NRL22 Community Feedback | Nov. 2019

Clarity and Forward Motions We love this community’s involvement in the sport and are thrilled to see so many connections being made. With the latest feedback, I am here to put some concerns to rest. When NRL22 was designed, I had envisioned it to be as affordable, inclusive and welcoming as possible. Is it competitive? Yes, it is, but, in my mind, safety, a relaxed atmosphere, and fun, were higher priorities than competitiveness. For the first two years, this recipe worked. Now,

NRL22 Match Director Spotlight – Wade Newton

Wade Newton / Lubbock, TX / 41 Lead Farm I’m Wade Newton, 42 years old, father of three, and happily married for 17 years. I’ve lived in Lubbock, TX since day one. I’ve always loved the outdoors and spent a lot of time fishing, but didn’t get seriously into shooting until the drought a few years ago. I currently am the operations manager at the 41 Lead Farm shooting range on the weekend, and make custom kydex holsters

Match Director Spotlight Kyle Rohn

NRL22 Match Director Perspective – Kyle Rohn

Kyle Rohn First off, I have an amazing wife and two wonderful kids that keep me going. If it weren’t for their incredible understanding and support for everything I do, I wouldn’t be able to do any of this! Second, I want to give a shout out to all of our AWESOME shooters that attend our NRL22 matches and to Great Guns Sporting LLC (Northern Colorado’s best Outdoor shooting range in my opinion)…without all of these folks support, there wouldn’t be


The NRL22 is fortunate to have so many quality Match Directors that help us make this League great. That’s why it was difficult to select only a few of the MANY that were ready and willing to represent their region and host the regional matches. We have absolute confidence that these men are going to put on great events and my whole family is thrilled to be going to Southern California to shoot our regionals. Tyler Frehner, Director of Match Operations If

NRL22 Match Director Perspective – Neel Burnett

Featured Image by 8541 Tactical Neel Burnett I have lived in Evansville, IN my entire life. Growing up and spending the day with my granddad while both of my parents worked was the best. We would shoot 22s in the backyard all day (don’t worry it was out in the country). My granddad was a Marine in WWII and was quite the rifleman. He began to teach me to shoot and maybe even a few bad habits I cannot break to