NRL22 FAQ for 2021 Season


What is the format of NRL22?

NRL22 is a way for every participating club in the country to participate and compete with each other every single month. All that is required is 100 yards, the NRL22 monthly course of fire, the 2021 NRL22 Standard Target Package, and the 2021 Standard Barricade List. The local monthly shoots will take place from June 2021 until February 2022. The local monthlies will qualify shooters for NRL22 National Championships in May of 2022! There will be a local monthly for fun, prizes and practice in March and April of 2022. The 2022 season will start in June of 2022. To be eligible for the NRL22 National Championship a competitor must be a current NRL22 member.


What does a club need to do to be involved?

First off, we use the term club loosely. NRL22 is designed to be as inclusive and cost efficient as possible. Therefore, any organization may participate. Whether it is a group of 5 friends with a large piece of property, or an established rifle club with 50+ members, all are welcome. Having said that, what is required for the club to participate is to register the club on NRL22.orgprovide a 1-time, season-long activation payment of $20 to NRL22 to have a webpage created, obtain the 2021 NRL22 standard target package, barricade list, and utilize the provided monthly course of fire. When your club is done with the match, submit your score’s along with a flat fee of $35 to NRL22 to be included in the point’s race, prizes and see your club with the rest of the country.


What is the monthly course of fire?

One week before the designated month NRL22 will release a course of fire, which consists of 5 stages, to be used in that month. The course of fire will be published in the Downloads section on All of the stages will be with steel. 1 stage will be timed to help break ties.

Because the course of fire is known by all and released early, Range Officers and Match Directors will be able to participate along with everyone else with no advantage. We also expect that clubs and individuals will practice the COF and hopefully put on clinics for new shooters and to gain an edge for game day.

The first COF will be released 5/25/21!


The Course of Fire is only 5 stages?

Yes! NRL22 will provide 5 stages, and only those 5 will be used to submit for points. However, it is encouraged for clubs to put on a few more stages to suit the wants of your members. Pistol stages, run and gun stages, or longer distances (if your range is fortunate enough to have) are all encouraged for possible additional stages.


What is the NRL22 standard target package?

The 2021 standard target package is a joint effort between NRL22 and JC Steel Targets. The package consists of 21 AR500 targets, and 12 hangers. It is for sale on the NRL22 store for $389.99 by clicking HERE. If a club chooses instead to build their own targets, you may access plans by clicking HERE. Please keep in mind that we want as much participation as possible and if $389.99 keeps that participation from happening, please build your own. However, it is a very high-quality package and the sales help NRL22 to continue operation. The target package is big enough so that the monthly COF will not use any single target more than once so that all 5 stages may be shot at once by different squads.


What is the standard barricade list?

The barricades are mostly common household items that are probably already owned or easily and cheaply obtained. The Barricade list can be viewed HERE. Home Depot part numbers are provided to provide reference to the item that we are using. Similar items may be used. They are: 6 foot A-frame ladder (#100662617), 3 cinder blocks measuring 8”x8”x16” (#100825), 5 gallon bucket (#05GLHD2), a 2 gallon bucket (#RG502), any 10 foot length of rope, a folding chair with an open back (#80587), a used pick up truck tire that can be obtained free at a tire store (overall diameter between 28-32”), a 55 gallon plastic drum that can be obtained free from car wash’s, a saw horse with a shelf on the bottom (#194988), a Tank Trap and Rooftop (instructions to construct the tank trap and rooftop are in the 2021 NRL22 Rules and Regulations addendum section at the bottom).

*Special thanks to Steve Lowe from Yuma Matchmasters for the Tank Trap instructions, and Lynn Bigelow from Hobble Creek for the Rooftop instructions. The items do not need to be obtained all at once, only as needed for that month’s course of fire. 


What does 2021 NRL22 membership get me?

NRL22 will only count the points of those that choose to pay $85 for membership (only $25 for kids 8-16). NRL22 will allow a 30-Day grace period after a match to obtain membership, but prize distribution my take place between that time. This same membership will also give automatic membership into NRL22X; 1 Membership, 2 series! Points allow you to compare yourself to everyone in the country, and potential qualification to the NRL22 National Championships. Also, every month, sponsors will donate prizes to NRL22. Only members will be eligible for prizes during the NRL22 LIVE Stream award ceremonies. Additionally, many of the sponsors provide deep discounts to those that are members. Each member will also have the ability to create an online competitor profile. Kids and Adult memberships may be purchased HERE.

Additionally, while Match Directors are not required to have a current NLR22 membership to host a match, submit scores, or potentially win a prize during the LIVE Stream, it is highly encouraged that they do so that they can promote the awesome benefit of becoming a NRL22 member.


How are prizes distributed?

Some of the sponsors will want prizes to go to a specific class or perhaps be randomly sent to a participating member i.e. during the LIVE show. We will always honor the sponsor’s wants. A competitor must be a current NRL22 member in order to be eligible to receive a prize during the LIVE show, the only exception to this is for the Match Director drawing, LIVE show participation, or any other event the NRL22 deems appropriate. The rest of the prizes will be distributed by NRL22 to the winners of each class. How this will be performed is every month after all scores have been submitted, NRL22 will host a LIVE show. If we have 10 prizes for the Open class, and 50 clubs participated (therefore, up to, a possible 50 open class winners). Each of the winners’ names will be put in a hat and drawn to determine who is awarded that prize. The NRL22 will then ship the prize to that winner. Winners should reach out to the NRL22 to verify their shipping address by emailing This will be done for all six classes.

In addition, all participants who are NRL22 Members and who did not win in their class that month will be placed in a random drawing. If a competitor competes in multiple matches in the same month (where only the 1st match they compete for score, will be the one counted for NRL22 Points), they will get an entry into the random drawing for each match they compete. While we are speaking of prizes and sponsorship, please pay attention to the sponsors who are generously donating to the shoots and pay them back with purchases, recommendations and tags on social media. Don’t forget to tell them that you participate in NRL22 and NRL22X!


What are the classes?

There are 6 classes in total. Open, Base, Air Rifle, Ladies and Young Guns (8-16) and Old Guns (60+)/Adaptive. Open and Base must utilize rifles chambered in .22 Long Rifle. The Open class is unlimited in the rifle and optic they use. The Base class is for the budget minded shooter. This class is for rifles with scopes in which the combined MSRP of both cost $1200 or less. Some modifications are allowed in Base class. Air Rifle class is for air gunners. The Air Rifle must be a .30 caliber or lower. Projectiles must be mass produced, domed pellets. Slugs are allowed but if a competitor choose to use slugs, the rifle must be .25 caliber or smaller and 45 grain projectiles or lighter. Ladies, Young Guns, and Old Guns may also utilize any rifle and optic with in the Open or Air Rifle rules. Ladies class is for the women shooters. Young Guns are for the kids ages 8-16. Young guns must be able to manipulate the rifle safely on their own, but voice coaching is absolutely encouraged. OG / Adaptive class will be available to any shooter older than 60 years old or any shooter that has special needs/considerations. It will be up to the Match Director to determine special needs. It is up to the OG /Adaptive class participants to have reviewed the course of fire prior to the local match. Before the match begins, the Match Director shall hold a meeting with all of the OG / Adaptive participants to discuss the course of fire and all agree on any changes/scaling to accommodate the OG / Adaptive class. An example would be utilizing a bench instead of shooting prone. Woman (i.e. Ladies class), Young Guns, and Old Guns/Adaptive class may choose to sign-up as an Open or Base class at the beginning of the season. If that occurs then he/she will adhere to the rules in which they are classed in.

For a more complete description reference, view the official NRL 22 rules and regulations at


My club is large! 5 stages will take a long time!

The 2021 NRL22 standard target package is large enough that all 5 stages may be shot at the same time without using the same target in two different stages. So, a couple of ways to speed up the match and keep all attending members shooting and having fun is to break up into squads and shoot different stages simultaneously. Of course, safety should never be compromised, so ensure that each squad has competent range officers. This works very well for clubs up to about 30 members. For clubs larger than that or wanting to move the event on even faster, consider having 2 shooters at once on each stage. This will require 2 sets of targets and barricades to accomplish.


How should I keep track of scores during the match?

It is highly recommended that Match Directors use electronic tablets to keep track of each competitor’s score (members and non-members) throughout the match. This allows for easy tracking, score submission, and tabulating final scores. Along with the monthly course of fire, the NRL22 provides a Practiscore template that can be found on the first page of the course of fire. Match Directors need to make sure that they follow the instructions so that their match results don’t get overwritten by another club.


What king of equipment/gear am I allowed to use during a match?

In accordance with the 2021/2022 season rules, all stages are unrestricted on gear usage with the exception of tripods and shooting sticks, which are never allowed. Additionally, there may be stages on the monthly course of fire that have gear restrictions to challenge a competitor a little more. Competitors should be willing to share their equipment, which allows new and experience competitors to use new equipment that they are not familiar with; however, this is not required. Match Directors may have equipment/gear restrictions on any bonus stages that they add to the 5 NRL22 stages; however, those points will not count towards NRL22 points. The overall match score can be used to track local scores and club rankings.


What is Option 2 for the monthly course of fire?

The monthly course of fire will always have two options listed. Option 1 will be the NRL22 standard course of fire and is ideal for ranges who don’t have the ability to engage targets past 100 yards. Option 1 will utilize the 2021 NRL22 standard target package. Option 2 is for Match Directors who want to challenge their club members and allow them to engage targets from 200 yards and closer. The NRL22 will provide the target distance and target size. It is highly recommended that Match Directors adhere to these so that competitors know what the distances are for the match. The only time that a Match Director should adjust the target distance and target size is if their range doesn’t allow them to set those targets up due to terrain or other unavoidable obstacles. A Match Director will be responsible for acquiring the targets needed for Option 2. Additionally, each stage will either be Option 1 or Option 2, not both.