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Kaelyn Jeffries

Kaelyn Jeffries

Kaelyn Jeffries

My name is Kaelyn, I’m 14. My Dad calls me “Kae” and I live in California. I just finished my freshman year of high school and am involved in Cheer and ASB. Other things I love to do is photography.

Competitive Shooter Profile

Kaelyn Jeffries

My Dad introduced me to shooting around the age of 5 or 6. He used to keep me interested by making bets with me at the range when I was younger. He would offer me money or something I was really wanting if I could complete a challenge he had for me, but he never made it too easy. One time he offered me $10 if I could hit a swinging bowling pin at 200 yards with his open sighted 10/22 in 10 rounds. I hit it on the 7th round!!  The goals I have for this NRL22 season is to understand the gun better and work on techniques to help me shoot better.

My Rifle Build

Kaelyn Jeffries

The rifle I’m shooting is a Kidd 10/22. My Dad used the lightweight Kidd barrel so it would be easier for me to handle. It has a Kidd trigger and a Victor Company Titan stock. The scope I use is a Nightforce SHV F1 4-14. It’s extremely clear and I can see the far away targets very easily. My Dad put it on my 22 because he says the 25 yard parallax is important in NRL22. I shoot Eley match ammo through it.

Favorite part about competing in the NRL 22 match

Kaelyn Jeffries

One of my favorite memories of my first NRL match was when we were shooting a stage, and when I went to shoot, everyone started cheering for me because I was shooting the spinner target really fast and they were all surprised! When I was done they told me how good of a job I did, and that made me feel so good. I also made friends with Trystan and Seven who were fellow young gun competitors. It made me comfortable to see other shooters in my age group and on top of that they were girls! They were so much fun and I hope I get to shoot on their squad with them someday.


There are many challenges I had to overcome, but one of them was trying to find the targets in the mountains on a timer. My Dad has been working on this with me and I hope to overcome it with lots of practice and experience. Another thing I tend to do is rush my shots. My Dad is always telling me to slow down and take my time but I just have so much fun shooting fast. He’s usually surprised I hit as many targets as I do when I’m shooting fast. 

Inspirations and Aspirations

Kaelyn Jeffries

The person I admire most is my Dad. He’s always pushing me to do my best and he wants me to always succeed with everything I do. He always takes his time to explain things in detail to me so I will better understand.

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