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Kohen Reining

Raising the next generation of safe, and responsible rifle shooters.

Message from Dad: Kohen was raised around firearms and was taught how to safely handle them, starting at the age of 4.  I am a Special Response Team Firearms and Tactics instructor for a federal agency, so Firearms are part of my families life. Kohen started showing an interest very early on, so we have slowly worked to get him to the point he is today.


Kohen Reining

Kohen has never been very interested in organized sports, although he is fairly athletic. It’s just something that he has never shown much interest in, except for golf which he still plays here and there.  When it comes to shooting, he showed a lot of interest from the start and when I saw the NRL22 I thought it might just be the perfect fit for him and a perfect way for us to hang out doing something we both enjoy.  He ended up getting a Rifle, scope, a case of PRIME ammo, and he has just taken to it.  It has been an amazing opportunity spending time together and teaching him my passion of precision shooting.  Not only has it brought us together as father and son, but his mom, grandparents and aunt all love going and watching him compete so it has become a family event.

A Quote I Live By…

“You are what you do, when it counts.” – Dewey Winter (My HS Football coach)

Kohen Reining

My name is Kohen Reining, I am 10 yrs. old and live in Amarillo, Texas.  My main hobby besides shooting is playing Xbox.

Competitive Shooting Profile

Kohen Reining

I don’t only shoot precision rifle, I also shoot pistol competitions and 2 gun competitions with my pistol and AR. I have been shooting since I was 4, and started shooting NRL22 in Feb. of 2018. I was asked to be a member of Team PRIME Ammo and it’s something I’m very proud of!

Kohen Reining

My Rifle Build

Kohen Reining

Right now I am shooting a CZ455 Precision trainer with a Vortex PST II 5-25 but my new rifle will be a Volquartsen VM-22 in my Victor Conpany USA Titan stock that I won at my first NRL22 match.

Favorite part about competing in the NRL22 match

Kohen Reining

My favorite thing about competing in NRL22 matches is seeing all the work I do in practice make me better in matches. Also seeing how I compare to other kids my age and to adults.


Kohen Reining

My biggest challenges for matches is positional because of how heavy the rifle is, but I think my new lighter rifle will be a lot better. The other is how nervous I get before the match… but I’m working on that.

Inspirations and Aspirations

Kohen Reining
Kohen and Jake Reining

My hero is my Dad, he has taught me everything I know about shooting.

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