shooting range on the weekend, and make custom kydex holsters

Dillan Flores

NRL22 Young Guns – Dillan Flores

Next generation of safe, and responsible rifle shooters. Dillan and Michael at the NRL22 Nationals Message from Dad: Dillan, being my son, started shooting our local rimfire precision challenge, before the NRL.22 ever started. In his second match, he won the match. Since we have shot some precision rifle matches, as well as monthly precision rimfire matches. I’m very proud of Dillan for his eagerness to help make sure matches run smoothly. He is always on a spotter, timer, or

Kohen Reining

NRL22 Young Guns – Kohen Reining

Raising the next generation of safe, and responsible rifle shooters. Message from Dad: Kohen was raised around firearms and was taught how to safely handle them, starting at the age of 4.  I am a Special Response Team Firearms and Tactics instructor for a federal agency, so Firearms are part of my families life. Kohen started showing an interest very early on, so we have slowly worked to get him to the point he is today. Bonding Kohen has never been

Jackson Spalding


Raising the next generation of safe, and responsible rifle shooters. Message from Dad [Jeff Spalding]: I come from a non-traditional childhood. My Father was deeply involved in the Late 70s through Early 90s Counter Terrorism efforts, and was also a single Parent after my Mother passed away when I was 3. When he wasn’t traveling to God knows where, doing God knows what in a faraway land, He and I would shoot, and shoot, and shoot some more. From the time I